KT Tape: Ball of Foot

KT Tape: Ball of Foot

[music] [music] [music] Hi, Chris Harper here with Makayla, We’re here to demonstrate an application for
the ball of the foot. This may be any pain of the forefoot, just
before the toes. Some causes may be from overuse, leading to
inflammation, excessive running on hard surfaces, poor fitting
or worn shoes, weight gain, or nerve issues. KT Tape helps treat this condition by reducing
pressure over the painful area. For this application, we’re going to actually
go ahead and cross your leg, and we’re going to actually take our first
piece of tape, and we’re going to fold that in half. What we’re going to do is cut rounded corners
on the folded end to produce two smaller pieces of tape. The reason why we cut rounded corners is so
that the corners do not get caught on clothing, or socks, or things like that. So for this first part, we’re going to twist
and tear the backer paper on the tape, peeling that back. You’re going to grab the tape with your thumbs,
and applying nice even pressure, we’re going to apply this at eighty percent
stretch just behind the toes. Applying this down, and as we apply those
ends down we’re going to slightly curve the tape up towards the ankle. And we’re applying this anchors with absolutely
no stretch on those. Great, we’re going to rub that on there a
little bit. For our second piece, twist and tear the backer paper, peeling that paper back, and we’re going to just handle the tape just
holding on to the paper, avoiding touching the adhesive part of the
tape. We’re going to apply this piece just behind,
and slightly overlapping that first piece with eighty percent stretch, and then we’re going to lay the anchors down
on the ends with absolutely no stretch. So just taking that paper off and just laying
that right down. Okay, and for our last strip, we’re going to tear a full strip off the roll. We’re going to twist and tear the backer paper
down near the end of the tape, down near the logo, creating an anchor point. We’re going to place the foot so that the
toes are in a little bit of extension, so pulling back on those toes. We’re going
to place that anchor with absolutely no stretch just behind the toes, and then we’re going to peel the paper backing
off, leaving a little bit on the end to hang on to, so you don’t touch the adhesive
part of the tape. We’re going to pull that tape back with about
fifty percent stretch on this. So we’re going to lay that down right over
the heel, and up behind the heel, and then the very end of the tape we’re going
to take that paper off with absolutely no tension on the end, and just lay that down, and now for the part
that’s bowstringing over the arch, you’re going to just tap that straight down
to the arch, and then just rub that on there. Great, we’ll get a little friction and a little
heat. That creates adhesion to the skin. Excellent, looks good. Some helpful tips before applying this. Clean
the skin very well, removing any lotions or skin oils. You can
always wear socks to sleep if you roll around a lot while you’re sleeping. That can catch on sheets
and peel the tape of prematurely. Some complementary treatments may include
rest, ice, Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen,
appropriately fitting footwear, light massage and stretching. Please seek care if you’re experiencing swelling,
or extreme pain or discoloration. For more information, please see our website
at www. KTTape.com

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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  1. I am working in a warehouse where I walk 15 miles a day on a hard surface.. I am using duct tape and other household materials to prevent the pain, friction and blisters… unfortuately the duct tape does not stick and fell off after 3 hours or so – how many hours can this httape survive?

  2. Depending on you skin type and how much your feet sweat, you should be able to get multiple days use. You can shower with it for several days. I would recommend the KT Tape Pro because it tends to last 3-7 days on feet whereas the cotton tends to last 1-3 days.

  3. If this application is not giving you the relief you need, visit our website and go to the "ask an expert" forum and they can customize an application for you.

  4. There is an application specific for Morton's Neuroma. You can find it on our website. Go to the "ask an expert" forum and search for it and you will find it. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Yes. I suggest you go to our "ask an expert" forum on our website. It sounds like you might need a customized application. They will help you there.

  6. Big thanks. Got a fairly painful stone bruise on my 2nd metatarsal two days ago running in the mountains – probably 50% reduction in pain almost immediately after taping today. Then went for a run – pain levels very manageable. Thanks again!

  7. There are several factors in curing for plantar foot. One place I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Natural Foot Wizard (google it if you're interested) definately the most incredible resource that I have ever seen.look at the extraordinary information .

  8. I don't have any padding in the balls of both my feet. I have to wear orthotic inserts and shoes that Medicare demands you get along with the inserts. Even with that, I still have pain and it feels like something is bunching up under my feet. Any answer for this????????????????????????????????????

  9. I'm thinking this could be combined with ankle taping. I have a lot of pain under the ball of the foot, and sometimes it spreads to the ankle area. Any thoughts?

  10. The constant discomfort almost made me lose my mind. I was emotionally, mentally and physically poor. This plantar fasciitis treatment method “Sαnzοkα Mula” (Google it) works very well. The results I have been getting speak for themselves – within a week I was totally pain free!

  11. After 10 months, waking up is no longer scary for me. I was always troubled about having my heel down before as it will trigger the hot, pounding pain but I don`t mind it anymore. This plantar fasciitis treatment method “remrem fetching space” (Google it) has achieved treating my plantar fasciitis in short period of time.

  12. What if you've went to multiple doctors and they haven't done anything to help? Just give an ice pack and tell you to go home. No imaging or looking at it.

  13. I started doing this and it feels good, but the last long strip that anchors on the ball of the foot won't stay put after a day or so. The anchor point under the ball of the foot slides down to the arch of the foot. No wrinkles no tears, it seems like the adhesive is not sticking to the backing of the 1st and 2nd pieces of tape. What do you recommend? Thanks.

  14. Im signed up for a 500k race, will this type of taping reduce the stress and help distribute trauma to the foot, thus allowing less pain during long events? Thanks

  15. Has anyone taped their foot this way and was able to run with the tape wrapping? Having discomfort on ball of foot under big toe and want to tape it and maybe try a run.

  16. Take a ball peen hammer, give her a good wack on the sesamoid bone(s), put the tape on it then tell us how she feels a week later. 🤪

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