I’m Transgender

When I was younger, I realized there was something
different about me. I really didn’t like playing with Barbie
Dolls or wearing dresses. I preferred hanging around the boys and playing
with action figures and cars. And playing in the mud
And even playing with the insects sometimes and frogs
Not that many people liked me. I got picked on. It made me very sad. When I stated to hit puberty, that’s when
it got hard. I felt fat and ugly
And I got bullied for being the Tom Boy. But I knew there was something more in me…
…something that was missing. I didn’t know who I was but then, I got
a phone one day and discovered the term “transgender”. And I looked it up and it made so much more
sense to me. I realized that I was transgender
I didn’t tell anyone until grade 8. I was too scared to come out because I though people would not like me. But surprisingly no one really hated me for it. I had so many friends whop cared and tried their best to understand. But sadly some people didn’t
But that’s okay, it’s hard to understand. Now I am very happy with who I am
And I’m proud to be myself.

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