[Mo Dao Zu Shi] : Wei Wuxian Wig Tutorial

Hello guys and welcome to this tutorial
on how I styled my Wei Wuxian wig so I bought some extensions to give the
wig a more full look first I’m going to remove the clips from the extensions and
because the ponytail is going to be very heavy I decided to sew the clips into
the wig to make it more secure on my head so I’m going to put the wig on the
wig head and secure it with some pins but to make sure that the wig is correctly
centered I will make a quick temporary ponytail so now as you can see I’m trying to make
the wig as centered as possible to make sure the wig won’t move around I pin
it first in the center at the size next to the temples and at the back make sure
the wig is strectched out enough to stay in place but dont stretch it too much now finally we come to the most
important part the ponytail a disclaimer I didn’t record everything because I
wasn’t really sure of what I was doing but I hope you can still understand so
first I divide the hair in two and I make a half up half down hairstyle make sure
to have the same amount of hair in both sides you can do that by following the
hair tracks to make the ponytail stick out just like Wei Wuxian’s I wrap some
tape around the base of the ponytail then I take small sections of hair and
bring them up in the ponytail where I secure them with elastics then I wrap
some more tape around the base of the ponytail so now we have come to the part
where we are going to use our extensions I take one extension strip and hot glue
it around the base of the ponytail right now I’m just checking to see if I can tease the hair for when we are going to style it later and then I took another smaller
extension strip and I wrapped it around the base just to tighten the ponytail with
the third extension strip I turned it around and use it to give some volume I
hope you can get a better idea of what I did from the video because it’s hard to
explain and after all that I put on the red ribbon just to check how it looks
now we have come to the part where we are going to style this baby and I
recommend that you try the wig on before beginning to style it just to make sure
that everything is in place so when I tried the wig on I noticed that it was
extremely heavy and I got a headache and is Wei Wuxian worth that headache?
yea he might be but let us just save ourself from that and thin the wig out I take small
sections of hair and use a thinning scissor to thin out the hair I brush and
I thin it out again and again and I keep running my fingers through the hair
just to feel how thick it is look at this mess so much hair oh my goooaaadd!!! first I take the extension we use to
give volume and I cut it shorter from two angles and then I put it away so I
can work on the rest I take the top part of the ponytail and I divide that
into three sections that I tease with a comp I also use some got2be hair pray
and a hairdryer to get more volume after that I carefully arrange the small
pieces of hair from the base of the ponytail where I use and got2be glue
to make the hair more structured and to keep it in place then I add the pretty
red ribbon and then I just repeat everything one more time to set
everything in place and remember to use lots of hairspray and then we are done with the ponytail and now for the bangs I didn’t like the
parting the wig came with so I decided to create my own to do so I used a
hairdryer and a comb to heat up the hair so it is easier to restyle I prefer
to style the front part of my wigs on my head so that it will match my face
better it is always a good idea to find lots of pictures with the character from
different angles so you can get a good idea of how to style your wig so I parted
the wig where I wanted then I pinned the bangs with some bobby pins and
worked on one side at a time so basically I’m taking the front parts of
the bangs and cutting them shorter or at an angle. after that I used a
hairdryer and some hairspray to create some volume on those front pieces I know
originally Wei Wuxian has more spiky looking bangs but I wanted to begin with
something more simple but I can always go back and style it more wild later on
this depends to you and your preferred style and then my wig (cap) was about to fall off
so I was just gonna put it on again (you can secure your wigcap with bobby pins) I’m also using the thinning scissor to
thin out the bangs at the end we’re just gonna spray that with lots and lots of
hairspray and this is the final look thank you so
much for watching I hope you could understand what I was doing or else you
are very much welcome to leave a comment down below and I will try to answer as
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