Hey guys, so what you might not know about where I am right now, is I’m currently in the ocean in the Caribbean on a boat We went away about five days ago, and I forgot to get my haircut, and I feel like I look like a curly mess So my lovely friend, my lovely noodle friend Mark Hello! Is going to be cutting my hair and hopefully not ruining my life at the same time. Have Faith. I don’t. You don’t have faith? I do have faith. (singing) But you gotta have faith Duh du duh duh So Im cutting my hair with some random scissors that the cruise people gave us Uh Oh Very professional. By the way in order to film this video I just want to show you how my (Gasp) I just want to show you how my camera setup right now It is attached to the side of the boat that is the actual sea and because there’s less a wind I’ve just draped like towels over the microphone to try and get rid of some of the noise. Look at this contraption I have keeping up. Yeah mark is genuinely terrified It’s just like looming over you at the background of the reflection. Ahhhh Whilst we go me and Mark are also gonna play the game two truths 1 lie Because I wanted to have something fun to do whilst he ruins my life You have a seed in your hair! A seed in my hair?!? Yeah Okay? (snip) Did you just chop something? Yeah? Oh you’ve already started. Ahh That’s how I normally have my hair. Right. Oh, I can do that I always get scared of having bad haircuts because of Youtube, but if I get a bad haircut It’s FOR Youtube so thats fine. I like how you’re trying to stay in the video by just being sideways Oh, yeah, fact number one about me my nickname growing up was Digi Blue dude Right? Fact two about me I was the head of the chess club at school? Yeah. And they called me chess meister 5000 Fact number three about me. My parents nicknamed me after a bomb that was used in World War Two Oh my God. (Giggle) Definitely think the bomb ones real. Okay And I don’t think you are a chess player. Wait What was the other one? The other one was that I was named Digi Blue Dude. Oh, yeah, that’s not real. That’s not real? No! Why not? Because it’s such a random name I could be called Digi Blue Dude if I wanted Yeah you could be but… So what’s your final answer? So lie is Digi Blue Dude. You’re wrong I was called Digi Blue Dude – that was my nickname I had a camera my first ever film camera was called the Digi blue. Oh. And I was the dude! Digi Blue Dude – oh I get it. Yeah however I was also nicknamed Doodlebug by the parents which is a bomb in world war two also the name of the dog in the tweenies I was not a chess player. I do love chess, but I was not – what did I say?
Chess Master 5000 I can’t believe you didn’t think that was the lie. Chess Master 5000? Okay, what’s your two truths 1 Lie Mark? So my two truths and one lie. Yeah. When I was younger. Yeah. I um Got into a fight That’s the lie you have never been in a fight in your life No I go into a fight and I accidentally push the other guy into a Window and it broke. Oh my God. It was in the back garden of my friend’s house. It was the greenhouse. Wow. You’re so bass ass Mark I know. Second one is when I first learned to ride my bike. Ah. I was showing off. Oh Okay, and then I fell over on the handle break went into my leg, and I’ve got a scar. Ahhhh Yeah, okay. And the third truth Giving away which was the lie Mark? No! Once played neo in a school play and I invited my whole family to come. Okay? but on the day because of timing They were sat there. Well, they all sat in the audience, right? I’m all my lines got cut. Apart from one. Oh, that’s so sad So they were like really confused. Like all my family came to see me that day and all my lines got cut I like the idea that you hyped that up for months like guys. I’ve got this really big part and then you had one line Yeah, I they just thought their son was a massive loser That’s it. So which one is the lie? The Lieeee I definitely think fucked up neo is true because that’s too tragic to not be a real thing I think the lie is that you kind of fight and shoved the guy through a green house. Yeah, yes I don’t believe in fighting! You don’t believe in fighting? Pacifist Mark, that’s so good. I won I won one nil to me. Go Lukey How’s the hair looking? Oh it’s everywhere. There’s hair all over my arm and There’s like a little hair ball floating on the floor. I like how you just carry on whilst Oh sorry ahah Ahhh. Did that hurt? Ahh. Why is that hurting? Cus they are not good scissors And you’re not a hairdresser. Ohhhh Ah. Was that a seagull? This is very relaxing actually isn’t it, gazing out to sea, having my hair cut by Mark. This is like ASMR (scissor noises) Do you like that? Oh shit! What? What? No Im joking. WHAT Does hair die as soon as it gets cut off? Hair is dead when it grows Like hair isn’t alive this isn’t alive it grows out the root, but it’s already dead yeah, oh otherwise It’d just be like screaming you wouldn’t it Okay, three hairdressing facts in this round three hair dressing facts about me two truths and one lie the first one is that I once Had my hair dyed bright blue and I look like Caesar Flickerman from the hunger games. Second one is that I once got my hair bleached so badly that the actual hair went see-through. Oh! and the third one is that I once have my hair cut so badly by a man that he chocked a chunk of my ear out and I had to Have it reattached. Oh my God. Oh There is definitely fake. I suppose you can have a look at my ears and like examine the scars Yeah, that is fake. Ah no you won. That is a lie, but that did actually happen to my friend in primary school So thats why I got that so it’s like a half lie because it did actually happen to someone I also have my hair dyed blue when I lived in essex, and I looked like genuinely Caesar Flickerman I’ll put a picture of that up. It was like I thought it would be so cool, and the hairdresser was like yeah, man this would be the best thing ever no no no no no if you have like warm colored hair never dye it blue ah Ahhh! I felt like the chunk of ear story is about to become true Ahhhhhh Stop doing that! You’re making me poo Making me poo! Okay, right you got two truths and one lie. Think boy. So when we were younger. Yeah, we both of us oh Oh no sorry. Me and my sister When me and my sister were younger We had two rabbits – Smokey and Floppy uh-huh and smokey went missing right? So my parents were like Shit here’s a new rabbit and let’s pretend it’s the old one to make us feel like happy Yeah, I once had to shout at my hairdresser because when I told him to stop cutting Huh, he didn’t okay, and then I had to get up and I walked out I still paid him. What? Why? Too be fair I still paid my hairdresser when they made my hair look like Caesar Flickerman I paid them 150 pounds for that mess. It’s so bad Umm I knocked my two front teeth out and these are fake Wow. Let me have a look? Uh huh. What? Cus it’ll give it away. Oh, that’s not fair. Okay, okay? I know which one is the lie Which one’s the lie? Can I say how I know which one is the lie? I know that the one about knocking your two front teeth out and getting them replaced is fake because you had teeth whitening on this Cruise and you wouldn’t have been up do that with veneers Unless you these are um caps not veneers oh The fake one was the rabbit ah what? Smokey came home! Hashtag smokey came home. Oh my gosh their veneers. That’s pretty interesting ah no they’re caps Yeah, so they have to shave it down and they just built it up around it. That’s so cool. It looks so good Thanks! You’re welcome, so it’s one all oh okay, so this is the final round exciting music (Bad Singing) we should We shouldn’t try should we. That’s looking good It’s looking good yeah, I like that you’re making me like my curls. I never like my curly hair, but with this haircut It’s looking good. You getting rid of some of this bulk at the side, so she’s never quite as much about your hair again You should never straighten your hair again Thanks mark. You should definitely get some dry Shampoo though Bit rude, oh Only because you’re a greasy. No put a little volume into. it get some try semper sweaty Get some dry shampoo sweaty Getting really itchy. There is loads of hair down my back Ohhhhh Okay, it’s the final round. This is the tie decision breaker thing Okay, the first bag is that when my hamster was dying when I was six years old my parents were discussing on the phone called It “you know who” because they didn’t want me to know my hamster was dying and I thought that Voldemort was coming to our house Second fact is that when I was at Secondary school before I was a smelly vegan I ate a sandwich with a cow’s tongue in it. Oh I know that’s a thing that exists apparently. And the third fact is that my dad crashed the car on the way to my mom giving birth to me. Which is the lie? Was your mom in the car. Yes? She was in the car very pregnant Leaking all over the place. I assume And I was on my way to be delivered. So car crash, pig’s tongue, or you know who the hamster? You know who that hamster is a fake. No! The crash is a fake So what’s your final answer? I think the pigs tongue is fake. The actual answer is that the car crash is fake but only slightly It’s even worse than that my dad did not crash the car on the way to me being get being given birth to my dad Crashed the car on the way back from giving birth to me I was this freshly born baby, and he crashed the car into the car in front I was just this little fetus child, and that’s like my first experience of the world is a car crash. Thanks, Dad Okay, so you lost if I get yours, right? I am the winner. When I was younger I used to bottle flower petals and water and sell them to my neighbor’s Awe thats so cute I sort of kidnapped someone on my streets’ cat for three days That, that sounds like something I would do It was like a lonely cat and I saw it and I brought it in and just kept in the back garden for a bit Okay, until the neighbors came knocking because they saw from the window and they could see it in the garden The third one is I’ve almost gotten mugged by two kids on a bike How do you almost get mugged? So yeah the two boys came in front of me right as I? So they came to find me on there bike. yeah, and they were like what you got for me And they pat my trousers down and I was just like no I don’t want no trouble and then they were like no give us what you got and then I cross the road on this busy street and They rode off on that bike. Oh no. No. No I need to win this I need to win. This it is my destiny Oh my God my hair looks so good. Thanks Mark. You’re welcome Awe Im so pretty okay, I think it’s defiantly between Getting mugged and stealing the Neighbor’s cat oh Okay, let me just look at you and save you a cat stealing kind of person I think you are I’m gonna say I really hope you are cus that’s so cute. I’m gonna say the lie is getting mugged The lie is taking the Neighbors cat I did not take the neighbor’s cat. I knew it, but I just wanted to believe Mark. I wanted to believe. Im sorry Nobody wins nobody wins except I got a free haircut, so I guess I kind of do win What mark finished is my hair? I just thought I’d let you know that we are on this cruise Thanks to a lovely guy called David who runs a company called team tourist And he’s offering a chance for you to win a free cruise. Just by following the link in the description and filling out a little form. If you’ve already entered from one of the other guys you can enter again through me ow ow, you just spiked my, spiked me in the ear with the scissors Team Tourist basically organized all the fun excursions whilst you’re on a cruise to go and do all the fun things on the islands you Visit we went quad biking, scuba diving with turtles and jet packing which is the coolest thing ever The link down in the description can allow you to win that for free I’ve never seen a hairdressers do that to me before That’s amazing We are youtubers yeah? Oh, my channel my is called luke is not sexy Enjoy, it’s very inappropriate. Please don’t ruin yourself. Oh Shit thats your skull What if all your viewers hate me? They won’t they are lovely people. They will love you Hi You haven’t even said hi yet This is Marc. He’s a Youtuber. We got to mention that oh my gosh. Look at all that hair rest in peace And reveal Marc is now gonna style it so that we’re ready for this big fancy night. We’re going on I’m gonna put my suit on Ohhh sorry I should have warned you This is an exotic spray smell. Not sponsored. Ohh how exotic I matched it up to the holiday. I feel like Im in a Zoella video Ok suit time. I got the fancy night tonight. So got my suit on all sexy and lovely and Air reveal mark. Are you happy with it? I love it. It looks so good. I think I already fancy myself. Look Look at that spicy man. Oh, well. Thank you very much For doing my hair If you wanna go check out Mark’s channel his link is down in the description below or you can click on his lovely face right now Thank you, and if enjoyed the video Please click thumbs up subscribe to my channel down below and leave a comment down below on what you think of my hair and which YouTuber you think I should get to cut it next if I ever trust anyone with this ever again although I didn’t believe but now I believe come on you watch the video. I’ll see you guys later

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