– Hello everybody thanks
for joining us here and we have a very special guest on the show today we’ve got
LPGA Tour player Maria Fassi. Nice to see you thanks for joining us. – Good to see you guys
thanks for having me. – How’s things today? – It’s great, just I’m very
happy to be here with you guys. – Brilliant, so what we
thought we’d do today, is really actually play the hole with you, we’d like to pick your brains on some of the things that you do off the tee, on the fairway all the
way down to the green and we might even throw in
a little bit of a challenge if you’re are up for a challenge as well. – Okay, always up for a challenge. – Love to see you hit one just to show the viewers at home your square golf swing and powerful golf swing. – We’ve got a TrackMan in play, we’ll put a slow-mo in
afterwards obviously Andy because it’s a really good golf swing isn’t it? Let’s see what we get
numbers wise on this. (upbeat music) (golf shot) – That’s a pretty
straight ball flight, wind is off the right 109 club
speed Andy so this is fast. – [Andy] Yeah, we’re not
challenging you in the long drive. – [Piers] No we’re not
at all, we’re not at all. Yeah I mean 286 yards and the wind is into and off the right. 286 yards total that’s pretty good. – Just before we head down to the fairway can you just talk through quickly the couple of swing changes that you are going through, and to show the viewers those changes
that you are going to make. – Yeah, so to start it’s just mainly, my move away, it was getting a little bit, too far out so just kinda thinking about that I’ll probably do a little
rehearsal before hitting. And then, here just I try to feel like it’s a 3/4 swing, that’s the
thought I have in my head. Which it’s of course not like it’s probably still fairly long, but that’s the thought that I have in my head and it’s also helping me get the club in a better position at the top and then just coming down it’s, I’m keeping the same things
that I’ve been doing. – It’s interesting isn’t it because we see a lot of golfers when they
start moving the club back, the hands will often
come away from the leg, and they’ll be rolling
almost around that way and as you said if you can feel almost as if the hands brush the
thigh almost as you go back it allows you to actually get wider which they’re trying to do later in the golf swing which
is definitely better. – Yeah, and I think it’s just, I was wasting a little more time having to go, the club had to travel longer, whereas here it’s just easier for it to get in a good place at the top. That’s what we’re trying! – And when you’ve got
that power absolutely, I like it. Shall we get down there
and go have a look? Maybe a hybrid maybe? – [Andy] I think so let’s head down there let’s have a look. – Sounds good, all right. (upbeat music) – Do you feel like when
you are playing these that you want to take a divot? Will there be a divot? – I mean, probably with
the hybrid yes maybe the three wood is when I’ll
probably stop making divots but like, occasionally
there’s probably gonna be, I mean a small divot just
in front of the ball. And I’m okay with that I think, I mean I agree with Andy
I think you still wanna, especially with the hybrid I mean this is kind of like a, more of a three iron than a hybrid but you still wanna be on a downward attack angle I believe. – I think that’s the issue
that we see again with amateurs is that they’re not sure, is it a driver, is it an iron and
definitely obviously for us it moves more toward the iron for sure. So shall we actually go through that process again that
you just mentioned about the pre-shot routine and what
you’re actually gonna see here with the flight position
and what have you? – Yeah, so for me I’ll probably, there’s three trees just left of the pin, and I think a good finishing line would be the middle tree, so with me trying to hit a little fade I’ll probably try to
start it at the left tree or maybe a hair left of that, and try to help it work a
little bit to the right, and again if it stays there, if it goes a little bit more to the right I think I still have room, and even so if it goes left and it’s not a great swing, I still
know I can either two put or get it up and down from there and still make a four. – And I suppose if you look at this here as you say if you do cut it a little bit too much against this wind it’s gonna kill it a little bit so it’s only gonna be
just short of the green, if you do pull it a little bit on the wind it’s probably gonna go in that bank which is gonna stop it from going to far left, and then as you say you’ve got a pretty simple chip down
the green haven’t you. All right so shall we watch
you hit this one then? – [Andy] Yeah let’s hit
and we’ll head down there. Do you fancy this one Piers by the way? – [Piers] Not sure, I
wouldn’t think so no. Definitely not. – [Andy] That’s really good. – [Piers] Yeah that’s beautiful,
little left of the flag. – [Andy] Exactly as you
said on that middle tree. – Yeah, that’s probably 20 feet. – I’ll take it, let’s go! – The smile on her face! (laughs loudly) – Eagle putt that eagle putt. Great shot, great shot – Awesome, right, let’s go and see what you can do with that shall we? – All right.
– That’s brilliant. – Let’s go. – And how old are you now? – 21. – 21 wow. – Exciting times then
for you isn’t it really? – Yeah (laughs) – It is. – And what’s the aim for you next year what will be a good
goal, a good end of 2020. – I think I can, I’ve
been ready for a win. – Absolutely yeah.
– Good goal. – I think I can do it for sure I know what to expect I guess. – Yeah. – And I think with a couple of the changes that we’ve done I’m gonna be more consistent
and I think that’s gonna help me under pressure as well and all that, so I think, I mean I’d like to think that it could happen. – [Piers] It could be
round the corner yeah. Right so we’re gonna do
a challenge aren’t we? Around about a hundred yards?
– Shall we get ourselves a decent line none of these hanging lines – Are there any? – I think there’s one over
here we can see the flag a bit more from here Piers. – [Piers] What you got there? 90 here. – 90? – Yeah. – Do you wanna pick a yardage Maria, you pick a yardage. – I mean I’m okay with whatever. – Let’s just go here. – Go 10, let’s go to 10 I
think I got that one down. – [Piers] All right so shall we on here? – 90 sounds good. – Okay, we get a flattish lie. Are you gonna go first Piers? – Shall I go in first. – You’ll lead the way
then, we’ll try to follow. – Yeah we’ll see, we’ll see about that. (laughter) – [Piers] There’s no
wind, I might even miss. – It has missed Piers. – [Piers] The top of the
bunker and come back down. – We needed a strong wind
that’s all I’m gonna say. Are you gonna go Maria
or do you want me to go? – You can go ahead. – Well Piers there’s, – There’s definitely
some room in there Andy. Don’t forget it’s Me and
My Golf versus Maria. – [Andy] Okay is that what it is? That’s the advantage. 94. – 94. – This club actually
might come out my hand. – [Piers] I’m hiding behind you. (laughter) (upbeat music) – That ball’s a nice
little marker actually. – [Piers] You’ve gotta go for the flag because Maria is gonna
be going for the flag. (upbeat music) – [Andy] Oh dear. – So we have two goes at this don’t we? – [Andy] Yeah we get
two although I will say that club was really slippy there. (laughter) – But what I like is especially when we get the first guest
on, for the first time and we just give them that chance. – [Piers] Yeah of course yeah. – Just to make them feel nice. – Just so she can come back and do a video with us again. – [Maria] You guys got
some good jokes there. – [Piers] Like a hustler isn’t it. – [Maria] Pretty good. – [Piers] Yeah that’s very good. Right, okay, pretty much they were the worst wedge shots
that we can probably hit. – Are we having another go?
– I think we should have another go, I feel like that one was a practice shot. – I don’t think I actually
want another go up here. – [Piers] Oh really, I think you have to. – I’ve embarrassed myself once there. – [Maria] There you go. – [Piers] Pushing a little bit. – [Andy] It might just creep over. – [Piers] Yeah it’s okay,
they’re not in great are they? 20 feet maybe, you having another go? – I’m good, I’m good. – You’ve destroyed him! – Let’s go. – You see even on this wedge shot I was still trying to go a
little bit left you know, ’cause you don’t wanna be in that bunker. – Like I did, but you’re right though. – I didn’t say that. – I mean you can see
how tight it is actually that second one actually is
only about 10, 12 feet isn’t it. – It’s a pretty good shot and, you have so much more, I mean I’d rather be, I mean, short left if
I’m gonna hit a bad shot than being in that bunker
so I always try to, even with a wedge in hand I’ll favor the fat side of the green. – This is interesting because even looking at this, actually we’ll have a look at these shots here so have
a look at these Hannah. So, would you say even with this flag here that you’d always be
aiming left of the flag, ’cause as you say that’s
quite tight there isn’t it. – Let’s say I mishit my wedge, and if I’m aiming left I’d be here, but if I’m aiming at the pin
or maybe a little bit right and I mishit it, like,
I’ll be in the bunker. Then you’re having to save par, you’re mad ’cause you hit a, I mean, didn’t hit the green with a wedge and like all these mental
things start going on. – Exactly. – It’s a land for the miss shot isn’t it. – [Maria] Where here, I mean you can even make this putt. – Of course, exactly. – [Maria] It’s not like, – It’s a lot easier than a bunker shot. – Absolutely. – Well this looks close, real close now. – Are we gonna go with, let’s
go with the birdie putt, sorry the eagle putt. And I think we should look at you have a go from long range maybe. – So how do you see this one Maria? – I think it’s trying to,
move to the right maybe, albeit a little bit slow. – How do you know it’s slow? – Oh ’cause that’s lower on the green. This is a little bit
higher than where I was. But I’ll still look for
it, I still come here and take a look at it as well. – Do you use the ground
now when you are walking, are you feeling? – I think, yes and no, I’ll feel it as I’m walking but I won’t, – Not specifically. – Use like AimPoint or any of that, I trust my eyes. – [Piers] We gonna give her this one yeah? – [Andy] Yeah we’ll give her that one. – She only just won the
nearest to pin you know. – Yeah but she did have one shot Piers. (laughter) – And you use the line on
the ball to line it up? – I use the line yeah, inside 20 feet I’ll use the line. – [Andy] Interesting. – All right then, for eagle. – For eagle, yeah. (groans) – So that for you, was a little pull or what that a misread for you? – I think I hit a pretty good putt there, so it was probably either,
speed was pretty good, even if it didn’t touch the hole it was probably gonna go
maybe that far by which is where I like to, I mean
this is a no brainer for me no? So that’s where I always try to be, so it’s probably yeah I played it a little bit higher than I needed to. – Greens catch us out
here Piers don’t they, they caught us out earlier as well. – Well, I hope you enjoyed it and liked it as much as I did, so
please like and subscribe. – Yes, and check out where
can the guys follow you on social media? – Instagram is probably
where I am most active so its @mariafassi1 so, follow me. – Good luck for this season as well. – Thank you, thank you for having me guys. – We’ll hopefully do that again soon. – Thank you. – Thanks.

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