Little Women 2019 HAIRSTYLES | Jo, Amy & Beth Hair Tutorial

Little Women 2019 HAIRSTYLES | Jo, Amy & Beth Hair Tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we have a series of
hairstyles inspired by the new little women I went inside on Christmas Day and
I loved it there was so many amazing hairstyles so it was really hard to
narrow it down but I decided to go with looks that I personally would wear every
day that are easy to recreate and the only exception to that is the Amy updo
but I decided to do a very simplistic version for this tutorial and then if
you guys want to see the intricate one you can check out my Instagram because
that one’s not that practical but still really fun to try out and I would love
to know before we get started which sister you’re most like I think I ever
like most – Amy probably from the movie and yeah I hope you guys enjoy these
styles if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop
culture videos every week and let’s get started with these curls josè one beauty is her hair of course
I’m kidding but I do love the lived-in tassels one of my favorite ways to make
natural-looking curls is using this pearl wand from nume with your hair and
a center part start by picking up small sections closest to your part and
quickly curl leaving the hair on the barrel for not very long and you want to get the curl tight at
the start of the route so that it’s the most voluminous up there and then it
fades into a wave hopeful um this is a word and I’m also creating the curls
tightly around the front section and then taking bigger sections throughout
the rest of the hair and by the way I’m wearing a 1/2 clip weft of extensions so
it’s barely any so it’s very comfortable to wear but it does make a big
difference with volume for me so of course that’s optional but does help
with the fullness and then on the other side we’re doing the same steps curling
away from the face on either side and then tossing the curls to make them less
tight last step that I did once I had the
curls in place is to twist small sections and add some hairspray for more
of a Joel like irregular and matted texture as this style whereas it looks
even more similar to gel once the curls have fallen a bit and I love curls have
fallen a bit and it’s one of my favorite ways to give your hair volume especially
for fine hair let’s add some winter details like this
red sweater and scarf and then get super Joe and now want to two more hairstyles
that you can do on second or third day hair first up is the Joe bun that she
wears in different variations through the movie and leave out some face
framing curls and bring back as some front pieces into a half-up half-down
style once you have both sides in your hands
make sure that the crown is combed back and then you’re going to twist both of
the sections facing each other and then add in a mini elastic again super cute style as it is but pick
up half the remaining section and start a braid we’re going to do a French braid
for just one weft I like to do this one step of a French
braid because it allows the hair to sit further up from the neck which I noticed
Jo hat in her braided ponytails and Plus once you have the hair completely
braided down we’re going to create a bun and the first step is tucking under so
this gives us a bit more room to do so I’ll do this bun portion slow you want
it first tuck under the base and then wrap around and hide those ends and
bobby pin in place super cute and easy and it’s a great way to transform a back
braid into a quick and easy updo that can be dressed up or down and this is
another really cute winter weather style looks good in turtlenecks and is also
really cute when you add a beret like this one similar to what Jill wears in
the movie and then you have the bun peeking at the back and of course I’m
adding the Platt scarf again red is definitely Joe’s color and going back to
the half-up half-down do take a small section beneath it and wrap around the
mini elastic and then take another small elastic and secure it in place adjusting
the hair wrapped around over top of the bottom elastic so you have a wrapped
half-up half-down do this style is worn by Joe and Beth in the movie and another
style is to create a normal braid incorporating that half-up half-down
style and then make sure the mini pony sticks out a bit for a unique detail so there are three Joe Styles that I
wanted to show you guys that are easy it’s super pretty and great for second
and third day hair and let’s move it to another half-up
half-down do inspired by sweet Beth again our hair is in a middle part and
I’m coming back the crown Beth had shorter and tighter curls to frame her
soft twisted style similar to rose from the Titanic so I’m using my fav a tiny
curling iron that I use in so so many tutorials by Bed Head as always I will
have a link to it and you can get it off Amazon it’s like $30 and I’m curling
towards my face and I’m softening up the curls by just piecing them apart for the rest of the texture Beth’s hair
has a natural soft wave / curl to it so I’m taking bigger sections and curling
towards just starting above where my shoulder length is and tossing out the vibe is very worn in princess and
again I love this look as it is also you can totally just do this style with
whatever natural hair texture you have and let’s add a bobby pin to shorten up
those front curls tip it’s easier to do this after you do the half-up half-down
twist but for some reason I chose to do it before and then pick up a two-inch
section from the hairline and divided into two twists in an upwards motion and
I just a bit of hair into each section and do a second twist this will just
help it lay flat against the head and finish off with a normal twist do this
on both sides and add together with a small elastic at the back and tie off with a small ribbon I love
the flower crowns the girls were at the wedding so pretty so if you have time to
make one of those that would look amazing and now we’re gonna do it – Amy Stiles finally we have Amy’s looks her style
differs from Beth and Joe’s more worn in styles as she’s more polished and I
think we all have a newfound girl crush on Florence so here is at my natural
hair and color and like the other styles we are sticking with the middle part and
divide a section a couple inches back from your part two right behind your ear
brush this whole section upwards twist in a downward motion this really
polishes off the two front pieces going backwards and pin in an X with bobby
pins hairspray before continuing on and you can stop here this looks really
regal and pretty but now I have a very inspired quick Amy look so in the iconic
marriage is an economic proposition seen Amy had a serious epic up to slash bun
that was twisted around and this is just from memory but the one I was really
drawn to so here’s a look at the finished hairstyle on Instagram that I
did that’s more to a tee and then here’s the quick and easy version that was just
inspired Amy’s hair style was always super interesting I wanted to create
something unique in the back so I went with a rope braid to buy it a portion of
your hair into two sections and twist the strands counterclockwise over each
other now for the next twist add in some hair from either side this is a
simplified version of a rope braid that’s easy to do on the back of your
own head I’m fluffing this out a bit and I added
a blonde extension to add some lightness to my hair and to make the twist around
the head pop but this is totally optional and because I’m adding in
extensions here I’m just going to simply twist add in a one or two clip left when I
need more length on the twist and then I’m pinning the loop in place with bobby
pins make sure the clips are covered and equal in volume by tugging very gently
on the surrounding twist bubbles the way I did this look it looks very much like
a halo braid instead of a bun because they like having the twist up higher and
around so you can see it at more angles especially from straight on because I
think it’s more flattering with my round face shape but here’s another option when you’re at
the back of your head split the hair into two and create two braids that
connect over top of each other you can get away with this with less length for
your hair as well and here’s what it looks like doubled and with more of a
bun shape there’s so many ways to create a similar style and finally my mom
thought young Amy’s braids were really cute in this scene so I’ll show you how
to get the pop out braids complete with more bows with the hair and – I find it
easier to braid on myself with damp hair so I’ve already done that and then when
it dries it looks a bit tighter and the look is a bit more forgiving also sorry
I have a dry scalp I should have not filmed this close but oh well gather a
section at the back of your head and divide into 3 now braids with the
strands crossing under rather than over it like in a normal French braid when
you incorporate the side strands to get the pop-out effect I like to just pick
up a small piece along the hairline and this is so much easier for the fingering
of the braid when you have less hair to incorporate Plus Amy’s braid didn’t grow
thicker and thicker which makes me think that the braids were done this way finish the braids with a couple of
stitches and boom other side is done loose enough to hide any scalp showing
and I added two pastel green bows I just get all my bows from Michaels and a
little curl to the ends and for fun I added in some of faux Amy bangs and I
hope you guys like these looks I hope you’ve enjoyed these little women
hairstyles and if you did it makes you give it a thumbs up as always also I
love it when you guys that tag me over on Instagram and Twitter if you try out
any of these looks so that I can’t don’t repost you my videos so here’s a couple
of my favorite photos and keep them coming and what else comment below if
you had a favorite out of these series that I showed and if you have any
requests for me I have been doing videos recently that have been flopping guys I
don’t know if I’m just picking weird ideas or it’s just like an algorithm
saying you know channels kind of go like up up and down at least mine does but if
you have any requests or feedback I’d always love to hear it and if you didn’t
see my latest two uploads I did a tone mint another keira knightley tutorial
that’s a very natural fairly there makeup look if you wanted to see one
after seeing this video and then we also have a very fond of pink and girly look
from Jackie from that 70s show so check it out if you want to keep on watching
beauty videos and I’ll see you guys next one

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