Men’s Hair Loss: 6 Grooming Products That Fight or Defy Thinning Hair

Men’s Hair Loss: 6 Grooming Products That Fight or Defy Thinning Hair

Hey guys. I’m Adam from Birchbox. As a grooming
editor, I am often asked about the best products for guys who have thin or thinning hair. This
is a very universal concern for men because time is really not nice to our hairlines,
so today I’m going to talk about a few things you can do, shy of any supplements and transplants,
of course, that will help slow hair loss and really showcase the hair that you still have.
Alright, so one of the first things you can do to prevent hair loss is to pick a shampoo
that blocks the hormone that leads to hair loss. One of the ones I really like is Billy
Jealousy’s Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo. What this does is it washes away and prevents
further production of DHT at the actual follicle itself, so basically you’re fighting hair
loss by getting rid of the main culprit that’s leading to it.
Next up is a product that I really love is from Davines. It’s their Naturaltech Energizing
Superactive. After I’ve shampooed and I’m out of the shower, I put a few droplets along
my hairline, down the part. It’s re-energizing and reinvigorating the cells that are there,
but more importantly it is fighting DHT production in those places, so it’s going to prevent
hair loss altogether. So the next product is also from Davines,
it is their Replumping Hair Filler Superactive. A little goes a long way here. All you do
is spray it in towel-dried hair, comb it through, let it dry, and it’s going to make your hair
look thicker, and fuller, and should probably last you, like, 5-7 days before you have to
reapply it again. Next up is a relatively new product from Baxter
of California: their Grooming Lotion. What I really love about this is it doesn’t give
you a lot of product buildup when you use it; it’s especially great for guys with medium
or long hair. Product buildup, like DHT, can really choke out the follicles, so with this
you get a really natural finish with a light hold, but it’s also a leave-in conditioner,
so it’s sort of multitasking and enriching the hair that you do have while you put it
in. Alright, the next product is this Tex Texture
Paste from V76 by Vaughn. For guys with shorter or medium styles, I always recommend a paste;
it’s gonna give you a bit of a firmer hold than a cream, and this will just give you
extra texture to make your hair look a little fuller than it is.
The last product today is from Parlor by Jeff Chastain. It is his Moisturizing Sea Salt
Spray. Here at Birchbox we’re pretty big advocates of NOT shampooing your hair every day because
shampoo can often strip the hair of its natural oils that make it healthy. So, what I like to
recommend to guys, especially with medium or longer lengths of hair, is to try a sea
salt spray as your styler in between those washes. It’s gonna absorb some of the oils
without totally stripping it, but it’s also going to give you added volume, added texture.
It’ll make your hair look fuller than it actually is.
OK guys, that does it for me. Leave us a comment if you have questions about anything that
you saw here. We’ll see you next time. Take care!

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43 Replies to “Men’s Hair Loss: 6 Grooming Products That Fight or Defy Thinning Hair”

  1. The DHT blocking is the biggest sham in hair product marketing in general. DHT is a hormone which is left in the oils on the scalp. Any shampoo that is deep cleansing will remove the oils on the scalp, and therefor remove the DHT also. I challenge anyone who can tell what is that mystery "DHT blocking" ingredient in these shampoos that they claim to have?

  2. Ok thx another question I'm letting my hair grown out, it's about close to should length but what can I put in my hair to style it? when I get of shower and I towel dry it looks great, but I have used gel, cream, paste, and when my hair drys it looks crazy from the back, it doesn't stay down

  3. …Hi everyone…
    ….My hair is thinning on the top, mostly on the right side. However, since using Dermo biotin shampoo my hair does not seem as thin and it is evenly the same across the crown of my head….

  4. I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Xohairbon Secrets (google search it). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular hair loss home remedy?

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  6. +birchbox   Adam do a video on styling products for long hair, shoulder length styles and  medium hair length, we need your help with this issue please

  7. I highly recommend argan life natural shampoo as part of any hair growth/hair thinning treatment. I've noticed substantial hair thickening/growth in only 2 weeks. Be patient and stick with it over the long haul!

  8. Can you please be more specific on how and when to use the sea salt spray. I have your hairstyle, same length and would like to know more about the sea salt spray.

  9. My hair used to be so full and thick but as they years have passed it has gotten kinda thin due to coloring my hair im sure and so im trying out Maxelder hair loss shampoo and Argan oil ( i bought from w….nyarganoil…c ) It lathers up nice and thick with just a little bit I have noticed it does feel a bit thicker and haven't seen as much breakage which is awesome! I hope to keep seeing these results expand as i miss my full hair

  10. Discover the Secret Prevent & Treatment for Hair Loss 100% Natural

  11. Started using super hair food anti hair loss shampoo and the accompanying conditioner approx 6 months ago. I've noticed considerable improvement in the strength of my hair, as well as much less fall out I use it every day! I'm quite pleased with this product and definitely recommend it.

  12. Fortunately, there is a new and easy way to regrow hair that is called argan life products… You have to visit the website… I did not believe it untill I tried it out and seen the results on me.

  13. Im 18, and my hairline has been receding since I was like 14. It doesnt recede like the standard receding hairline, its like a growing dent right in the middle of my hairline. Can someone explain what I can do about this

  14. Natural treatment solution does not simply eliminate the disease, it heals the entire body. By making use of this natural treatment method, lots of individuals who were hair fall sufferers have succeeded to abolish hair loss and claim back their health in as little as 1 months.

  15. Wonderful shampoo for hair loss and just overall healthy hair.  I use Argan rain anti hair-loss product daily. and I can not believe the complete transformation my hair has gone through. Love it!

  16. Anyone know what is Xohairbon Secrets about? I
    hear many people cure their hair loss and regrow it naturally with
    Xohairbon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  17. Thanks for sharing this important video BirchBox Boy, about a FACT that 50% of us MEN face if we dont seek EARLY treatment.. You summed up what MOST know about hairloss. Thank you. I would like to invite you to be a guest and come to an EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR regarding the SCIENCE of Hairloss, taught by me personally. I read through the POSTS. I had the SAME issue with my hair genetically THINNING as well, known as ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA. As PLATO mused "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".. My DAD thinned then went bald. My 3 older brothers all thinned in their 20s then bald in their 30s. I went THIN in my 20s.. then before my 30s, before I went BALD, I became a physician and I discovered the SOLUTION.. With over 4,429 chemicals in our blood, i had been following a few that were OFF balance that correlated with THIN hair as well as a series of OTHER diseases. I started using a COMBINATION TOPICAL based on the client's DNA to personalize medicines to restore the BALANCE of those chemicals to their HEALTHY levels and HAIR would STOP falling out and thinning hair would start to ReGROW. It works. EARLY stages of hairloss respond faster and are best detected by your HAIRSTYLIST. WE are partnering with Salons and Barbers around Los Angeles as we teach our educational seminar regarding the revolutionary Science of Hairloss. If you are a Barber or Stylist and interested to learn more about the SCIENCE please visit the website to CONTACT US. I hope all of you will check out our new COMMERCIAL VIDEO on the website www.StopandReGrow and let me know what you think about it. You may CONTACT me with any questions. If you are a good candidate the Stop & ReGrow program will work. WE can treat people in the state of California in one of our offices or throughout the country via TeleMedicine. Thanks again, Dr Nettles

  18. The problem is that sure Bruce Willis pulled it off being Bald and looks fantastic even though he is old. But not many men can pull of the Bald look. They said that most American men will start to recede hair by (38-42) yet I am 39 had great full hair and the last 3 months my hair has thinned like crazy. So much shedding like never before. Will buy these products thanks for the 411

  19. Is Xohairbon Secrets helpful to cures your hair loss and regrow it safely? We've learn many good stuff about Xohairbon Secrets (do a google search).

  20. So thrilled with this product. Argan rain shampoo has restored my hair after years of dealing with thinning. I was almost ready to shave it all off, but after a few uses I noticed those thin spots beginning to disappear. Glad I found this!

  21. I've been using Argan Life Shampoo for about 4 months now, and I must say I am impressed with the results of my hair. It has help my hair grow and get stronger. If you are going natural or experiencing dry brittle hair, use this product!

  22. As expert, I do believe Rozefatrun Method can be great way to cure your hair loss and regrow it naturally. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

  23. We have the best solution for your hair loss. Check out #1 SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) clinic in Los Angeles Area. Take a look at our instagram: Spartans Hair Clinic

  24. Is Rozefatrun Method useful to cure your hair loss and regrow it naturally? We've read a lot of good things about this hair loss home treatment.

  25. all these shampoos do nothing…it doesn't change anything about your hormonal balance or imbalance…it might make your hair seem thicker…but it doesnt actually do anthing within the body. If u wanna do something about it…try changing your diet..excercise (weights) more (get your test up). If u have hair like him u can try PRP treament this treatment has alot of good results.

  26. My hair has the sort of receding corners like yours has. I always thought that meant i couldnt grow my hair long. But your long hair looks good. Any tips for that?

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