Kids Meet an Acupuncturist | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet an Acupuncturist | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Are you afraid of acupuncture needles? – I don’t like needles
when they poke in me. – Micah, do you trust me? – Yes. – You should trust me. I promise. You’ll be safe. – Wait… how long am I
gonna have the needle in me? (playful music) – Hi! – My name is Selene. What’s your name? – Monica. – Hi, nice to meet you. – You too! Do you know what I do? – I think so. Is it an acu… puncher… punkier… I don’t know how to say it. – Yes. I’m an acupuncturist. – What’s that? – It is a person who uses
very thin little pins to, let’s say, correct the way the energy is flowing in your body. Sometimes if you study martial arts, they will talk about ‘chi’. – Oh yeah, I know what that is. – What made my arm go up? – Energy. – Energy inside me. When you learn acupuncture,
you’re learning about how the energy moves inside of people. I can feel people’s energy. – What do you mean you
can feel their energy? – Have you ever gone into a river and felt the current pull on your foot? – Yeah. – The current in the river is energy. It’s a special way of feeling things. – So, are you a doctor? – I’m not a physician in the
same way as a medical doctor, but I do have a license to practice medicine in Washington State. If you had, let’s say, a headache,
you could come to see me. – How about the hiccups? – Yes, and the place that
you would do acupuncture for hiccups would be on
your shin and on your foot. Yep. – If guys get kicked
in the… private part, do they get acupuncture? – You would get
acupuncture if you had pain in any part of your body. But the needles would not go…. there. Would you be interested in seeing a model that has all the acupuncture points on it? – Yes. – Look at that! All those little numbers
are acupuncture points. – What happens if you put a lot of needles in all the points at the same time? – You would never never never do that, because it’s too much stimulation
for the person’s body. The number one rule for
every medical practitioner in the whole world, can
you guess what it is? – Not too much needles. – That’s close. It’s do not harm the patient. – So, my Dad, he said he
went to an acupuncturist but it didn’t work, so
does it work all the time, or sometimes does it not work? – Yeah, that’s a really good question. Maybe he needed to have like,
six or seven treatments, and he only got one or two. – Do you think kids can do it? – Actually, kids get acupuncture a lot. Maybe today, we’ll even
do a little acupuncture. – Oh! – It’ll be really fun. – Yay! – Would you like to have just a mini acupuncture treatment with
one acupuncture needle? – Okay. – Wait… how long am I
gonna have the needle in me? – Just a couple minutes. – Oh God! – Are you a little bit nervous? – Yes. – Okay, it’s gonna be no big deal. Do you have any aches or pains anywhere? – Um… no. – It itches a lot? – Yeah, and then… – You have a lot of itchy, okay. – Oh yeah! Oh my gosh! – We’re gonna clean
off a point that is for releasing inflammation from your legs. It’s actually gonna be right here. So, there it is, it’s really thin. We’re gonna put it in this little tube called the guide tube. – Uh-oh. Ow! – That’s it! – Oh, that’s not that bad actually. – Ah! – Now, see it’s vibrating
a teeny tiny bit? – Whoa. – That’s the energy inside
your own arm making it vibrate. – That’s weird! – Feel that funny little achy feeling? – Yeah. – That’s what’s making the
heat come out of your leg. – It’s feeling a little weird. – Sometimes it feels tingly. – It looks really creepy right now. – You can touch it a
little bit if you want. – No thanks! – They actually teach you to stimulate the needle by flicking. – Ow, don’t do that please. – I won’t do it again. – What does it do for my health? – Well, one reason we
would use this particular acupuncture point could
be for something like… Constipation! – For some reason, I’m feeling weird. – Do you wanna take it out? – Yes. – Got it. There’s one, there’s two. – Ah… I feel relaxing. – Very good, I’m glad to hear
that it made you relaxed. – Can I put one in you? – No, you can’t. – What’s the candle for? – The candle is used for this
technique called ‘cupping’, and that’s when you create
suction inside of a glass cup, and then you suck it on
to a part of the body that has bad circulation. So, we’re gonna put
alcohol on our cotton ball, light it on fire, and put
it inside the glass cup, and I’m gonna put this
on my own leg, not you. – Oh, okay. – I wanna feel what it feels like. – We could do that. Promise you’ll never try this. – I’ll never try it. – See how it’s stuck to my leg? – What the… – Here we go. Now, see how it’s stuck on there? – Yeah! This feels good! Feels so good! – So you can just pop it
off whenever you’re ready. Just pull it right off. (pop of suction releasing) (giggles) Do you feel any different after having acupuncture for the first time? – Yes. – How do you feel? – Like happy and energetic. – And that is exactly what
I’m trying to do with people, is make them happier
and have better energy. – Thank you for poking me. – You’re welcome! Hi, I’m Monica. Thank you for watching
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