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Hi,Hi Youtube This is yours, Princesse Pagaille Today I’m showing you my new platinum blond lace wig with darker roots That comes from Aliexpress the main competitor of Amazon Today you can easily find cheaper wigs on both sites, but this one comes from Aliexpress Anyway you will find all the details of the products used in the description bar While waiting comment and answer the questions that are in the comment space And above all make me a little hi if you go through here Especially you that it help , mention that it helped you. Don’t just go like that! So here’s the raw state You see she’s a little yellow without roots or nothing And that’s the end result once it’s finished Don’t forget to wear gloves as usual! So for the first separation I take the top of the head And make a separation that matches the space between the eyebrows Behind I do the same by following the line of the first separation And then I find myself with 4 sections , one in the front one behind and 2 on the sides My oxidizer of the day is the 10 volumes Because I don’t want to bleach it more than it already is The details of the dyes are in the description box Simply mix according to instructions given on your color pot Here I have two different brands therefore 2 different dosages but you can find the products in the description Well, I do my mix quietly I didn’t use a lot of products Because the mistake is to put a lot of products But by actually using the product inlittle amount and very precisely you do not need much So be generous with your pocket give him some money! Hahaha So I’m making my mix As you can see I did some tests And to color with a bit more dimension, I do what we call knitting, I pass my tail comb on a regular basis And then I split the parts in two then just come to apply my first product Then I just come to apply my second product which is therefore number 8 That is darker and then I’m going to alternate Just whenever you separate a line, you have to keep the same color But you can alternate the knitting and then just cut a straight line each time you knit You cut a straight line and alternate the colors as you go That’s a bit freestyle but it’s all good So here I used my first color and so all along this line I’m going to use the same color and the same technique of knitting And I’m just going to pack each time each part so that I can isolate the colors As I use several colors I pack portions so they don’t mix with each other So this is a bit higher, and I’m going to alternate I’m going to use color number 9 which is a bit lighter and I will alternate darker lighter as I explained earlier I’ll show you the technique of knitting more slowly So really to pass the comb between the hair And you can actually see there’s a gap between the top hair and the hair from the bottom For everything that is for the protection of the lace, there is another video coming up soon I’m really showing you how to protect your lace in colorations so you don’t have stain on it And I just continue everything that is knitting or coloring It takes time, but after that, it really gives you a subtile effect, a balayage effect And it’s not straight, it’s all blended, the colors are really good This is essentially for the back of the head I showed you the technique in long and wide. Don’t hesitate to train yourself a little bit before you start Even if I continue to the top of my head with my knitting technique and then on the sides you will see how I proceed I continue with everything that is knitting I will rinse my wig and then I will return with the technique for the roots a little further Here take your time So here’s the color for the roots So just I’m passing a line in the middle and starting to color my roots very very gently So I’ve already done knitting all the way I rinsed my wig and now I’m starting to do the root one side and then the other. So as you see, I did it very slightly But at the front it’s much less pronounced than on the back I’m going in the diagonal direction on both sides In the front slightly less And then I apply a little more product on the back So that it’s not straight lines, and I really do it line by line It takes a little bit of time but it’s better line by line to really have a nice effect And at the end I’ll paint all this Once I have finished applying my product all along the lace and a little bit on the back as you see in the video As you see I go beyond a little bit to create a diagonal I put a little less on the front and then a little bit more on the back so that it really has a degraded effect And watch out for the prossess time And here is the result of my roots ! And then we’re just going to switch to a brushing Here I make a little rounded slightly down And I’m just gonna brush all the wig So just in terms of lengths and it’s just on the front that I’m going to show you a little subtlety To have the slightly curved side, a little vaporous So stay tunned ! Here before you see I have a flatter side where I leave-less hair where I drew the line And on the other side I use the method of rolling rolling rolling rolling roll roll to be able to have my loops As you see I roll I roll , I’m rolling again And then i roll it back down And here’s the Finish result ! Because I’m sure you liked it, it’s gonna help you and you’re going to do it at home Leave me a little Comment share especially this video massively So that we never have yellow wigs all ugly and we find ourselves very soon for other videos Ciao ciao!

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