LaserCap™ hair loss treatment.

– One of the newer treatment options we have in Knudsen clinic involves the use of low powered laser therapy. And we have a specific device called laser cap that is available by physician only. And this device I think gets past some of the hurdles that have concerned me in the past about the use
of low powered lasers. Traditionally there
have been comb devices, they’ve been difficult to
use on consistent basis and I’ve been concerned that if we didn’t do enough laser on a regular basis, we wouldn’t get a result. This product line out of the US seems to get past that hurdle. It can be worn under a baseball cap or any other type of scarf or cap, it’s very discrete because nobody needs to know that you’re actually having treatment, you
can be walking the dog, cooking, reading a book,
watching television. It has minimal impact upon your lifestyle and gives you the most powerful low powered laser device
in the marketplace today. If you’re interested in exploring whether laser cap is the device that will help you with your hair loss problems, please go to our website or come and visit the clinic because they’re now available for sale
at the Knudsen clinic (soft music)

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