Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Female: I absolutely recommend hair removal.
It’s not one more thing that you have to do every month. Female: Laser hair removal has been great
because I had like these awful sideburns. I don’t have to deal with that anymore or
any of the, you know, shaving. Female: You see them at the beach, at the
gym, even at the spa, showing skin that’s remarkably smooth and hair free. But you don’t
see them being waxed at salons anymore. They’ve found a way to virtually eliminate unsightly
hair with laser hair removal. Female: For men I’ve seen it be absolutely
life changing. They can take their shirt off at the beach and not be self-conscious about
their back or their chest. Female: Dr. Simon Ourian offers several state-of-the-art
laser hair removal options at Epione in Beverly Hills. During the laser hair removal procedure,
a beam of laser light hits the skin and is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair
follicle. The light pulses for only a fraction of a second, long enough to destroy the follicle
without harming the surrounding skin or tissue. Male: The laser goes after the color in the
hair follicle and heats it up and causes the hair follicle to burn at its root. And once
the hair follicle has burnt, it will never grow back again. Female: The treatments last from 10 to 30
minutes, depending on the size of the area treated. You’ll have absolutely no down time,
plus the treatments are faster than electrolysis or waxing and much less painful. Female: They put a little numbing, topical
cream, and then it’s like a – it’s like when you used to pluck your eyebrows, and
then it’s bimp, bimp, bimp. Female: My pain threshold is very, very small,
[laughs] so – and it was like, oh, that’s it? Female: If you’ve ever been waxed, this will
be a piece of cake for you. Laser hair removal, it feels very much like a rubber band snapping
against the skin. It’s done in small sections, and each section is covered bit by bit until
the entire area is treated. This is to make sure that the treatment is very precise. Female: Whether your excess hair comes from
a hormonal imbalance, taking medication, or Mother Nature, laser hair removal will have
you throwing your razor in the trash. Female: It’s just clean, smooth, and you don’t
have to think about it. Female: It’s reasonable. It’s non time-consuming.
It’s lasting. And it’s not threatening. Female: Most people see improvement after
just one session, but the process isn’t perfect or permanent with the first few treatments. Male: You need anywhere from three to five
sessions usually, and sometimes more, sometimes less. The reason you need so many treatments
is because the fact that hair grows in different cycles, and every time you treat all the hair,
you only catch some of them in the phase that you want them to be. Female: You don’t have to worry about any
bumps or ingrown hairs. Female: With each zap of laser light, you
will see a significant reduction in the quantity and thickness of the hair follicles. Keep
in mind, while this procedure does work on all skin types, it does not work well on blonde,
red, or gray hair. The treated area may appear red after laser hair removal, or a rash or
pigmentation change may occur. The side effects are uncommon and usually temporary. On the
upside, there is no down time associated with laser hair removal, and the top of the line
lasers used at Epione have the best track record for success and safety. Male: Laser hair removal is one of those miraculous
treatments that really takes care of the unwanted hair once and for all. Female: The highly trained patient coordinators
at Epione will provide you with a free consultation to answer questions and to determine if laser
hair removal is right for you. And unlike many other facilities, at Epione only registered
nurses or doctors will perform your treatment. It’s important not to wax, tweeze, or have
electrolysis done for at least four weeks before your treatment, but you may shave up
to three days prior. Patients needing upper lip treatments must
tell their practitioner if there’s a history of cold sores or fever blisters. Sun exposure,
tanning beds, and tanning creams should be avoided for at least a month before treatment.
All the lasers used at Epione are the latest patented technology and have FDA approval.
After your laser hair removal treatment, it normally takes two to three weeks for the
unwanted to fall out and stay out, leaving you with the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve
always wanted. Female: It’s wonderful. I don’t even think
about it. It’s a non issue. I wish I could have it done all over my body. [End of Audio]

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