Japanese Beauty School Does Our Makeup// ft. Yamano School of Aesthetics

3…2…1… WOAH! Wow! Oh my gosh! Wow! Ahh! Yes! It’s so pretty! Sugoi! (Wow!) Kawaii iro! (Cute colour!) It’s so cute! Hey guys! We’re going to be doing a video about makeup in Japan. And we have different looks for you today. Most of them are date looks The styles are a little bit different than American-style so I’m excited to try this out! I’m here with Chika She’s from the Yamano School of Aesthetics We have four girls for you guys today They’re going to be doing the different looks *Action!* Should I say my name…? Hello, everyone! My name is Jennifer and this is…. My name is Kana Nice to meet you! *PEW!* Today we are going to be doing a club… going-out…look? Hi guys, my name is Keira… Was that your belly?! *Yeah!* *I haven’t eaten!* Hey guys, it’s Keira here! and we’re here to do a makeup look today! I’m here with Chika! We’re gonna do a… nighttime cinema… date-movie kind of look With a violet lip Yeah! Hi! This is Miki, from Meet Miki and today my makeup look will be… theme park…! W-wait, what was it…? Oh! The theme park date makeup! I normally don’t put that much makeup on, so I’m really excited how she’s going to do my makeup This is my makeup artist, Yuri! And she will be doing my makeup today! Hey guys! My name is Cathy Cat! And today I’m here with Hitomi And Hitomi is gonna do romantic date makeup on me Quite excited about this! Romantic date makeup are usually a very flashy makeup, so this will be a very different style for me…. …sooo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (please be kind to me!) This is exciting! Lets do this! *Beautiful!* Was that too short? Was that too long? My look is going to be a shopping… date I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen at the end of this, so, lets get started! Wow! Open? Open? *Yeah* Aaaahh! ooOOoh! *3…2…1* Woahohoh! Oh wow! Oh my gosh! That’s so cool! The eyes are really like… Wow! Bright! Bright! I felt like she was focusing mostly on my eyes, which is great! It’s pretty, I really like this, it’s cool… it’s nice Yey! (^-^)/ That’s amazing! My face changed! Actually, the blue melts in really nice, so it’s not too flashy, ’cause it can go really… wrong with blue! But this is very right with blue! So we went on the right side of blue! Hey guys! Thank you guys for watching this video! It was a lot of fun! What did you guys think of your looks? Soooo cute! Yeah yeah! I wanna keep doing this style! Yeah this is Japanese style, so we’re very happy with our makeup looks and they did such a good job! Don’t forget to subscribe and ‘Like’ all of their videos and channels! And everything like that! And follow them on all of their social media platforms. We love it! It’s great! Yeah! I wanna keep doing this! Yeah lets keep doing this! I wanna actually wear this on my day-to-day We would like to thank the Yamano College of Aesthetics! Woo! Yayay! YAAAAAYAYYYYY! You did a great job, so thank you so much! Yeah, thank you! I’ll see you guys next time! Byyyeeee!

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