#laceglue New Crazy Hold Glue for Lace Front Wigs«This CRAZY HOLD Lace Glue has my Edges SNATCHED!

#laceglue New Crazy Hold Glue for Lace Front Wigs«This CRAZY HOLD Lace Glue has my Edges SNATCHED!

sidenote yong don’t look at these two
nails they both broke my nails are actually pretty freakin along and the
nails are way overdue for a refill I’m thinking about cutting my nails all the
way off again because I love to do the overlay and I like for my nails to grow
out so there’s no point if these two fingers so yes baby here’s the completed look of
using the crazy whole new stronger formula super lace glue you guys it says
it’s 100% waterproof invisible and is for extended wear bonding use only and
it actually works really good now the real test is gonna be how much of a
waterproof it is because the ghost barn said it was a waterproof and every time
you sweat or exfoliate your face wash your face or anything you start getting
the little glue beads on top so that’s gonna be the real test of of this extra
hold the crazy hold of a waste glue I want to test it out it’s hot as hell
outside so therefore I’m gonna be testing it out all day long it actually
is very tight it actually melted into my skin it’s tight on the edges and you
know this is the the failure parts the glue failure part so I really want to
test that out and see how long it’s gonna hold on your temples but as of
right now with the way I got it I didn’t do no baby here it’s a nothing yet
because I just really wanted to see how it wears but as of right now and on the
back I did do the got to be glued in the yellow bow and yellow bottle only
because I was too scared to put the crazy hold on the back of my hairline
because my hairline is long my wife normally ages me up and stuff but I
haven’t did it in forever so I did not want to
that been here all the way down to the back like back here of my neck just to
get off of my hairline so I was a little bit scared of that that’s why I use the
jail so I know that’s not gonna hold on like talking about but other than that I
kind of feel like this glue may be promising like and I did do my makeup
off camera while I waited because it says to tie it up for 15 minutes before
styling it or anything so I did go ahead and wrap that up for 15 minutes and I
did do my makeup I did not record a look on this but it’s a very simple look I
only used three eyeshadows so if you would like to see a video on that please
comment down below and I will get that up to you and y’all right about now I am
loving the way I’ve been doing my brows lately oh my god they actually are
coming together and I have stopped arching my eyebrows so much so they’re
starting to feel in if you have ever used the crazy whole blue lace glue let
me know down below what was your experience with it cuz this is my first
time I just gotta end the mail yesterday so I was like I got to freaking try it I
gotta try it and I gotta try it with some good hurt so this is one of my good
pieces and I absolutely love this here I have any other suggestions or requests
for me to do with some hair glues or any hair ideas or whatever the case may be
go ahead and comment down below and I will make sure to check that out and
possibly get it up to you but until next time I hope y’all enjoyed this video
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I’ll see you damaged in the next one

31 Replies to “#laceglue New Crazy Hold Glue for Lace Front Wigs«This CRAZY HOLD Lace Glue has my Edges SNATCHED!”

  1. We gotta get these diamonds up sis. U should’ve seen my face when u showed the glue I was like wtf is that oh hell no

  2. Never used it yet it look like it hold great ……Them Brows Tho #SlayQueen ….btw you gotta show me us the outcome of how the glue made it through the hot day and things!!!!! See you soon

  3. I just stumbled to your channel and had to subscribed. Would you do an update on how the glue held up and how long did you wear your unit

  4. That’s beauty supply wig holder … does not work at all I have used it , messy as hell… when was this video made I didn’t know people still using that crap .

  5. Love this, have been using it for years and is the only glue that gives me the hold that I need. I've gone swimming with no issues and sometimes wash my unit while it's still in my head……

  6. Hey I just scrolled through your videos I didn’t see the updated video on this how did it go out in the shower or you swimming

  7. Try Esha Luxury Wig Fashion Absolute Lace Wig Bond. It it the best lace wig bond I have ever tried. I will never use anything else. I ordered from Amazon. It has a creamy consistency and is not messy at all. Plus it drys super fast. It even comes with its own glue remover but I find that using 99% rubbing alcohol works just as good if not better.

  8. I have ghost bond and it's real messy and white when you take it off… It works but the edges on the side don't do as well. I just tried this crazy hold and it's almost better than ghost bond for feeling secure

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