Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Mr Fantastic Invisible Woman Human Torch & Thing Action Figure Review

Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Mr Fantastic Invisible Woman Human Torch & Thing Action Figure Review

these times review Marvel’s first family
is the Fantastic Four hey guys Miho supersonic marichuy look
it’s Marvel’s first family the Fantastic Four these are the newest version of the
Fantastic Four based on their latest appearance in the comic books and we
have all four of them here to review and we’ll be doing the bath in a separate
review along with dr. doom and she-hulk so in this video we’re gonna looking at
Invisible Woman Sue Storm Human Torch Johnny Storm mr. fantastic Reed Richards
and Marvel’s thing Ben Grimm we’re gonna start with Ben Grimm because he is the
biggest and heaviest of all understand with him first on the back of the box
has a very nice artist rendering shot which states on the back of the box as
well bombarded by cosmic rays Ben Grimm developed a thick orange skin and
superhuman strength it’s not just a thick orange seen though is it come on
Hasbro that’s an awful write-off almost turned him into a black turn you into
rock didn’t it made him practically indestructible I am glad to have a thing
in the collection so I never owned the other fantastic
fall wave this is the first fantastic fall to designer Burroughs and I really
want to get my hands on the last human torch booger was I believe a Walgreens
exclusive yeah I’m hoping to build the whole one down but I’m in America this
year in June because I would like use it for custom parts for the new Johnny
Storm I want to be able to put a bit like what people did with the ice months
ago I’ve got a customized man that somebody made me and he attached like
the the ice the ice forearms and the ice feet and stuff like that and the ice
head to the body and I want to try and do that with I’ve done a storm finger
because I might buy another one of these these bodies so then put those
components on so that I have two versions of him because I would like the
flame on hand you know I mean all right guys here is Ben Grimm out of the
packaging looking pretty awesome actually a real like this figure it
looks so nice we will do the spinning wheel and take a proper look at him in a
moment and we’ll also do the I’ll also do the desk cam stuff so you’ll see him
properly in just a few moments all there is bits of paint that is and bits of
plastic that have not quite sealed to the body that I’ve just managed to peel
off a little bit warping but it’s okay the figure is always beautiful I’m
really liking the the sculpt the sculpt is very nice like off are these like you
can actually feel the rock you know I mean like the rock work is there so I
got use nice lean grain it is body articulation wise it hindered there’s
loads of these little bits falling off though damn it’s a moving I’m finding
more it’s like straggling bits of like paint
like that look you see it looks like a hair iron piece of paint and plastic
that just pulls away from the body sorry let’s look at articulation sorry let’s
the head can move from left to right as well as up and down his arms do the
stupid you can see do rotate that top hidden there there’s no hindrance to the
rest of the rock weight he just does click around but it’s nice it feels
nicely rotating so that’s nice and the elbow is single hinged obviously and the
hands are on ball joints but you can’t really yeah actually you can flex them a
little bit back and forth but not too much he does have a crunch in his
abdomen which can be used to also rotate him further rotation is at the waist as
well which is just below yeah the waist rotation as well so that’s pre decently
articulated there these legs do lift out as well as forwards and backwards top 5
cup double hinge knees there as well which is nice and a feet are on rocker
and pivot so plenty of articulation for Ben Graham which is quite probably the
sometimes like when you get the whole thing of the stuff they’re not very
articulated actually I might stand him up as ill Hulk and see how the
difference is I think he’s quite a short compact ball it seemed almost a
regular-sized figure which personally I would have liked to have seen I would
like to have forgot a fantastic far away where Ben is actually the back piece how
nice would it be if we have him the same size like you know like a simple size –
Hulk bit of bulkier version because in the comics isn’t that small comics were
thing and Hulk faced off and they were the same size hope versus thing comment
yeah they did this plenty of times I’m too far but there is that famous one was
an incredible whole comic whether in like a cave it’s a very old comic mind
yeah but they have the same size they are the same size ones not shorter than
the other so it would have been nice to see Paul he’s gonna be beefier though so
I get well I’ve done it but yeah I would have liked to send a bit more height on
this thing hmm oh sure hello look yeah nothing
Reed Richards now I know a lot of people are hating on these new versions people
want the traditional blue and white fantastic floor where’s the modern
there’s the new modern retelling in marble right now whether come back and
they’re all in these new fancy costumes they devise new costumes I think a
little priests like sleek oh yeah it would be nice to get another way to move
cuz even the ones that came out last time weren’t that classic ones whether
they were them they were the like the modern ones still it would be nice to
get the blue and white you know with the white shoes and white gloves and stuff
the proper original ones that would be called Tibet Reed Richards
looks he’s looking older now as you can see in the comics they’ve aged him a
little bit more with that beard and stuff he still has the whites in there
though which is nice I don’t think it goes as far back as I would like you to
obviously not in the car I felt like he should go all the way around but it’s
still nice and he’s very thin this feels almost like you could put a spider-man
head of it and it wouldn’t you know it’ll look right he seems very thin the
head is on a ball-joint though just like Ben Graham I mean he gonna look all the
way up to him he’s absolutely flat top side as well then you rotate there’s a
single hinge bicep there as well that also rotates sorry double hinged at
their elbow sorry on that one single hinge bicep the hand is on a rocker and
pivot sorry Paul joined there’s an ab crunch there they come to crunch
backwards and forwards and it clicks into place
rent way swivel there as well legs do this down as well as forwards and
backwards with a top thigh cut double hinge knee no boot cut but the feet are
on rocker and pivot so again plenty of articulation and you can pop off his
hands which we will do here just for you sweat
show you guys I won’t be using these because I don’t like the look of them
but again you can put these giant fingers on to have him hold something
mclemore whatever so yeah to show off that is stretchy I think I would have
heard a long gate at arm or something or the little hand accessories a little bit
personal thing or a way of extending his torso that I mean cool if there was a
way of stretching him upwards like me there like a torso piece that you could
put in like you could click the body apart shove this piece in and then click
them back together to make like an extended like version of him that would
have been cool are you listening Hasbro probably yeah mm-hmm well us that’s Reed
Richards next w Johnny Storm Johnny Storm can transform his body into
incredible hot plasma control fire and fly I don’t think I read under the guy
read what was on Reed Richards we all know the story of these
characters come on obviously in the movies it was Chris Evans who lay over
London to play Captain America who played Johnny Storm and in my opinion he
played at Johnny’s he played Joey stomp very well comes with a multitude of
flame accessories here to make him look more plenty of okay so it is funny storm he’s
got little bit more articulate than read Wow
well this guy comes with the butterfly joints so they are all slightly
different so that he’s on a boat riding again on this one he’s got the butterfly
joints he come making these pulleys and all the way back so I suppose that’s
probably better for flying saw poses and you wanted to kind of personnel yeah you
could put his arm all the way back with the stream lament for flame on that’s
pretty cool now buff like I was gonna help him get
some great poses as well everything else is pretty much the same though the
amperage the waste with all top phicorp there’s book on this one too Wow is this
one’s got a slightly updated sculpt then the others how can you have more bendy
points than the flexible man it doesn’t make sense um where’s the
other hands so we can’t put these hands on this one I wish men to flame on heads I wish we
had a head and change for Johnny I suppose people just assume they’ll use
the previous ones but not everybody has the previous round but yeah there is the
flame hands lame on oh my God he’s like on his head please
tell her that go through that I want to take me to Hades say to me ten days I
got flaming her yeah these I want to these are the
things for us raise hands but I kinda wanna put them on these legs but that
would look really weird anyway do ya there’s little hands you can
change him into so put the new flame on so yeah he’s pretty good I like the
figure the nice finally got my solo fantastic for set been after the
Fantastic Four for some time I’m glad I stayed patient and got the newest wave
more modern articulation and we can we can change these up we can modify them
obviously you guys now I’m slowly slowly getting used to doing modifications to
my fingers so there’s always endless possibilities when you start customizing
anyway the other thing I don’t like with this with the am both my hinge figures
is that when you’re done with the ball a hinge bit you’re never quite sure where
to put the arms to make him look normal and his matter how much I try he doesn’t
look normal and he stands up now I just look like Hartree Archer Martin Paulin
is over there don’t forget the final the lady of
marble the fern lady out Sue Storm Sue Storm has the ability to blend to bend
light to make herself and others invisible but she also couldn’t she also
make like forcefield barriers within if I remember rightly and again for Sue Storm at some point it
would be nice to get a completely clear variant
we’ve not had one in such a long time with a the last one was the movie one
would be nice to get a completely clear variant of her not not just doing the
special effect which I’m not even sure how she holds on to that’s proper knife
in it oh that’s weird but yeah that’s the little piece see it would be nice to
get a completely clear very unfair as well at some point of future obviously
it’s house Barroso if you’ve got less articulation requres the female
character which is annoying and at some point I may choose difficu than fit her
that were blue I could probably put some heels on here but she hasn’t got a bit
of a platform going on so I like the face called the face cloth is very
pretty actually I like how they’ve done that that’s very nice her articulation
I’m a head on a ball-joint arms on the same joints but there’s only a single
hinge elbow hands are on board right you can crunch at the way at the waist but
there’s no waist swivel the legs do lift out but not as far as the men’s legs as
well as forwards and backwards with the top five cut double hinge need no boot
cut but their feet are on Rockingham pivots I said why hasbro why do you give
his lesser till 1890 my fingers so annoying because you want to keep us
stupid waste you want to keep that unrealistic waist which is annoying
every female are the same body shape every single one and I mean every single
watch this edu so now we have some pieces have a super skrull we’re just
missing a couple of components at this point never missing an arm and leg just
so far I can shove this arm in give him a head yes I am a child I’m
laughing at the words give him some head oh la la articulation oh come on put it
down go and we’ve got a leg which leg is up
Shay right leg so we just missing an arm and a leg of course we’ve got alternate
heads including the smiling head we’ve also got an alternate arm as well you
could pull him that gives him the Ben Grimm um yeah that’s the super scroll
he’s got some warping on his Denise abdomen there as well which is nasty
mm-hmm well the figure is I was pretty good by lava all accounts looks nice not
sure if we’re keeping him yet I’m not sure I haven’t got a comic book scroll
yet so I might keep him for that but not sure let you know in the comments might
feel differently once I build him completely dudes the channel guys cuz in
a couple of days we will be building Doctor Doom and we will also be taking a
closer look up and see orc so I will be finishing off this bad guy and giving
him his own review as well in the near future I hope you enjoy taking a look at
the Fantastic Four today before I let you go I’m gonna go down to the death
camp let’s give you guys an up-close personal look at these awesome figures
let’s go to the discount all right guys here they are out of the baggage in the
Fantastic Four really liking these figures guys really like how they look
actually a lot of people are hating on this line but I don’t mind it isn’t
modern appearances of these figures so we have Invisible Woman Sue Storm Johnny
Storm the Human Torch Reed Richards mr. fantastic and Ben Grimm’s the thing very
nice figures I just wish we got more alternate components because they know
we’ve already had a previous line I suppose they’re going cheap on us and
giving us less stuff but I would have preferred an alternate head for each of
them well not necessarily for Sue Storm like a clear variant head maybe then
flame head for human torch or some more components where we could change on even
to make him look more flamey because he I think missing the head it does look a
little bit like you know it’s just a human version of dry storm which is milk
a book for fight scenes I kind of want more stuff to make him look human torchy
if that makes sense and I almost think cause of been during sheer size I was
never really expecting any accessories with Ben and but we’d read I mean like I
said a clicker blah you know a way of pulling the figure of parts to pieces to
add like a net like an extra abdomen in there to make him look really tall that
would have been cool or extendable legs or something that made him more stretchy
than what he actually is because just giving us some extendable fingers one
earth is that ever gonna be useful for in a fight you know what I’m just beyond
you know you know Sue Storm might like it you know if you got my draft but
other than that not really it more hues to it but any of you I am excited
because the MCU you know we’ve kind of moving away a little bit from the
Avengers as we’ve finally got the Fantastic Four x-men and others in the
franchise now so I’m hoping we’re gonna start seeing the introduction one by one
of the characters maybe in the introducing of Doctor Doom I believe he
has been confirmed as one of the villains for Black Panther – that’s
gonna be sick in a cool way of introducing therefore but again it would
be called you get to maybe to see Reed Richards in that movie working alongside
Victor Von Doom or you know something and vice versa you know we got we got
the x-men coming up so it would be nice to see Xavier in was a cameo in one of
the films but who knows he’ll sue start couldn’t sorry we’re going to storm as
well couldn’t we into the ends of the into the Black Panther – movie is just a
child’s love interest because they did meet they did meet before she became
storm interesting but anywho enough waffling
about MCU thank you for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video but let’s go
back to the main comment finish off today’s video so guys which is your
favorite member of the Fantastic Four I want to thank you all very much for
watching I hope you enjoyed this video please make sure you let us know your
favorite member in the comments down below also guys I want to give these
people an awesome subscribers shout out these people that left is an awesome
comment that I have responded to so please make sure you leave all some
comments in the comments down below if you and your shouting out let us know in
the comments and thank you very much for watching as always I’m your host
supersorrell if you new around here make sure you smash subscribe button hit the
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to keep going and keep creating videos like this thank you very much you guys
I’ll always I’m super sorry I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with
you bye you

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