I Went Scuba Diving in a Zorb Ball & You Have to See What Happened… (Swimming on Land Challenge)

I Went Scuba Diving in a Zorb Ball & You Have to See What Happened… (Swimming on Land Challenge)

(dramatic music) – Yo, I’ve had my hair cut
and it’s freezing out here. My head is freezing. That’s better. All right, so the other night
I was just laying in bed trying to fall asleep
and then all of a sudden (snapping) this idea popped into my head. What if you do a reverse Zorb ball? I thought of like instead of
just getting in a Zorb ball filling it up with air and going on water, what if you get in the Zorb ball and fill the Zorb ball with water? And then obviously you’ve gotta breathe while you’re in there. So I thought what if
you get in the Zorb ball while wearing scuba equipment. (laughing) So then you’re basically swimmin’ on land. I’ll be swimmin’ around in a ball on land. (giggling) I thought, this is it, I’ve gotta do– (laughing) So just a little disclaimer
before this video begins. I do know how to scuba dive. I’m trained to do it so I’m
all like safety and stuff. We’ve got medical people at hand. So if anything does go
wrong we’re all prepared. I’m not gonna die. So don’t do it at home. That’s what I meant to say. Just don’t do it at home. Please. ‘Cause you’ll get me in trouble. So if you are new around
here, that means you’re not subscribed so smash that
subscribe button down below. I do stupid stuff like this
every three or four days. Honestly, I try my best to. I try my best to do videos like this every three or four days. You know things do go wrong sometimes like parcels aren’t delivered
on time for things I need. You know all that kind of stuff. Everything takes longer than I thought. You know I’d rather do
one awesome video a week rather than two rubbish ones you know. I prefer quality over quantity. Yes! This video is gonna be awesome. If you’re already subscribed why not press that ‘lil bell icon right
next to the subscribe button and you’ll be notified
every time I upload. It’s as easy as that. It’s really windy. So today, because we’re not
like spending the night or 24 hours somewhere I don’t
need to go buy any supplies but I do need to go buy some stuff. I need like a full wet
suit, I need the scuba gear. You know, I need to look professional. I need the goggles. Flippers and stuff. Nailed it. (grunting) I have already ordered
a brand new Zorb ball. Here it is a brand new
Zorb ball still in the box. And I’ve also ordered a new oxygen tank. I had to buy them
specially online so that I, I can’t just get them from the shop. But the other things I
need to get from the shop. So we’re gonna go to the
shop buy the things I need and then we’re gonna come back, get in the Zorb ball fill it with water. And this thing will begin. This is gonna be awesome. Let’s go to the shop. (laughing) All right, so we’re in the sport shop and we’re trying find the scuba stuff. Scuba stuff. It’s not in this aisle is it. Anyway so what I want is I need a wetsuit. I need the thing that holds the tank. I need flippers. I need goggles. I need a lot. Moon! – I just found it over
there, what you think? – I really want flippers but I don’t know if there’s enough room
in there for me to fit. – I might have to get these shoes. – Oh, they’re good. (shoes tapping) – Do I need some gloves? – Oh it’s not very practical is it when you’re stuck to, like this? – All right, so we got the
wetsuit, the shoes, the gloves what else do we need? Goggles. – They look good, don’t they? – Do I look cool? – Do I look cool? Moon? – They steamed up. – Moon? – Just to let you know, I
used to be a world champion. (ping pong ball bouncing) (crashing) (pump-up music) – C’mon. – What about this? It’s one of them life vests
you pull it and it inflates. Like, if anything goes
wrong I can just pull it. – It saves you, doesn’t it? – It’s a life vest. – Called life vest. (mumbling) I just found this, I think
this will be really good. The final thing, nothing
else we need is there? Yeah, let’s go buy this
and then we’ll go back. This is gonna be awesome. I cannot wait. (laughing) – You ruined it. I was just saying goodbye. (dubstep music) – This is taking forever to fill up! It’s been, how long has it been? – Half an hour, already? (sighs) – We’re trying to blow it up! (air whooshing) We’re trying to blow it up! We’re trying to blow it up! Can you hear me? – We’re trying… (water running) – What? – Slowly. (water splashes) – I’ve already had a wee. – What? Can I swim yet? – I’ve got a knife on my wrist. If anything bad happens,
I can cut myself out straight way, safety. We’re getting quite a lot of water in now. It’s right up to my belly. If Moon goes back a bit, you can see it’s kinda
just stretched a bit. It’s kinda like bulging out at the bottom. It’s not a circle anymore. – What? – What? – What? – What? – What? – I don’t know. (laughing) – I just really, really hope that this thing does not
burst or pop or get a leak. ‘Cause this is a lot of weight here. Water weighs a lot. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t pop. (tapping) – It’s reached zip and it’s
not leaking out, is it? – Looking good? – Okay, so this is the
view from inside the water, looking around. (laughs) – What? – What? – What now? – Why? (sighing) (laughing) – It’s so cold! – It could pop any minute! – I’m gonna be jacked! – It’s gonna be like boom! And I’m gonna be in here like. (humming) That’s all I’m going to hear. (humming) – I can’t feel my fingers! – Yeah! – What? – Does it? – What? – I don’t want another joke! – No! No! That’s not fair! – I can’t escape the joke! – I can’t get away from it! – It’s so cold. I’m trying to warm myself up. It’s so cold. I can’t warm up. – If you’ve seen my other self videos, I’ve explained the. You only get a certain
amount of air in here. When the Zorb ball is full
of air, with no water, you get about an hour. But obviously, (breathing heavily) We got a lot of water in here. We’ve not got much air now. From now, I’m gonna have to
start using the oxygen tank. I may as well go in, because
I can’t wait any longer. (laughing) The air’s gettin’ really thick, it’s gettin’ hard to breathe. (breathing) That’s awesome! – If it wasn’t so cold,
that would be insane! (air bubbling) (groaning) – There’s not much oxygen left. I have to keep breathing through this. The zip wouldn’t open, because there’s so much tension on it and I need to get out because I’m so cold. There’s only one way one way out. (breathing) (grunting) (heavenly music) (laughing) Ow! (cheering) (dubstep music)

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