Mustache Styles: How to Shave a Pencil Thin Mustache | Gillette

Mustache Styles: How to Shave a Pencil Thin Mustache | Gillette

Today I’m going to show you an
easy way to get that pencil thin mustache you want, a super
thin strip of hair that outlines my upper lip like this. You’ll basically need a tool that does
three things, trim, shave, and edge. I use this one. It’s the Styler from Gillette. It comes with three combs of
different lengths, two millimeter, four millimeter, and six millimeter. So you can decide how long
you want your beard to be. Remove the combs and
I have this trimmer. For a closer shave and definition,
I use the blade attachment. If you flip over the razor,
you’ll see the single blade on the back, which you can use
at the end to finish the details. So let’s start. I’ve let my beard grow for a few days
until it’s about half an inch long. I first attach the comb to
trim all of my beard and neck. This evens the length
of my beard throughout. I remove the comb from my razor and
rinse any excess hair from the trimmer. Once my trimmer’s free of hair I
use it without a comb to outline the shape of my pencil thin mustache. First I trim my cheeks and neck. Second, I trim my chin and
the area just below my lip, taking extra caution as I
near my mustache to make sure I don’t cut the ends too high. To get the look I’m going
for I want the hair to extend just below beyond the corners
of my mouth on both sides. Third, I very carefully use the trimmer
to shave a thin space between my nose and stash until it’s the width I want. After outlining the look I want
I still need to add definition. First, I wash the area to be
shaved with a facial scrub. It cleans away any oil, dirt, or dead
skin that can block the razor’s path and prevent a smooth glide. Then I rinse the scrub off my face. You can further hydrate your hair by
splashing your face with warm water, or by soaking a towel with
warm water and holding it against your skin for
up to three minutes. Third, I coat the skin of my neck
and cheeks using a clear shave gel. A white shaving foam makes it harder to
see the lines and edges of your pencil thin mustache, so it’s a good
idea to use a clear shave gel. Now, let’s start shaving. Many guys prefer to
shave in the direction that the hair grows,
meaning with the grain, and then following up with
strokes in the opposite direction. However, since facial hair tends
to grow in different directions, you’ll almost always be shaving
both with and against the grain. You should shave in the direction
you’re most comfortable with. Every few strokes I
rinse my blade with water to keep it clear of
any gel or loose hairs. That way nothing blocks
the razor’s path. Before finishing with my razor
I still have one final step, tightening the edges of
my pencil thin mustache. I find that the easiest
and most precise way to do this is by using
a single blade razor. The Styler I use has one on the back. To get a clean line I turn my blade
parallel to the top edge of my mustache and lightly pull upward
with short strokes. All I have left to do is
rinse my face with cold water. It sooths my skin. And apply a moisturizing
aftershave lotion. The lotion hydrates my skin,
and leaves it soft and smooth. And there you have it,
a pencil thin mustache. Just remember these easy steps. Trim your beard, shape your
mustache, prepare your skin, add definition by shaving, tighten
the edges, and moisturize your skin. Thanks for watching,
and be sure to check out our other videos for more
tips and information.

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  1. this barely qualifies as a pencil stash. it needs to be way thinner. possibly so thin it needs to be filled in with an eyebrow pencil. 
    This Gillette propaganda fails to meet the needs of its customers.

  2. Check out Shave of the Month Club,,Tell them I sent you!!! NEW Handle and 5 blades,like A buck 99…Love it my goatee and burns are wettin em down out there,,,,,,Ps.I was spectacular before now !!!!!! Wimmin are creamin!!!!!)

  3. Turn off the water while shaving. Fill the bottom of the sink with a few inches of water to rinse your razor. Saves three gallons each day.

  4. Somehow its missing that he cut the a little space just above the upper lip to the mustache … its not in the video.

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