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100 Replies to “Kevin Durant Explains His Old Tweets | Take It There with Taylor Rooks S2E2”

  1. The Best Interview Of All Time.
    Wasn't Awkward,Really Funny,Had A Lot Of Chemistry And Both Seems To Enjoy Each other's Company.

  2. Jayson Williams if he had a longer career so he will be an honorary mention
    Luka Doncic at the rate hes plaing

    Dwayne Wade
    Steve Nash
    Tony Parker
    Kyrie Irving
    Steph Curry

  3. imagine you eating with a fine woman like taylor rooks and she ask you "true or false, you dont brush your hair" lmaoooooo

  4. That "highlights of top 5 players" was a dope question. For me it would be:
    Steph Curry
    Hakeem the Dream
    Magic Johnson
    D. Wade

  5. Everybody is out there saying the reason the warriors won was solely KD. Forgetting KD couldn't win anything in 10yrs with OKC. Prior to going to the warriors he has a horrible 3-17 record against LeBron while warriors had 13-12 record against LeBron.the reason he was able to dominate those finals was that Steph was getting double teamed while they left KD to play 4 on 3.. I'm waiting for him to come back and see if either kyrie or Joe Harris can command a double team. KD about to be the turnover machine he was in GSW every time he got double teamed and Steph was injured.. I wish him good recovery. Y'all about to see the truth.. just keep the energy..

  6. This ain't no interview gadammit! This right here is a date. Just so happens to be uploaded on YouTube for the people ✌

  7. Taylor Rooks is so bad. My lord it's not even fair that a woman could be that fine. And of course…she's a clear sports fan, knowledgeable great interviewer, sharp, witty she's the total package.

  8. She look like the type everything she do it has to be right for the camera my bad
    That’s all women…. but that’s not authentic however u wanna day it.

  9. Besides "The Black Mamba", KD probably has the second best nickname in the NBA. "Slim Reaper", "Easy Money Sniper" and "Durantula" were bomb ass nicknames.

  10. Surprising KD and I have the same Top 5 1 Point Guard: Magic Johnson 2 Shooting Guard Kobe Bryant. 3 Small Forward Michael Jordan. 4 Power Forward Lebron James. 5 Center Shaq

  11. Ja Morant a hoe for posting that picture with KD after steph posted that photo of Iggy, that was their first championship and their 73 win season too. And KD publicly said that he didn’t like Golden States system and he didn’t like the guys (he said that by saying he’s “different” no shit he’s different from 100% of the NBA including his own roster in BK) so why tf is Ja Morant still trying to defend KD to an organization that gave him rings and in return had KD say their offense was weak 💀 hate it when these college kids get to the league and start acting like the rest of the kids in the instagram and YouTube comment sections

  12. Also love how KD said it’s a casual fan thing when she was explaining what Ja meant by his tweet 😂 yeah it fr is a casual fan thing everyone has already forgotten about the KD and golden state shit idk why Ja Morant is so hurt about it

  13. He bought drinks at a bad my cousin was at for everyone in it 🤣 and he looked at him and said drink it bitch 😂 kd the goat

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