Medical PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

– This year, the Knudsen Clinic
is introducing a new therapy called platelet rich plasma, known mostly as PRP. The advantage of this new technique is to use the patient’s own blood, which we spin down in a centrifuge. Then, we take off the clotting
cells called the platelets and inject them into the thinning scalp to stimulate the hairs. The platelets are filled
with growth factors, and this is what we’re trying to use, our own growth factors for our patients to stimulate their own hair. This has particular relevance to patients, for example, who have early thinning, and either don’t want to use medicines, or have had problems with
using medicines in the past, so this stimulation therapy
certainly has no side effects. In our clinics, it’ll
be done by the doctor, which we’re going to call it medical PRP, because we’re going to do
it with low anesthesia, and the doctor’s going to
be performing the procedure. So this makes it into a painless
procedure for the patient, and we can stimulate the hairs. So for our female patients who
have got some early thinning, for our male patients with early thinning, this is a particularly
useful add-on treatment. And we can use it intraoperatively as well for our hair transplant patients, where we transplant hair
into the thinnest areas and then into the surrounding margins that are beginning to thin, we can inject the PRP, again, painlessly, under local anesthetic by the doctor. So we can stimulate those hairs and help prevent them deteriorating, and this will lessen, hopefully, the need for surgery in
those areas later on. So we are very pleased to
be introducing this therapy. It’s been around for a few years, but we’ve now got to a
standardization, really, of the technique, so that we
know that we can use this every six to twelve months depending upon the circumstances with the patient. And the nice thing about that is it’s an intermittent
therapy, a natural therapy, and doesn’t require
continuous use of medicines.

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