Injerto Capilar desde 0 hasta los 6 meses – Sanantur Clinic

Injerto Capilar desde 0 hasta los 6 meses – Sanantur Clinic

HAIR TRANSPLANT 3.300 FOLLICLES FIRST 6 MONTHS FIRST DAY Alfredo needed to increase density and cover his crown SECOND DAY Many of you will think I’m crazy for getting this intervention, right? because I have a lot of hair, but the truth is that if you see my hair I want to gain what is called density. I’m 51 years old and if you look at the back as well, there are some consistent clearings So that is the real reason for my procedure, Sanantur Clinic have told me they are going to put 3,500-4,000 follicles for which I will gain density and normally the top of the head and the crown will be totally covered let’s see if what Dr. Mbaraka told us in the hair study that he sent me by email is true. We are going to put the front line and then we are going to open the channels that are holes that we are going to make with a micro knife and those new channels will be incised in the natural direction of your hair to the right if it should go to the right or to the left if it should go to the left, and in the crown area we will do it respecting the round shape too. As it is a new inspection we will wash the hair, show you a video and also do some paperwork. The part that we have to fill, is usually very large, but we think that it would be better for you to fill only this part and leave it dense there and that would look great. WE START… Well, let’s go to the mess, let’s see what happens and they’ve left me shaved, shaved, shaved. Well, taking advantage of the rest, let’s eat a little. We are missing the second part which is the implantation of the follicles. A REST AND PLACEMENT OF THE FOLICLES WE INJECT PRP PLASMA RICH IN PLATELET Well, it’s over, for today it’s over, now we’re going to go to the room where they’ll keep me for 2 hours under observation in case anything happens and then we’ll go back to the hotel. 3,300 FOLICLES ARE BEING TRANSPLANTED.
THE EQUIVALENT TO 10,000 HAIRS APPROXIMATELY First of all, I want to thank Sanantur, everything has been very well organized and with a perfect and good translator and at the end they have put 3,300 follicles and I think it was worth it and I guess I will have my hair plus 3,300 follicles that multiplied by hairs I think it is about 10,000 hairs and that’s it, a very good experience and you can see I am in a room with a safe where you can leave your things, with television, the operating room also with a television, a very friendly team, at the end I can not say anything that The best money spent in my life, surely, and here you go, I encourage you to call Sanantur and I encourage you to go to Turkey too. And by the way to all those who are afraid of Turkey, I have to tell you that it is very quiet Bye guys and come to Sanantur, a hug 🙂 SO WE SEE ALFREDO 6 MONTHS AFTER CAPILLARY TRANSPLANTATION Good afternoon, I’m Alfredo, 6 months ago I had an intervention at Sanantur Clinic in Istanbul and I wanted to show a little my evolution, as you can see it is quite positive. I went and I did the procedure to fix the crown and gain more density in the front area, the front area after 6 months is like this and the crown area as you can see I still miss a few here, but when I touch, I can feel all the pinches, all the new births of the follicles. And that’s it just wanted to show everyone what it is a capillary implant with Sanantur Clinic.

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  1. q tal, como esta? quisiera saber por que en la mayoria de los casos los implantes no se colocan en los lados laterales de la frente, por que no se puede colocar unidades foliculares en la sien?

  2. 10.000 pelos aproximadamente?? ya seran 8000 en un buen caso,,,,, lo peor del video es ver el resultado a los 6 meses , que es realmente cuando empiezan a verse los resultados, lo ideal es poner un video al año 15 meses….

  3. bien …estupendo me parece excelente …muchos se arreglan los dientes ..porque no ponerse pelo…sensacional estas a la moda regio.

  4. Las clínicas de España siempre hablan mal de las clínicas de turkia. Las de España son caras y malas, en turkia tiene muchas ventajas. Barata, paseo. Y muy buen trato.

  5. Se le mira mas el craneo despues d los 6 meses, lo unico k si se mira bien es que rapado se mira mucho mas joben y se be mejor😂😂😂

  6. No puedes pretender con 51 años tener el mismo pelo que con 25 años.
    Es imposible con esa edad seguir con el mismo pelo.
    A ver si te crees que tom cruise o Brad Pitt no se han hecho implantes

  7. Yo personalmente después de seis meses lo veo peor que cuando empezó y tiene que reconocer que con esa edad no va tener eñ pelo que tenía cuando era joven. aceptar nos tal y como somos sería lo más inteligente

  8. No te dejes mas la melena por que vamos te haces mas viejo estas mas feo killo te haces un degradao pelao bonico y mejor

  9. Pero si te han dejado peor chacho 😂😂😂 con la melena que tenias perfectamente te podias disimular las partes sin pelo porque para gastarte el dinero en eso que te han hecho…

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