Japanese Hair Salon! – First Ever Visit/Haircut in a Year – 初めてのヘアカット

we are on our way to the hair salon it’s
time for me to break up not with you oh gee it’s been a long run and I’ve really
tried to make things work but I think it’s time for a fresh start
my mother-in-law recommended this hair salon I actually went there to get my
eyebrows done and I really liked how they work just
very detailed clean all of that jazz and my hair I haven’t cut it in over a year
now it’s a little embarrassing I’m a little nervous about the language
barrier of course I’m taking Japanese lessons now but I don’t feel anywhere
near confident enough to do this on my own so that’s why I’m happy my husband’s
coming with me one of the things I liked about this salon and generally the
Japanese culture they’re very detail-oriented and what’s the word
deliberate they take deliberate actions you don’t
sometimes you go to the hairdresser and you explain I want this done and I want
that and you’re trying to explain and they’re like yeah that’s it that’s it
that’s happened to me many many times I think they are very detail-oriented they
listen but deliver it well we decided to go and get a haircut I’m a little
nervous it’s my first time in a year cutting my hair my you don’t trust many
people it’s my first time getting a haircut in Japan but I think everything
will be okay I have a couple of photos and videos I want to show them basically
my hair it has a lot of layers right now different lengths which is nice what
they usually recommend for curly hair but I think I just want to do a straight
across cut I want to get kind of some more volume in the root I still want to
grow it long but I want to have more volume
the roots as well so I think just having a blunt curly cut a fresh start would be
great so I’m hoping for a good experience hoping gotta stay positive I’m looking at the video my hair with my Japanese all right what do you think this is one
of the first big chops I don’t cry after usually I know even when I know I have
to get my hair cut I can’t help I cry a little bit but I’m really happy how do
you say she listened to my wishes and she let me show her the pictures and
photos of what I wanted and I’m really happy
my goal is volume I love volume and my hair it’s curly so when you look at it
it seems like I have a lot of hair but really it’s quite thin so for curly hair
a lot of people say do layers but for the first one of my life I wanted to try
just a straight across kind of minimal layered look I think that’s what we
achieved usually when I go to hair salon they earn news the highest heat tool to
kind of get a really sleek looking but your hair always walks out with like
this burnt smell and you can see smoke coming as they’re doing it but I found
they did kind of very soft gentle technique and you heat they dry or the
irons but not dramatically so I feel it has volume it’s healthy and it doesn’t
smell like smoke and excited I’m looking forward to seeing how it is
naturelle and Carly I feel like uh I feel like a woman it’s been about a week after I got my
haircut and I wanted to show you what it looked like with curly hair I washed my
hair and I also like how it looks with curly hair again like I mentioned I
really wanted to kind of have some more volume at the same time having healthy
hair I think there’s a couple of things I need to tweak I find hair is longer I
use for a dry shampoo for dry hair that gives a lot of moisture however I find
my hair it’s shorter and there’s less of it now so I actually get creepier faster
I didn’t think about that I didn’t expect that I’m gonna try to see if I
can adjust that a little bit and switch it up I’m learning how to style this new
cut but I just wanted to show you what it looked like when it was curly I hope
you enjoyed this vlog I wanted to share this experience with you guys getting a
haircut in Japan my first time in a year and getting a haircut in a country where
I can’t speak the language and I guess you know the lesson learned is no matter
which country were in we’re all human and I try a new thing in a different
country all right new experience it’s totally okay go for it with caution but
it could be something good I think I will leave off this video Harris is our
bedroom here in Japan slash my office so I’m actually getting some work done here
some emails for teachers who are interested in say ABC and my referrals
they’ve been busy a bit full-time studying so I haven’t been able to keep
up with all my email so I apologize but I’m working on it now 9 o’clock on a
Saturday night what are you doing thank you for watching and thank you for
sharing this experience with me now I’m going to spend some time with
this one

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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