Keratin Treatment at Home for Straight, smooth, shiny and Healthy Hair …..(ENG SUB)

Keratin Treatment at Home for Straight, smooth, shiny and Healthy Hair  …..(ENG SUB)

Assalamoalaikum. Am Erum & welcome to my channel. As I made some videos on hair care, so many of you requested to make a video on how we can do keratin treatment at home. So, today’s video is all about how to do Keratin Treatment at home with all natural ingredients. But before that, let me tell u what is Keratin? Keratin is a protein which makes out layer of your hair and skin. Keratin Treatment is beneficial for those who have an issue of Frizzy, dear and rough hair. Keratin will make your hair shinny, soft and smooth as well as makes your hair healthy and voluminous. Females who want quick results usually visit Salons for keratin treatment but unfortunately salons use such chemicals for Karatin which makes your hair beautiful and straight in the beginning but with the passage of time, your hair starts looking dull, damage and dry. Many females have emailed me complaining about how Keratin has destroyed their hair health. So, my suggestion is instead of visiting salons, go for natural ingredients though it would take time to show results but the end results would be awesome. Now, enough of this chit chat, let’s come to the main topic of how to do Keratin treatment at home. Ingredients needed for Keratin treatment are: Put every ingredient in a blender and mix well so that no lumps are left. Now strain this mixture so that if there is any banana chunk or dry cornstarch or flour is left out , will be strained out and you’ll get plain, smooth & lump free mixture. Next step is: if you have washed your hair for long, wash and shampoo your hair off then dry your hair up and once your hair are 80-90% dry, comb your hair with comb or ur fingers. But if your hair are washed and cleaned, you do not need to re-wash ur hair. You simply need to comb your hair to de-tangle these. Now comes a main step which is application of mask. For this, simply part your hair in smaller portions and start applying the mixture from top to tips of your hair. Always take small portion at a time so that mixture could be applied to each and every part of your hair. This is an important point to keep in mind to get desired results. Applying on little portion at a time, could be time consuming but trust me this hard work would pay off 🙂 Direction of mask application is from top to hair tips. Once you are done applying the Keratin mask, simply tie your hair in bun or wear shower cap and leave the mask on for 1 hour. After 1 hr, wash your hair off with your regular shampoo and if you have some urgency you may dry your hair using hair dryer otherwise Let your hair dries up naturally. To see results, if your hair are straight or semi straight hair,you’ll see huge difference on applying this mask once or twice. If your hair are dry, frizzy or/and curly, apply it 3-4times to see a difference. How many time should this mixture be applied? For straight/semi straight hair, apply this Keratin mask once a week. For dry/ wavy/ curly and damaged hair, apply this mask 2-3times a week. Let me remind u once again, doing Keratin using natural ingredients would take time but end results would be incredible without doing any damage to your hair. Keratin from salons would show quick results but after sometime your hair “COULD” become dry, damage and frizzy. Hope you like the video. Give it a try and do share the results with me. Do not forget to share it with your friends and family . See you soon till then take care, Bye(Allah hafiz)

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  1. Iram thank you for this.I tried it yesterday and my hair are already kind of straight so the results were made my hair smooth,shinny and very hair are kind of stiff and no matter how much oil i apply my hair always look very friZzy and britlly but thank you so much iram for bringing such treatment for us that from the forst application,I am very very happy with the results.Will continue using it to have more and more improvements

  2. V nice n easy i will try this too… me Natasha waqas sis ka btaya hoa protein treatmnt krti hun boht acha h wo b… kia protein n keratin same h?

  3. Roots me ni lgana na sis just balon ki length me apply krna h plz comnfm kr den… result zror share krungi is treatmnt k bd.

  4. Hello mam
    Mai apki.subscriber hn apki videos dekhti hn plzz mujhe shoutout dedain apka sun kr hi mene toutube channel banaya plzz.shoutout dedjiyee plzz

  5. Api ap saudia arb main rehti hai kya??🤔
    I am your new subscriber 😍😍i love the video sister 😋keep going☺😚👍❤

  6. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM sis mere ghr me boring ka pani ata he…
    Plzz btaye k me apka method use Krogi tw mujhe faida hoga na???

  7. A.o.a apii…. meri bhai ke beti ke sar pe lekhyy boht hainnn koi esaa treatment batay kee likhyy nikal jay uski saaf sar hojayy… bht pareshaan hai uski waja se

  8. Keritan tablets leein hain parlor chemicals se mery bal safead ho chuky hain mujhy koi straightening black shine btayein balon k liye

  9. Salam Appi appi mene face wala bleach hair m apply kia jiss ki waja say mere silky smooth baal bhot rough hogye hain 2 saal hogye hain koi remedy effect nahi ker rehi appi plzz
    Appi plz plz mjh reply zarur dejyega

  10. Hi mam pochna yah tha k isa bana k store kar sakta hain kya?? Like jo ap ny batya hai wo hairs k hisab se kafi zayda ban jya ga… tou store kar lain kya?? Next time k liya..

  11. Is it true or not?? Esy na ho k ye jo thory se baal reh gaye hen wo b nikal jayen??? Kisi ne ye try kia ha to bata de plzzzzz hamri ezat ka sawal ha

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