Making my own houseplant wig to become a human chia pet

oh hi I didn’t see you there
I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing in this tree or this bush or all of these
trees well it’s because sometimes I have some pretty interesting ideas like that
time I drew my dogs as astronauts because I couldn’t get the image out of
my head or when I created and maintained a
Facebook page for indeed don’t worry guys I’ve stopped today I am going to be
making a wig out of plants I was going to use fake plants for this wig but
since I have a newborn and can’t leave the house I decided to make my dreams
come true whilst scavenging outside I have no idea how this is going to go but
after being covered in all sorts of bodily fluid these past couple weeks I
am down for some wimps and with the hopes of manifesting my dreams I picked
up my basket and frolicked around the yard gathering supplies I like wigs I
think they’re a fun way to change up your Luke Plus honestly I just never
seemed to care too much about styling right here clearly and you know what I
like the idea of being able to pop on a fully styled cloth it’s like ready to go
sushi at the grocery store actually that’s not really true it has nothing to
do with the sushi I don’t know why so that it’s more like a hat the glamorous
hat than anything else but the main reason why I’m doing this
is because for the longest time I’ve held cascading plants up to my head and
pretended that they are my own hair and then I realized I can make this happen I
have no idea what the heck I’m doing I’m just trying to manifest my dreams okay
so let’s get started with full regret of not taking allergy medicine and
countless sneezes later I scampered inside with my cuttings and then
proceeded to clamp down my block head and slip on that wig cap to construct
the wig I decided that making wefts would be the best method as opposed to
gluing the plants on individually so the first weft is complete it’s not looking
so full but it’s thicker than some of the extensions I’ve seen on Amazon so oh
so we’re gonna attach it to the head now and start layering them up to make the
wefts I use tape with the idea that I could stick the plants onto the tacky
side of it then seal it with another layer of tape and glue the whole thing
to the wig cap this was not ideal and if for whatever reason I were to attempt
this project again I would use a more cloth like material to foster better
adhesion to the wig cap Ryan what should we call this way like oh by the way if
you’re hearing some weird screeching and I’m on a bond see ball or a birthing
ball whatever the heck you call him exercise I was thinking more like along
the lines of like Frannie foliage or something like that Frannie foliage so
like you know how they have different wig names or what you might not know if
they have different with names but they do they do and so this is I guess we are
greeting miss Franny foliage I began the process of attaching the wefts to the
wig cap using gorilla glue but quickly despised it as it seemed more effective
at gluing my fingers together as opposed to being able to glue the tape wefts to
the cap would you still marry me do you think it
was crazy rude so long after I was sufficiently fed up I switched to my
tried-and-true glue that which fared significantly better than its sticky
primate counterpart so are you serious dead serious
get over here you need to show what do you think of my wig by the way oh it’s
awesome good coming together do you see what the heck is ready captain
who are we oh wow oh wow oh wow I plan to make the bulk of the wig using long
blades of grass then I’ll add in the Alocasia the pomegranate saplings and
sage upon completion as I’m making this little wig I literally can’t stop
thinking about Hawaii I love the tropics so much but I especially love Hawaii
because it’s pretty easy to go there compared to like other places comment down below if you love Hawaii
and we can pretend it that we’re there somehow hey Ryan
do you want to go to Hawaii we’re gonna bring nug to the beach as I approached
completion of the whig it felt more and more like I was making a hula skirt for
my head the fear that I would be putting on a wig full of bugs also began to
crawl to the forefront of my mind whoa that weirdly reminding me of childhood
already so I finished gluing all the grass to my head and I am going to add
some finishing touches and some other foliage and see how that goes
right so the wigs all complete I’m gonna go slip that bad boy on and come back
for the big reveal so we’re gonna go check out what Erica is plant wig looks
like uh very colorful very green yes going green I see I like the location
leaf shows more of those it looks like a big ear it’s nice it’s your statement
piece yeah interesting do you like is it all-natural actually
it’s probably the natural as it gets I feel like a human chia pet ha the
real-life chia pet over here yes do you want your back let’s see the back come
on there we go those show the dogs but I’m afraid
they’re gonna smell the grass and want to pee on my head I know I smell like
your bathroom so I forgot to record an outro isn’t that magical so here’s the
outro now I thank you so much for watching don’t forget to comment like
subscribe all that good stuff and otherwise I’ll see you guys in my next



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