Monday, January 27

Monday, January 27

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feeling ♪ ♪ Feeling, feeling, feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (cheering) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! ♪ How you doing ♪ Whoo hoo! Hi. (cheering) Thanks for watching. Say hello to my co-hosts, the studio audience. (cheering) How you doing? How you doing? Let’s get started. It’s time for– Hot Topics! Here you go. (upbeat music)
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Thank you, co-hosts. To do a show like this, it’s very, very hard on days like this. You know, Kobe and his 13-year-old daughter. And the helicopter crash. And I don’t know where you were when you found out, but it just, dammit, man. And they were on their way, as you know, to one of her games. And he retired a few years ago, but he was doing so much behind, like what I really dug about Kobe, ’cause you know I don’t really follow sports like that. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him play a game. But I just knew, 20 years in the game, he’s like the living legend that a whole generation. You know, our kid is only 19. That’s Kobe. And we do have a picture of him, by the way, in the apartment. We always had a picture in my son’s room. He really stood for putting his money into homelessness. I’ve been hearing that over and over again. And also, girls and women playing basketball. Which is a big deal, ’cause a lot of times, there are a lot of fathers who don’t, they’re waiting for that son to play the game. And he’s left behind his wife, Vanessa, of 18 years. You know, they went through their hiccup like a lot of marriages do, but you know what? She was there for him, and he rose to the occasion of being a good, seems like a good husband, a good father. You know, he leaves behind three daughters, and I just, so I’m like, okay, I wanna take off tomorrow. I can’t even, I can’t even deal with this. I had been on the phone with my parents for like an hour and a half. We were planning our family trip to Martha’s Vineyard this summer, and my mom and my dad, and we’re all talking and saying how it’s gonna be so great. You know, the whole family getting together, regardless of what we go through. And I think that’s the teachable moment, you know. Live each day like it’s your last. Not in a bad way, you know? Hug the people you know. Sometimes you gotta let bygones be bygones. I’m talking on the phone with my parents for like an hour and a half. We’re so looking forward to this vacation this summer, and then I see a text on my phone from Norman. And I thought you were lying. I was like, this is not the time to joke. ‘Cause after I got off the phone with my parents, I planned on going downtown to Avenue A. There are a lot of the animals from Puerto Rico who are in shelters down there, and all they want people to do is go down and pet them, or if you want to adopt. So I was just gonna go down and pet, I don’t want any more animals. But I was gonna go down there. And it was a beautiful day, and I’m just like, you had me stuck on stupid. I was so mad at you. (laughing) I mean, yeah. I mean, none of us could process it. It seemed like a joke. It seemed like a really cruel, like it couldn’t– Yeah. Right. So thousands of people showed up at the Staples Center last night for the Grammys and I don’t, I did get a call from DJ Boof, who’s now out in L.A. and he was like, and he was bawling, by the way. Bawling on the phone. And he said, “I just wanna come home. “I just wanna come home.” And he said, “It’s totally off here, “I just wanna come home.” You know, that Mamba Mentality and the go, go, go, and the driving force. And consistently trying to be the best version of yourself. That’s what he represented. From what I could gather. (clapping) So immediately, I go into show mode, like, I don’t wanna do the show. But I have to do the show. ‘Cause somehow this stupid show does make people come out of their own sadness, at least for an hour. So I feel like I’m like the pied piper of happiness. Yeah. Kind of.
Yeah. Kind of. (cheering) So, so, but I said, we gotta reconfigure the show. And so, we were supposed to do Style Squad. You know, breaking down the best fashions and the worst fashions of the Grammys. Forget best and worst! You’re alive. We all agree. (cheering)
You know what I mean? (clapping) So I canceled Style Squad today. And then my friend, DJ SUSS.ONE, he’s a New York DJ, but you know him. He was supposed to be here today, over in the DJ Boof. Yeah, what’s up SUSS? But he’ll be here tomorrow, ’cause I’m just like, I don’t wanna throw to SUSS.ONE to ask him the usual stuff. It just doesn’t feel right. Yeah. Norman, you follow SUSS on the gram. Which I had no idea. First of all, I’m not a stalker. (laughing) But I do follow DJ SUSS.ONE, because he is the official DJ of Mariah Carey’s tours. (cheering) Okay, okay. (laughing) So when I found out he was coming, I kind of fanned out a little bit. Yeah, you did fan out!
I’m excited. I’m excited. But we gotta bring him here. He’s gonna be here tomorrow. Okay, great. And then the Style Squad, (clapping) the Style Squad, I told Bevy and Lloyd and Robert I’ll see them after the Oscars. I just can’t deal with who’s wearing what. You know, we’re alive, we’re breathing. And just live every day like it’s your best. And that MS, this is what I thought was a joke, okay? That MSNBC reporter, Alison Morris. Honey, I stopped, started, rewound, Suzanne, did you see that? Yep, I sure did. I listened to it many times. That was a hard N. She hit that R like a pro. And she brought it all the way down to the S. Mm-hmm, uh-huh, uh-huh, I heard it.
Okay. There were some people, they were all white though. But you know, it’s nice when, ’cause everybody is not a bad person, but only the white people, Norman, said that, no, she said–
It didn’t happen, right. What they’d say she said? Nakers?
They said that she conflated Knicks and Lakers to make Nakers.
Let me tell you something, honey-child. And then she released a statement talking about, she stutters. Look, I know people who stutter. She said that word like a pro, okay? Take a look. Yeah, it seems like he was just the kind of athlete, the kind of star that was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles Nakers, Los Angeles Lakers. Cavida, if I could ask you to stay with us, we’re gonna go. And she paused before she said it. And I’m not saying she’s a racist or anything like that. I’m just saying, she needs to have a meeting with HR today, immediately. (clapping) Oh! (pretend crying) It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay! There could be worse things. Yeah, exactly. You know, I’m alive. Right. (cheering)
Thank you, thank you, I’m sorry. (clapping) I wet up my DVF ensemble. (laughing) There are more problems in the world. Anyway, so Kobe was honored throughout the Grammys. And you know I’m not a big awards show person, but Lizzo tore it all the way down. (cheering)
Yeah, uh-huh. (clapping) I thought her outfit, her makeup, her voice. She honored Kobe. She sang, I Cry Because I Love You, which I don’t even care for slow, sappy music like that. I was there the whole, like she really did a great job. And this is a beautiful ensemble that she has on. Then, hold on now. And then, I don’t know about you, but I love ballerinas. I love how delicate they dance in those tutus and stuff. And she brought out the ballerinas, and then she took off this and had on a bustier-type thing. You know, and was dancing hard while playing the flute. I was out of breath just watching. (laughing) Okay. Lizzo was amazing last night. I thought Alicia Keys and her baby hair. (laughing) I thought they did an excellent job. But I gotta tell you something. When Alicia brought out Boyz II Men, I had to change the channel. I didn’t want to cry anymore. Like, I was tired, no, I was tired of crying. And I love Boyz II Men, I love Alicia Keys, but that was just too sad for the, you know. By that point, it was like nine o’clock at night or something. I’m trying to get ready to do a cheerful show, but I can’t, like my mind is everywhere. I had to change the channel, but I did go back and squint, and I was like, mm-hmm, I’m changing it, mm-hmm. I think I watched Gunsmoke or something. I just, I couldn’t be bothered. And then I turn back in time for, okay, the stage was on fire, and there was a man with a straight blond wig. (laughing) And a multicolor suit. And I couldn’t even text Norman fast enough. I called Norman. Yep.
(laughing) He picked up the phone. I’m like, “What the hell is going on?” (laughing) So he says, “That’s Tyler, the Creator.” Well, you see, Tyler put this wig on, ’cause he didn’t walk the red carpet like this. Number one. Number two, I prefer his music over his performance. Yeah, the music’s great. ‘Cause this right here, and then he fell into the fire pit. And that was his exit. Like, really? (laughing) Like, to me, that was too ridiculous, so I switched the channel again. I’m back watching other stuff. And then I switch back in between, and I see Ariana Grande performing, and she always does a great job. But let me tell you something, this bedroom scene right here, my favorite part was when they lifted the bed skirt, and her girls were underneath the bed. Look, look! Oh, oh! I mean, she was just hella entertaining. And the girl, Billie Eilish, said Ariana should have gotten the award. And then Ariana’s waving at Billie from the, there was just a whole lot of love going on. But the overwhelming sadness that permeated the room. I just, mm-hmm. Demi Lovato, by the way, did a great job. (cheering) She did a great job, yeah. Yep. She cried, and in the beginning, her voice cracked, so what? People encouraged her, we all know she has a great voice. I love this outfit too, by the way. You know I love all that drip. She looked really great. Anyway, the big winner was that Billie Eilish girl and her brother. So good for them. Let’s move on. (clapping) So, instead of going to the rescue center after I got off the phone with my parents, then I called them back. Because my parents are avid sports people. Even my mom. My mom is like an aficionado. She knows stuff. So they were screaming and what not. Then they went to watch TV about that. And then I was like, okay. So no SUSS.ONE, so Style Squad. Everything seems very, very superficial right now. Who can I call to really just bring it home? ‘Cause I’m not the sports girl, and then I said, Oak. So I call my friend, Charles Oakley. He actually answered the phone. ‘Cause you know, Oak is also a legend. He played for 20 years in the NBA like Kobe did. When Kobe came in, Oak was a little bit older, but they did play together. And so I called Oak, I was surprised he answered the phone. I was hoping he wasn’t already in L.A. or something like that. He answered the phone and I said, “Oak, are you in New York?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “Can you come to the show tomorrow? “Just come to the show. “They’re gonna call you to book you, “but if you can just come to the show, “and nothing you say could be wrong. “Like, we wanna know stuff, just from a humanitarian, “living-legend point-of-view.” This is a huge thing. Huge, yep. So Oak is here, he’s in the building. (cheering) Yeah. (clapping) And he was supposed to be going to Boston today, but he said, “Wendy, I’m gonna delay my flight, “and I’m gonna come to your show “and then go right to the airport.” Charles Oakley. (cheering) Oh! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. (clapping) You guys. I made a new friend this weekend. (murmuring) Not in that way. (laughing) In the purple couch kind of way. Oh! And we’ve been talking about him for a long time. White Chocolate. No! Yes! Yes! (cheering) Oh my god. Well, Chavaughn’s gotta book him properly. Yes, yes. Look, I’m on the phone. No, no. We need him, we need him. I can’t, I can’t take it. Yes. Chet Haze, Tom Hanks’ son, who sometimes is white and sometimes he’s black. But he’s always entertaining, right? Yes. So I was on the phone with somebody, and this somebody, and this is before we found out about Kobe. I think this was Saturday, as opposed to Sunday. So I was on the phone with somebody, and we’re just talking about stuff and whatnot. I have no idea how Chet’s name even got involved in the conversation. But I said I was just talking about him the other day on the show, and through the TV, I said, Chet, you’re all kinds of entertaining. Just come to the show. You know, just come on. And so, the person I was talking to said, “He’s scared of you.” (laughing) I said, “For what? “Get him on the phone.” (laughing) So the friend gave me Chet’s number. And Chet actually answered the phone. (laughing) And I was like, “Chet, how you doing?” (laughing) I said, “It’s Wendy in New York.” He said, “Hi.” And he was talking white, by the way. Yo. (laughing) What up yo? (laughing)
No, no, no, he didn’t say, what up yo? He didn’t say any of that. He was just talking like a regular guy. But he knows the jokes, ’cause he watches our show. So that’s why he was scared, but I was like, “Chet, I would love for you to come to our show. “Now, you could sit on the couch, Marco. “Maybe perform one of your songs that nobody knows, “but it’ll be very entertaining.” Maybe. Clap if you’d love to see White Chocolate here. (cheering) That’s all I’m saying. (cheering) Right? (clapping) So now Suzanne, Suzanne. Yeah. Now you have to relay this to Chavaughn. Yep. And I’ll get the telephone number. And then Chet knows the next phone call he’ll be getting will be from the show, not me. I’m not booking the show. I’ve got enough problems. Yeah. By the way, did you handle everything with the girls? Yep, it’s all handled. Perfect. Mm-hmm. (sighing) Oh god. Is that it for Hot, now hold on now. I’ve only been talking for 10 minutes? What is this, season, (laughing) what is this, season three? (laughing)
Right. So, ’cause we canceled everybody, all of a sudden we’re gonna have a rip-off show? We better do some juicy-ass Wendy’s then. (cheering) I wanna hear about threesomes, cheating, and stuff, okay? I’m sorry, everybody. We’re gonna try to get it back in gear for tomorrow. But in the meantime, just rock with us, okay? (cheering) We got more great show for you, everybody. Up next, my friend, NBA legend, Charles Oakley is here. Remembering Kobe Bryant. We’ll be right back. (cheering) Enjoy life. And it’s, life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged or, you have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile, and just keep on rolling. (cheering)
(upbeat music) My friend here played basketball with the NBA for 19 seasons. He played against Kobe for eight of them. And he’s here to talk about Kobe Bryant’s legacy. Say hello to the living legend, Charles Oakley. (cheering) Thank you, thank you. Thank you. No problem. I appreciate you being here. So everybody was shocked about his death. Now, by the time I called you, you already found out. How did you find out? My friend, Jason Williams, texted me. Oh, we like him. And then my wife, Angela, texted me. And then people just, it just started coming in. It was like, oh, like, wow. And I made a few calls. I wanted to make sure. And, yes. ‘Cause it seemed like it wasn’t real. Yes. He’s, Kobe, not just a sports guy. He’s an icon. My condolences go out to his wife, Vanessa, and the kids, other people on the plane. Did you know him personally, like? I’ve been in situations with Kobe before. I was telling some people the story. And when he first got in the league, Kobe loved music. I don’t know if everybody know that or not. And one day in Jersey, Steve Stoute come over to the house– Steve Stoute, the record guy. Record guy, had one of the biggest agency. And Kobe, ’cause he was a producer, you know. He ain’t in the house, like, what is he doing? Kobe want to, he wanna do some music. And so, you’re doing– Kobe wanted to do music, so he was–
Yeah, he wanted to rap. Talking with Steve Stoute about rapping. Well, he was doing it. Oh, okay. Really putting down the lyrics and everything. Wow. So when we was taking a break, I’m in the house just messing around, cooking some. And he– Always cooking, you are. He go right to the weight room and just like, “I gotta get this done.” So, couple days go past. I come by again, and so I go in and started talking to him. I said, “I only know one guy who’d do this. “It’s initials M.J.” And he just smiled. Michael Jordan. Oh! (laughs) Yes. And so, you can see he had that fire and desire to be great. So, and we started talking yesterday, and the things that you were telling me, I was like, “Wait, save all that for when you come to the show.” Talk to us about his fire and desire, because his desire to be great was on another level than many of us, I have to say. Yes. Well, sometimes, some people just have it, some people work to get it. I think he worked and got it, because once he got traded from Charlotte Bobcats to the Lakers– They hadn’t even played one game though. Right. He didn’t even play a game with them. Drafted first round, got traded. That was when he was like 17, right? He was young. Yeah. Yeah, straight outta high school. Yeah. So once the transition, when you go to L.A., it’s mega-superstar, Hall of Fame legends. Right. So when you go there, your mind got to trigger into like, “Hey, I gotta climb this ladder.” He climbed that ladder, went all the way to the top. (clapping)
(cheering) And then, you know, he seemed like outside of basketball, he just seemed like he developed himself into being a really good guy. Like a philanthropist, a family man. Yes, yes, all of that. You know, he was born in, I think, Italy. Yeah. His father was playing. Yes, his father played sports, basketball, too. So, know four or five different languages. So when he got here, then you go from high school to pros, I think he was ready in a lot of ways, but he still had to, like when you’re doing something. Like you get dressed, you gotta put one thing on the other thing. So he know how to get there, but it just took him a couple, four extra days to get there. I was watching one of the newscasters and she was talking with his childhood friend from high school. And the friend was saying that he was very socially awkward, because it was all about basketball, basketball, basketball. And he was born in Italy and spoke the German and the French and– Right. the Italian. But when he went to, I think it’s Upper Marion High School, that he wasn’t the most social guy, because he was socially awkward. It was all about going to the gym, running the ball, making it happen. And then I watched something else, where one of his friends was saying he understood, sometimes to be great, you’ve got to sacrifice something. And so I think maybe part of his sacrifice was, he wasn’t the guy at the, he didn’t have a lot of friends like that. Well, sometimes, you know, some people stay away from it, ’cause sometimes friends can bring you down. Tell me about it, Oak. And so– (clapping) With his mind set, man, if you watch him through his career, he wasn’t gonna let nobody bring him down. Yeah. He kept his people here, he kept ’em here. And he did what he had to do. The times I see him out, just a professional. And you hear so many story about Kobe, they fly in town. The team plane land at nine o’clock at night. He hit the gym at 11:00, working on his craft. You know? See, I’d be hitting–
With guys like that, you know, it’s like Michael Jordan or Lebron James. When you hear these stories and then you look back at their career, you see the hardware. They got Championship, they made people better. Yeah. (clapping) Are you and some of the legends, I mean, I know there are a lot of basketball players, but everybody is not a legend. So, Oak, are you and the legends planning on getting together or it’s just too soon right now to even think about that? Like, a legends dinner? Just, secretly, I’m not talking about with cameras. Right. Well, it’s, I mean, we’re gonna have to let the family figure things out how they gonna do it. Then, you know, the Lakers, that’s his family too. Then the NBA and the players definitely gonna come together and do something special. But we got to let the family try to just settle down and get they self thoughts and stuff together. Have you talked to, I know you’re close to Michael Jordan, have you talked to him? We played phone tag yesterday, and he made a nice statement about Kobe, because I been with Michael several times. And one thing I always know, with him and Kobe, you know they gonna be in the same place. He always, he’ll come out of this, he’ll go inside his jacket and get Kobe a cigar. Aw. That happened a lot when we were together. It’s just something special they got. That’s nice. Kobe and Mike really, you know, they don’t do a lot in public where people see ’em, but they did bond a lot and talk. A special bond when they– (clapping) I know Shaq was at the Lakers before Kobe got there. Am I correct? I know they played together. No, Kobe was there first. Kobe was there first. Shaq came after. Like, I’ve seen this picture over and over again. I just love that picture. Kobe’s hat on the back of his head, and they just look so happy. And just (sighs). Yeah. A duo. They said that two, Kobe and Shaq, a Michael and Scottie, it’s just like LeBron and Wade, LeBron and Anthony Davis. So you just, you gotta get it to Kobe right now. Just to catch you up to speed, Oak is also a family man. You know, he survived all those years in the NBA. (laughing) As you can see, he’s physically fit. He’s with it, he’s very handsome. He’s got a beautiful wife, he’s got children. And he’s onto the next chapter in his life. And this is how– (clapping) Thank you for being here, Oak. No problem, thank you. (clapping) Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Bryant family. Yes. And we’ll be right back. Thank you, Oak. (cheering) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)
(cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Trendy @ Wendy. Please welcome our friend, Macu Zovo. Welcome back, Macu.
Hello, a pleasure to be back! So good to be here. Okay, let’s get right to it. Who doesn’t want a steamer?
Let’s get right to it, okay. So let’s start right here. Everything we have here is from our friends over at Rue La La. Of course.
Look at you going right into it. Yeah. This is the Garment XL-10 1500-watt Garment Steamer. What I love about this steamer is that it steams a bunch of different fabrics, exactly. Look, there’s brushes to it to aid you in the steaming. That’s right. And it has four steam settings, which you see here as the swivel hanger, so a 360-degree swivel hanger. And you can hang up to six garments at the same time. This is really wonderful. It’s really wonderful. It comes in five colors, you guys. If you’re not a fan of ironing, I totally get it. I know. This is a way to do it at home. Yeah. I like this color right here, this navy pink. The navy, oh, this is really cute.
Yeah, that’s really pretty. All right, so it normally retails for $79.99. Which is not bad. Which is not bad, but Wendy watchers are getting it for 53% off, it is $36.99. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Really? That’s a steal for such a steamer. It’s perfect. It is perfect. Okay. All right, let’s talk about it. I am obsessed. I love it, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Get in there.
I am obsessed! Get in there! All right, let me tell you about it. (laughing)
(cheering) Isn’t this amazing? This is what you should be doing! It’s a sexy material, and you know if it’s not animal print or glittery, it’s not right here on the show. (laughing) So let me tell you about it. This is the Elite Luxury Satin Reversible Mini Comforter. Wendy is in it right now. How does it feel? Comfortable, luxurious. Very. Very luxurious. Come in three colors. Of course, as I mentioned, it’s reversible. You get the black, the leopard, and the snow leopard. There you go, I got you. Okay. It comes in the sizes twin through king, so you get a lot of versatility there. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s all right. You wanted to get in, it’s inviting. That’s how your bedroom should feel. Now, this normally retails, by the way, for $106, but Wendy watchers are getting it for 76% off, it’s $24.99. Wait, what do you get with the package, though?
(bell dinging) Let me tell you what you get. You get the comforter, but you also get the two pillow shams as well, with the set. Here’s the thing with the shams. I can’t even figure out how it opens, so it must have a zipper. There’s pockets right there in the back. There’s little buttons. You see ’em right there? Oh! Isn’t that nice? Oh, this is great. Don’t you hate when your pillows peel out? Oh, without a doubt. I hate that. This is great, guys. Make sure you check this out. Let’s move on over here. I know you love this skin care. Okay. All right, so this is the Dynamic Innovations Corrective Serum and Anti-Aging Lifting Neck Device. Now, we often neglect the areas of our skin that show the first signs of aging. You don’t want to get the neck. Exactly. So this is contoured, there you go. You just press it down for a second to turn it on, right? Okay, press the button. Yeah, so this is the specially-formulated head. It contours to the neck and the shoulders as well. Oh, it’s vibrating! It’s vibrating, so it’s really making sure that we’re getting rid of all those wrinkles on the neck and shoulders, but you can bring it down to the shoulders as well. Okay. So with the set, you get the corrective serum and you get the light therapy device as well. The serum is really pretty. I see beads in here. Yeah, exactly. Again, all good ingredients for your skin. So it normally retails for $2,195 for the set, I know. But this is a set. Incredible products. It’s 93% off. It’s $139.99. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Get after your neck before your neck gets you. Okay, now that is– Okay, okay. All right. Let’s talk about it. All right.
All right. You love this, I love it too. And I love it in this copper color. (laughing) But this is everything. It comes in the copper color. Comes in the pearl and the black as well.
This is beautiful. It is beautiful. This is the Dualit 4-Slice NewGen Toaster. Here’s the thing about this toaster. It’s big enough that you can put thicker bread in it. That’s right. Well, it accommodates a sandwich cage, right? So if you’re making those paninis, you can put it in here. And then there’s four slices. I love this for families when you need to get breakfast going quickly in the morning. This is fantastic for that. But imagine how great this would look in your kitchen right now. It’s gonna look fabulous in your kitchen. How much is this? All right, well, it normally retails for $380. A toaster? A toaster, but this is more than just a toaster. It’s jewelry for your kitchen. Well, it defrosts as well. So you can put frozen bread in here as well, get it ready for toasting. All right, so it normally retails for $380, but Wendy watchers are getting it for 34% off. It’s $249.99. (bell dinging)
(cheering) Okay.
A great toaster. More than a toaster.
Really. Yeah, this is great. Yeah. Okay. Okay, let’s move onto this. We got to stay connected. This is the ZTECH 3-in-1 Charging Station. Uh-oh. So this is how we make sure that we’re connected. We spend so much money on our devices, we don’t want to use chargers that aren’t quality chargers. So this is the way you stay connected. You put this on your nightstand. It’s suitable for your AirPods, your smartwatch, your Samsung phone, your s7 or your iPhone 8. And it comes in the colors black and white. Okay. So you just charge this on the wall. All right, so– Now, how much is this? Normally retails for $59.99, but Wendy watchers are getting it for 56% off. It’s $25.99. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Oh, okay. That is a good one. Uh-oh. All right, let’s talk about skin care. Look, this is a lot of money. Yes. But just sell it to ’em. Well, it’s a brand that we love, right? This is the Predire Paris Wrinkle and Cellulite Eraser for the face and the body.
Cellulite and wrinkles. Exactly.
How attractive. So give your skin, (laughing) give your skin a little bit of a pick-me-up with this set from Predire Paris. This is a face and body collection. There we go, we’re gonna pump it out a little bit more. So what you have right there is the facial milk cleanser. Here, let me go. Let’s just open it up.
Yeah, no, it’s brand new. It’s brand new. That’s why it is there. Lot of pumping.
So, you normally wouldn’t open it like this, you would pump it up, but here we go. This is the facial milk cleanser.
I just wanna feel it. How does it feel? Mmm, luxurious. So those are the rich ingredients. That’s that Vitamin E.
For 2500 bucks? It’s the retinol, that’s what we’re getting in there. And you’re getting the entire set, cellulite wrinkle eraser. Now, this normally retails for $2,580, that’s the normal retail price.
But? But you’re getting it for 97% off. For this entire set, $69.99. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Thank you, Macu. And thank you to our friends at Rue La La. These amazing deals are for the Wendy watchers only. Get ’em before they sell out. Go to We got a good ole Ask Wendy next. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Whoo hoo! (upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you. I love your ensemble. Oh, I had to get spicy for you, Wendy. Come on over, who are you? I’m Tanaja, I’m from Philadelphia. How you doing? How you doing? So, what do you do? I’m in finance. Okay, how can I help you? Okay, so my man and I have been dating for about two and a half years now. About a year in, he proposed on my birthday at dinner, in public. So I said yes. Although I wasn’t really ready for marriage. Had you all already talked about marriage? Not like that. So– How old are you? 32. Is he your age too? He’s a little bit older. Okay. Have you ever been married? I’ve never been married. Do you have children? I have one son. Uh-huh, how old is he? 10. Yeah. He proposed with a ring? He did, with a ring. Who else was at dinner with you guys? It was just us. Okay. Yeah, but it just, yeah, it was my first time, so, and I just recently caught him texting another woman. So, I wanted to know, can I give him the ring back but keep dating? (murmuring) No. I would give the ring back and I would tell him why. And then I would move on with your life. Do you feel comfortable with that? (cheering) I do. A lot of times, you know, when we do Ask Wendy, I always feel like people always know the answer to their own question. They just need a nudge from me or something. So when you get back, give him back the ring. Don’t listen to these heathens over here, okay? (laughing) You give him back that ring, right? And then you tell him you’re going on with your life. And you tell him why. All right, hmm. Hmm. All right, good luck. (clapping) Come on up. Oh! You like? Yeah, you know. I had to for you, Wendy. Thank you, who are you? I’m Janie, I’m a visual artist from Manhattan. Uh-huh. How you doing, Wendy? How you doing, Janie? Good! So what’s going on? Okay, Wendy, so, my sister and I co-parent a dog together. We adopted him together, all the forms. And he travels back and forth. I live in the West Village, she lives in Soho. Okay. So the issue is, is she puts him on the gram, dressing him up really nicely, feeds him really nice food. Takes him out to restaurants, and I’m concerned that he’s getting spoiled and he won’t eat his regular dog food. So how do I get her to stop spoiling him? It’s showing me up! First of all, when he comes to your house he doesn’t eat? No, no, I have to take her dog food, really, it’s raw– No, no, no, no, ’cause what I’ve learned is that you starve these animals out. They will eat, I don’t play that. Okay. ‘Cause Chit Chat and My Way, they don’t like the crunchy food. They like the tuna fish and the shrimp and the lobster and stuff like that. I put down that crunchy food and starve ’em both out. (laughing) You know? This has been here for three days. You all looking kind of skinny. (laughing) And then they eat it. And then they eat it. ‘Cause that helps them brush their teeth, and you know what? You don’t worry about your sister doing all that stuff. I mean, I’m not that kind of pet mom either, but, and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling pets. ‘Cause they give us so much joy, but, yeah. You starve that dog out. (laughing) Uh-huh. Thank you. That’s all I’m saying. (clapping) Hey, Wendy. How you doing? How you doing? Okay, so. What’s your name? My name is Carrie. Uh-huh, and where are you from? I’m from Detroit.
Uh-huh. (cheering)
Whoo! And what do you do? I work at a living assistant home.
Okay. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 12 years. We tell each other everything. About a month ago, he told me he had a dream about his ex-girlfriend. Why would he tell you that? I don’t know. It was a sex dream too, Wendy. Why would he tell you that? We just, we tell each other everything, but. Nuh-uh. So– How old are you? I’m 33. Okay, so you’ve been with him through all your 12 years. Do you have children with him? No children. Do you guys live together? We live together, yes. Okay. But in the dream, he was married to his ex-girlfriend. They had kids, the whole bit. What was the purpose of him telling you this? I don’t know, we tell each other dreams all the time, but, I just wanna know, should I be mad about this dream? As hell. (laughing) As hell. As a matter of fact, you in a hotel here in New York? Yes. All right, well you need to hit these streets. (laughing)
(clapping) I’m just saying. No, but you know what? I don’t know why he’s talking so much. And I know you said you all tell each other everything. Don’t tell each other everything. And he was dead wrong for telling you that. And I can’t believe you’re standing up here with all of us. I appreciate you sharing, but this is the kind of thing, I would have broken up with him before getting on the plane. Really? Yes. With kids? And married. Does his ex still live in Detroit? Yes. Uh-huh. So you’re here in New York, and he’s in Detroit? Yes. (humming)
(laughing) More Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Everybody in your seat. I’m just standing here thinking, today’s show is long as hell. (laughing) And I really kinda wanna set up the Hot Topics formation and get back into some Hot Topics. I kinda do. I mean, we still have a lot more show to do. We already did a full Ask Wendy. We got another Ask Wendy. (cheering) All right, we’ll do eye candy. Name that face. We still have more show. Like, Suzanne, figure something out. Okay. Get the Anderson dynasty. Let’s setup Hot Topics. Tell Norman to get back down here. Call them from across the street. Let’s talk. Okay. Yeah, about other stuff. (cheering) How you doing? Good morning, Wendy, how you doing? I’m doing okay.
I’m so excited. Hi, well, what’s your name, where you from? My name is Roe, I’m from– That’s beautiful. Thank you, Wendy, just for you. Yeah, my name is Roe, I’m from Washington, D.C. (cheering)
Okay. How can I help you, Roe? So I am on friend zone times one thousand. (laughing) So I have a non-boyfriend boyfriend, that’s what my friends call him. (laughing) Dinner, dating, singing, going for walks in the park. I got the answer already. So, we only do the occasional spoon, over 12 months. What do you have on when you guys spoon? T-shirt and panties, honey. Mm-hmm, that’s what we do. And what does he have on? Boxers and t-shirt, so. That’s what we do. So, that’s what we do. So, I know he’s into the ladies, that’s verified. I just think he can’t handle all these curves, honey. So it’s just time for me to move on, Wendy, or not? He takes up all my energy. He’s not that into you. Oh. He never was. Four days a week we spend together. He’s just– He’s not that into you. Oh. And don’t take that as a slight. Even King Birthday over here is nodding with me. You know what I’m saying? You know what you like and you should have probably made the move on him a long time ago. That would have forced his hand to either say, be honest and say, “I’m not into you like that, “but I love you as a friend.” Sure. Or whatever. But it’s dangerous for you to be spooning with this man, ’cause you and I are like contemporaries, it looks like. Yes, I’m 50. Yeah, so. You’re blocking your blessing for a real relationship by this guy always being around. (cheering) I’m not saying you shouldn’t be friends with him. Sure, uh-huh. But he’s not into you. Okay, I’ll take that from you. There is no man that’s gonna spoon with all this. I agree, Wendy. And not pitch a tent. I know that’s right. And go for what he knows. (laughing) That’s all. Thank you, Wendy. You’re very welcome. (clapping) Huh? Oh, wait, no, I’ll consult you during commercial. Suzanne, can we do it? No, we don’t have time. No time for more Hot Topics? No! What are we gonna do, an eye candy next? Yeah, a really good one. All right. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(clapping) Whoo hoo! (upbeat music) (cheering) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! So here’s the deal. We are in the heart of New York City. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. It’s called Chelsea. Come be part of my studio audience, be one of my co-hosts. You came all the way from Atlanta. She came from Seattle, and she came from New Jersey. Where are you from? Go to It’s a good time. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Whoo hoo! (upbeat music)
♪ How you doing? ♪ (cheering) Charles Oakley, thank you so much for coming to the show at the last minute and imparting some wisdom on us. My co-hosts, my studio audience, it’s a different kind of day here at Wendy. I appreciate you being here. (cheering)
(clapping) Tomorrow we’ve got winter’s hottest fashion trends. I got you with the Hot Topics. We’re gonna return to normal, okay? Okay. I’m going home and shutting the blinds. I can’t even deal. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on the one and only Wendy. (cheering)
(upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! ♪ How you doing ♪ Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! (bell dinging)
How you doing? (coughing) Nice. (intense music)

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