IN HONOR OF BABA SEN / ASMR MASSAGE(Scalp Massage, Back Massage, Head Massage)

IN HONOR OF BABA SEN / ASMR MASSAGE(Scalp Massage, Back Massage, Head Massage)

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “IN HONOR OF BABA SEN / ASMR MASSAGE(Scalp Massage, Back Massage, Head Massage)”

  1. Guys your supports are important. I know you have always supported me. PLEASE dont forget to LIKE the Video. And share your opinion. Be sure i give my best to answer back.
    ——>ASK or give comment
    I LOVE YOU ♥

  2. Your videos are amazing. So glad u did a tribute video for baba. He was my first asmr favourite.
    I live in Turkey and I want to visit your shop one day

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  4. Great videos everywhere in your channel man, thanks for helping us relaxing

    Baba finally becomes one with the cosmos, R. I. P

  5. Ben ilk o Baba ile başladım bu ASMR videolarını izlemeye. Hatta ilk videosunda kısa saçlıydı.. Unutmayacağız derken bir şey mi oldu ona

  6. Hello guys , if you know babaSEN . He was the only who used to bring income to his family . if you goto BABASEN’s page you can DONATE little gift for his family and they will appreciate that a lot . R.I.P BABASEN 🙁🙁😔😔

  7. Rest easy baba may the angels relax you can't believe your gone and bless you brother for doing this means a lot to his family and fans

  8. Rest in Peace, dear BABA, be one with the Cosmos, go to massage the Moon and the Galaxies full of stars. You were so much loved on this Earth, BABA, you gave so much needed joy to millions of human beings. Rest in Peace, Cosmic barber, you will be missed forever


  10. الي عربي يحط لايك 😂😂asmr ولله قبل النوم اوفف دمار

  11. Anil, from this video you can tell how much Baba Sen meant to you. I just found this video so I hope that you can of course keep good memories of him but go on with your life as he would have wanted you to. Great video and tribute.

  12. hello Anil. since Baba's dead, i m looking all yours videos.
    thanks a lot, younger massage. it's just a pleasure to see you.
    thanks brother and don't Forget "Relaaaax"😉😉

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