Micropigmentación capilar 4K – Con Cristian competidor de Triatlón

Micropigmentación capilar 4K  – Con Cristian competidor de Triatlón

Hi, what’s up, my name is Cristian.
I came from Castellón I am a dietitian nutritionist The truth i have
always obtained baldness from practically 18 or 19 years old Of course, I didn’t get too complex until things started moving forward I looked very bad no longer
I knew how to comb my hair and in the end when you decide to shave and there really is a
turning point and you don’t look good anymore no way and that’s when I start to
investigate a little bit and it’s over finding the clinic of New Hair Solutions and Oliver Because after comparing like everyone else
videos … youtube … internet … I can assure you that the quality
of the treatment of New Hair Solutions and de Oliver is spectacular and I say it being a very person
perfectionist I mean very perfectionist no the typical tiquismiquis that still that
Don’t hold on to your house, because that’s me Another aspect that worried me before treatment was the subject of
physical exercise, I practice Triathlon so I constantly carry the
head tucked under water, with Beanies, with helmets and exposed to
full sun you don’t have to go through a type of
healing or process much more expensive and really is the practicality the
practicality you like to wear a shaved look, you want
very much, you feel unconcerned to comb your hair the only maintenance is the shaving
every 2-3 days and the truth is … very lovely I also remember the first session a little that apart from perfectionist I am a little anxious and I remember that just when I finished, Oliver told him the mirror that I want to see myself little bit and I look in the mirror I start looking at myself …
and I saw nothing and oliver told me quiet that this in 24 48 hours will go up a
little tone we have put a micro point so small that now you are not going to
appreciate anything and so it was the next day I was already starting to
notice a little bit of darkness for whole head and that’s when: pulled
the mobile I take a picture extended to maximum and could not really tell
what was the micro point to what it was my own follicle, my own hair
even the quality was tremendous, when I saw that micro point so small I said: Behind this is tremendous, this is going to be completely undetectable There has been no one, but nobody
That he told me nothing or that I had had the slightest feeling that he looks at me
the head, that he suspects something, that the discomfort of his eyes going away … I would certainly do it again

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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