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My Friend Ganesha 3 | Full Movie | Hindi Animated Movies | Kids Movies | Kids Animated Movies

Ganesha. Ganesha! “Ganesha.” “Ganesha all the way!” “Don’t worry.
He is always with you.” “Dance and enjoy.” “He always enjoys trivial fights.”
“Wherever you go, you’ll find him.” “He can dance disco on one leg.” “He has no competition.” He is a magician.
He can make anybody bald.” He relishes every food item.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.” “My Friend Ganesha.
My Friend Ganesha.” “Ganesha.” Ganya! Wakeup. It is morning, Ganya. You lazy boy. Won’t you get up? Come on. Get up! Where is he? You! Ganya! Ganya! Where has
this naughty boy gone? Look at this sleepy guy! I’m shouting so loudly,
but he wouldn’t get up. Getup! Oh, God! Hey! Who is there? Who? Your wife Chandramukhi. Who else? You’ve such a nice name… …but why do you shout
so creakily? Let me sleep. First, find him out and
then fall asleep forever. Who? Ganya. Who else?
– Where has he gone? I don’t know. I’m
shouting his name since morning… My throat has started paining. Have you checked in the bathroom?
– He is not there. Have you checked for
him on the terrace? No, I didn’t. You look outside here.
I’ll go on the terrace. Okay.
– Ganya! Today, I’ll not let him get away. Hey, Ganya! Bala! Hey, Bala! What are you doing, you fool? What happened? Get down. Blind man! Can’t you see? Brother-in-law, I’ve become
blind and deaf in your company. But why are you shouting
like a sacrificial goat? Where is Ganya?
– What do you mean? I’m asking you where Ganya is.
– How would I know? Then what do you know?
Do you do anything at all? Oh, God! I looked from
him in the whole bungalow. He is nowhere to be seen.
Where has the naughty boy gone? Sister, tell me,
what is the problem? Why did your father
give him to me as dowry? We are looking for Ganya. But this man is asking
what our problem is. That’s fine,
but what’s the problem? Bala, the problem is
that Ganya is not at home. So, he must have gone out.
What’s that problem? I’ve not allowed Ganya to go out
of this bungalow since six years. But you are saying
he must have gone out. Why are you just
looking on? Go bring Ganya. And remember, nobody should
know that Ganya is not here. But somebody will come to know. What’s that problem? Sister, your husband is crazy. Come on, get down. Be careful. Aunt Ganga, have you seen Ganya?
– No. Aunt Jamuna, have you seen Ganya?
– No. Have you seen Ganya?
– No. Sister Saraswati, have
you seen Ganya? – No. Uncle, greetings. Greetings, Uncle! Who? Such a great man is in front
of you, but you can’t see him? Yet you are reading newspaper? You are great, Uncle. Here. Is it okay now? Bala! How are you? Okay. Have you seen Ganya? Danya? No, I’m asking about Ganya. What are you doing? When I put your spectacles,
you could see. So, I’ve thought of
putting battery in your ears. So that you can hear me. I can hear well, dear. Have you seen Ganya? Yes.
– Where? – In the temple. Not Lord Ganesh in the temple. The boy Ganesha from our bungalow. The sweetmeat seller
will come soon. Uncle, I’ll… My darling is coming. “Light your cigarette with
my heart, it is burning.” I’ve doused the fire in your heart. Youíve ruined me. Will you sing it
again upon watching me? No, dear. Now, my heart is cool. Champa!
– What? Listen to me. Have you seen Ganya? Ganya?
– The small child. No. Why? What happened? He is missing. My brother-in-law is worried.
He is shouting. He is harassing me. He is asking me to find him out.
– Who is this? Oh, Brother-in-law, you? What had I told you? And what
are you telling them? – What? I said, “Don’t tell
anybody that Ganya has run away. Only look for him.” So, why are you telling everybody? Ganya has run away! But why are you shouting now? Still, it is your fault.
Come on. I’ll deal with you. The thief is reprimanding
the police! “The man with the
turned umbrella.” “Crazy man!” “The harvest is ready.” “Your darling sisters-in-law…” “…have never gone to the garden.” “I love your songs.” Master, you sing so well. Tell me one thing.
– Ask me. When will you teach me to drive? Don’t worry. You’ll learn. First, answer my question. Again a question? – How many
wonders are therein the world? Nine. – But everybody says
there are eight. Only I know the ninth one. Tell me. You are the one, master. Very good. Very good. You’ll learn to drive very soon. Thank you. Thank me only after
you learn to drive. All right. I take back my thanks. Shut up. Give me a glass of water. Okay. Master! There is a child. Where? Not in front of you.
Here, behind you. Hey! Where have you come from? From the village. The truck is in the village. So, you can’t come from abroad. Which village? What’s your name? Master! Ask him in Hindi language. What is your name? I said ask in Hindi, but
you are asking in English. All right. What’s your name? Ganesha. My friend, Ganesha!
Where do you want to go? We’ll know only
if you say something. I don’t know. You don’t know? But I know. If you stay in this truck, I’ll go
inside the lock-up. Get down. Hey, make him get down. Master, how can we
leave him on the street? All right. As you wish. We’ll drop him to
the Ganpatipule temple. He is Ganesha.
And He is also Ganesha. We retaking him
to the right place. He is a lovely child! My friend, Ganesha!
My friend, Ganesha! There it is. Ganpatipuletemple. Now God and you deal
with each other. Gangu! God, hadn’t I told you that I’ll
be the first one to ring your bell? And I’ve rung the bell first. God! Today, Iíve prepared
your favourite sweet myself… …and I’ve brought it for you. God, I know that you
remove our worries. You make everybody happy. And you’ve made me happy. I lack nothing. But I lack in just one regard, God. I don’t have a child. Give me a child, God! Give me a child who
will call me mummy. Fulfil only one wish of mine, God! Fulfil it. God! You’ve accepted the sweet. You like it, don’t you? God, I’ll feed you your
favourite sweet for my lifetime. Just give me one child. Hey! Who is this? Come out! Come out! Who is this? Come out. Who are you? Who are you? Ganesha. Ganesha!? Oh, God! I asked for just a child. But you’ve come yourself. God! My name is not God. I’m Ganesha. Oh! Such a lovely name. God… Ganesha!
Will you come with me? Where? My home. Come on. Come to me. God, you are really great. You are the greatest. You are so sweet! Let’s go home. I’ll
give you nice food. Master! Master! Master! Get up. Who is this?
– It’s me. Get up quickly. What happened? Is
there an earthquake? Not here, but outside
there’s an earthquake. Where? Sister-in-law! Child… Sister-in-law… child? Come on. Do you like sweet?
I’ll prepare for you. Just tell me, I’ll feed
you whatever you like. Come on.
– Look there. Where have you brought him from? From the temple.
– But why? Samsher, you know well
that I want a child. So, I went to Lord
Ganesha temple and I said… God, I’ve everything except a child. God said, Go, I’ll
fulfil your wish today. Do you know his name?
– Ganesha! Oh! How do you know? Because I had dropped him
in the temple yesterday. Khotya, tell her. Yes, Sister-in-law. We found
him in the truck yesterday. You found him in the truck? But you left him in the temple? Couldn’t you bring
him home? Move aside! Gangu! Listen! Listen to me. Have patience. Go inside. Prepare bread.
I’m very hungry. Until then I’ll drop him
to the police station. Police will take him to his home. His parents must be
looking for him, right? And the police also must be looking. If the police come to our home,
we’ll be in trouble. We both will be in the lock up. What kind of a husband you are! You are so timid?
You fear the police? I had different ideas. He is Punjabi.
He must be courageous. So, I got married to you. But you turned out
to be very timid. Sister-in-law,
you are perfectly right. Hey!
– But I didn’t hear it. Than it’s okay. Soni, how can you say this? Do wives speak to their
husband in this manner? Don’t say so. I’m telling the truth. I warn you! Don’t touch the child. You are afraid of the police, right? Go away from here. But leave the child to me. He is God’s blessing for me. I’ll not let him go anywhere. You will never understand.
Enough! Goodbye. Listen! Khotya, I’m telling you. When the police come, inform me. Enough! Goodbye. Get lost. What can you do? I’ll deal with the police. If you are Punjabi I’m Marathi. I fear nobody. Sister-in-law, you
are perfectly right. Who was he? My husband. Useless! But you donít worry. Come on. Gangu! Police! Sister, police! Brother-in-law, police! Brother-in-law, police! Brother-in-law, police! Where are the police? There’s no time to talk.
Come on, go inside immediately. What is inside? The advocate has come. So, why are you shouting police? The advocate will come.
She will ask about Ganesha. You won’t be able to answer.
She will call the police. The police will put
you in the lock up. Nagu! Bala is right. Where is the lock? What will you do with the lock? I’ll lock you both inside a room. Both of us! Listen to
what your brother is saying. Sister… sister…
– He is perfectly right. Chandramukhi, she must
have come with money. Why do you ask for
money like a beggar? She must have come
with currency notes. I’ll take it. Hey, what will you do with money? Okay, you take it. Sister, let’s both
go inside the room. Let him go to jail. Jail! I wonít go to jail. Stop! Anybody’s in? I’m here. Hello, Kanchan. Why nobody is therein the house? Talk to your brother otherwise… Please sit down. Everybody has gone
to city on at our. They have taken Ganya with them. You know very well how
my sister adores Ganesha. Yes, I too lovechildren. I never saw you loving children. You always watch me
playing with Ganya. Like children. So I’m also a child. Would you like
a glass of cold water? If Nageshwar had told me earlier… Why do you bring
Nageshwar between us? Forget him. Can’t you stand at one place? Every month, I give money to him. This time give it to me. No. I can’t do this. Am I going to run away
with Rs .50000, Kanchan? Sister brought me here
as a dowry in marriage. Since then I’m here. But you don’t believe me?
I don’t want money. I don’t care. Please sign on this. I’ll open it. No, I’ll open it. I’ll do it. Leave it. It’s because it’s my first attempt. To sign. So, I was tensed. Take this.
– Where do I need to sign? Here.
– Here? – Yes. I don’t have a pen. I have…
– Take it. How is Ganya? Fantastic. Ran away! Ran away?!
– Your brother is ruining us. No. He keeps running the whole day. What can we say to children? I have to run after
him like a child. Bala! You fool!
– What are you doing? What is happening there? Nothing. There is a
strong breeze here. So the doors get open.
The windows get open. Nothing else. All right. I’ll go. Kanchan, you’ve not
given me anything. Oh, sorry. I just forgot. But I didn’t forget to take it. Fool! Can’t you stay at one place?
I’m feeling giddy. Next month, it’s Ganesha’s birthday. So, you’ll get Rs100,000. Rs .100,000? That’s all? Is it less? No. I’ll manage. Please come next time. Kanchan! For the first time I’m
Getting the scent of money. Bala!
– What happened? Bala, open the door. Quickly. There’s a lock. Wait. How dare he lock me up… Quickly. Brother-in-law, you are so
disturbed by staying inside… …for just ten minutes. What if you get locked
up for a few months? Look how he is talking. I’m already so worried and
he’s irritating me. – Sister. Very good, Bala.
– I want some fit. Why do you want it? Kanchan! Kanchan! Bala!
– Bala! Stop!
– Stop. You donít want me to go?
– No. Why do you worry? Take it. Today, I had sent you
on a city tour. Tomorrow, I’ll put
you in the lock-up. Are you frightening me?
– No. I’m threatening you. Threat… Look at him. How he is
behaving like a goon. Bala! Take this. Sister! Only two? I’ve got the advocate’s card. I’ll contact her and
tell her everything. I’ll give you more.
But first find out Ganya. Whether he is dead or alive. Otherwise we’ll be in trouble.
– Ganya! I want to destroy
his complete family. I want to cut their throat.
– Nagu! It is not Diwali festival tonight. So, why are you lighting the lamps? Because today is the
happiest day in my life. You know why? Because I found you today. Right? Why do you look in this manner? You are very nice.
Nobody loved me so much. Everybody beats me up. Who beats you? My uncle and aunt. One day my aunt had burnt my hand. Look here. Oh, God! Forget her! What a witch she is! She has burnt the hand
of such a small child! One day, big worms
will infest her hands. But why did she burn your hand? Because I asked her to
Celebrate my birthday. What? Aunt, I too want to eat the cake. I too want to celebrate
my birthday. You want eat cake?
You want to celebrate birthday? Come on, I’ll
celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to Ganya. My hand is burning… Happy birthday to you. Aunt, my hand is burning… Happy birthday… – I’ll never
ask you to celebrate my birthday. No, Aunt! Happy birthday.
– No, Aunt! My hand is burning. My hand is burning. My hand is burning. My hand is burning. No, Aunt! Doesn’t your uncle stop her? How can he?
He is scared of my aunt. When he sees me,
he calls me and says. Ganya, come here. Massage my feet. Massage my hands. This evil uncle! They do this to me as
my parents are no more. Why do you say that?
Donít say that again. I’m your mother.
And you are my son. Come here. Say it. Who am I? Mother! My child! “My dear child should
never suffer from an evil eye.” “My dear child should
never suffer from an evil eye.” “Holding my hands
play all the time.” “God came to my home
in a disguise.” “God came to my home
in a disguise.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “My rooster calls out
early in the morning.” “My rooster calls out
early in the morning.” “My morning starts with its call.” “Oh, farmer, your
bullock is pulling the cart.” “Bullock is pulling the
cart and tilling your farm.” “You talk so sweetly.” “Your actions are lovely.” “Your smile is like pearls.” “You talk so sweetly.” “If they look from my point
of view, you are so precious.” “These moments in my
life have smiled at me.” “These moments in my
life have smiled at me.” “God has come to my
home in disguise.” “God has come to my
home in disguise.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “He plays with me.” “We share a very
close relationship.” “My heart is filled with joy.” “When I see you, I forget
everything in the world.” “When I got you, I got everything.” “I donít need anything else.” “When I got you, I got everything.” “I donít need anything else.” “God has come to my
home in disguise.” “God has come to my
home in disguise.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” “I greet you, Lord Ganesha.” Hey, what’s this? Hey, what’s this? This is a cemetery. Not a cemetery, this
is a place of exorcists. It isn’t. What’s here? Tash Baba stays here. Tash Baba!
– He is a powerful man. Tell me more. Tash Baba! Tash Baba! Tash Baba! Bala!
– Tash Baba! Bala! Do you both know each other? Yes, I come here often.
– Why? To discuss about the bungalow. Bungalow?
– Your bungalow. I can see it.
– What? I can see everything on your face. Is it a television? No, Baba knows everything. What does he know? Everything. What are you doing? I’m taking out the
devil inside you. Is this Tash Baba a crazy man? I’ve come to find
out where the boy is. But he is looking for
the devil inside me. Is there a devil inside me? Let him remove it, brother-in-law. Shut up. Where is the boy?
– You’ll get him. When? Where? One day, you’ll
definitely find him. When will that day come? You’ll get the child one day. If that day doesn’t come,
oneday you’ll die. Come on.
– Come on. Hey!
– No. Let me go. Brother-in-law, hold him. Please let me go. Brother-in-law, run away. He is my son. Uncle, leave me. Hey! Leave me. Don’t take away my child! Mother! Oh! What happened, son? Mother, they are
talking me away from here. I donít want to go. I
want to stay herewith you. I think you’ve seen
a bad dream. Right? My uncle was taking
me away from here. Dear, nobody can take you away. I’m with you. I had
found you in God’s temple. When Lord Ganesh is with somebody,
nobody can harm him. When Lord Ganesh is with somebody,
nobody can harm him. Now look… I think you must have been
born on the same day as… …Lord Ganesha’s birthday. That’s why your
parents named you Ganesha. Right? This year, we’ll
bring Lord Ganesh idol… …during Ganesha festival. And we’ll celebrate your birthday. Make Lord Ganesha your
friend at that time. Will He become my friend?
Will He help me? Will He save me from
my uncle and aunt? Why not? Lord Ganesha is very powerful. I’ll tell you his story. Okay, tell me. He had killed a big demon. This story happened longtime ago. Longtime ago,
there was a big demon. He would harass people. He had killed many people. But he wanted even more power. So he worshipped Lord
Shiva for many years. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Can you see it, Gauri? He is so engrossed
in the meditation. Lord, you know that
he is a demon. But still you are
pleased with his devotion? If you doubt his
devotion for me, I’ll test him. Then Lord Shiva started
a heavy rain to test him. But he kept worshipping him. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Then Lord Shiva created big fire. But the demon did not get afraid. He was not afraid at all. Hail Lord Shiva! So, Lord Shiva was
pleased with his devotion. And he appeared before him. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! I’m pleased with your devotion. Lord, I’ve committed many sins. I’ve killed many people. But now, I want to
live my life peacefully. No God or demon
should be able to harm me. I want to become the
most powerful demon. Give me a boon, Lord. As you wish! I give you a boon that you’ll be
most powerful in the universe. You’ll get what you wish. I’m the most powerful demon. Now, nobody is more
powerful in the world than me. I’ll kill anybody I want. He is a dangerous demon! Run! Run! Run! Save me! Foolish king, you are
still sitting on this throne? Don’t you know that I’m the
owner of the whole universe? Every demon and God
is my slave now. Bhasmasur, you
should not be so arrogant. I’ll burn you right now. Oh! Danger! Danger! I’ve burnt him. Now, I’ll burn all the Gods. I’ll rule this universe. We’ll have to tell
this to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, there is
destruction everywhere. Narayan! Narayan! It’s terror everywhere, Lord. Darkness everywhere. That Demon is coming
towards heaven. He has arrived, Lord. You’ve given him the boon.
Now please save us. I’ll go. Narayan! Narayan! Lord! Lord Shiva! So, you had asked for
the boon for this reason? Try to save yourself from me. I’ll burn you too. I’ve made a mistake by
giving the boon to this demon. Gauri was right. I’ll not let you go. You can’t get away. Stop! Shiva, I’m telling you, stop! I made a very big mistake. Stop, Shiva. Mother, Narada is coming here. Narayan! Narayan! Greetings, Mother. Lord Shiva is facing danger
himself by giving the boon. What will happen now, Mother? Now, only Ganesha can destroy him. Ganesha?
– Yes. He is my son. But where is Ganesha? I know. Hail the Lord. Greetings, Lord. Bless you. What’s that sound? That’s Mushak’s voice? Mushak.
– Lord. Lord. Lord, your father Lord
Shiva is in trouble. Lord, you’re the
remover of obstacles. You’re a lmighty. Mother’s orders are that you
slay Bhasmasur. – Really? Lord, do something.
– Come on. Stop. Stop. Bhasmasur, stop. Hey, Ganesha.
– Ganesha! Move aside from my path. Otherwise, I’ll
obliterate you as well. You’ll obliterate me. Youíve grown too impudent.
– You won’t understand like that. You donít know my power. Is that so?
Then show me your power. Now, I will obliterate you too. What happened? Where are you?
– Here I am. Now, feel my power.
– Show me. Watch how I slay you.
– Come on, show me. Try and do it. What happened to
your power, Bhasmasur? Try and catch me. Where are you going? You’re done for, Bhasmasur. Take that. What’s that? Now, I’ll show you. Watch. Son. Now, no one can save you, Ganesha. Really. Ganesha.
– Gauri. Take that. What happened to
your power, Bhasmasur? Forgive me, Lord. Forgive you? Never, Lord, don’t spare him. What have I done? Iíve obliterated myself. Lord. Lord. Glory to…
– Lord Ganesha. Glory to…
– Lord Ganesha. And this way Lord
Ganesha slays that evil demon. Mother, that means Ganesha
is very powerful. – Yes. And youíre strong as well.
– Me? Yes, son, your name
is Ganesha as well. That’s why I keep saying don’t
be scared of uncle and aunt. What can I do alone? Son, you aren’t alone. You’ve your friend, Lord Ganesha. Call Him whenever you need Him. He will surely come.
– Ganesha will come to me. Yes.
– Will He be my friend? – Yes. Then that will be fun.
– Yes, it will be fun. Nagu keeps sending me
to such weird places. Hey, gorgeous. Hey, dove. I’ve seen you before. Are you Sita? Are you Gita? Are you Radha?
– My name is Naina. Naina. Naina. Naina. “What’s this unknown
obstruction between us?” Hey.
– Guru, she’s like my sister. Go. Who are you?
– Didn’t you recognize me? I’m Bala, Nageshwar’s
brother-in-law. – I see. What are you doing here? Ganya is missing.
– Who is Ganya? The young master of the manor. This one. Brother-in-law asked me to give you
this photo so that you find him. He looks handsome. Has he sent only the photograph?
– No, no. How can the car run without
the petrol, Guru? – Hey. I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Find him.
– Hey. See you, Sister.
– Hey. I’m leaving. Wear some clothes why do you
trot around nude in front of women? My dove. Now, tell me what do you want? Look, bat-ball for you. My son wanted the bat
and ball, didn’t he? No, I want that plane.
– Son, I’ll buy that plane for you. Oh my, we’ve arrived at crossroads. Laniya, are you sure
that she’s here? Guru, I’m sure she brought
the child to the market. I see. That’s what you want, isnít it? You want the plane, don’t you? I’ll buy it for you, my child,
right now. Wait. Brother, how much for that plane?
– Rs .40. You mean Rs .40, isn’t it?
– Yes. But please give me change. Look, Mother. 20, 30, 40. Here.
– Yes, that’s right. Take it. Ganya. Ganya, where are you? Ganya. Ganya. Ganya. Brother.
– Yes. Have you seen my son?
– No. How old was he?
– He was this tall. I just bought this toy for him.
He was with me right now. Have you seen him?
– No, I haven’t seen him. Where did he go?
– Ganya. Ganya. Ganya. Lord, where is Ganya? Where are you, Ganya? Where are you, Ganya? Where are you, Ganya? Ganya. Ganya. Guru, that was amazing. You found Ganya. But where is Ganya? Bring the child.
– Coming. Guru, do you have mobile? I’ll give
brother-in-law this good news. The battery of my mobile
is slightly loose. – I see. Use this. Hello, Nagu. Brother-in-law. We’ve found Ganya.
Guru found him. Yes. I’m bringing him to the manor. Guru was really amazing. Fine, I’m hanging up. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go.
– Be quiet. I want to go to my mother.
– Come on. I want to go to my mother. I want to go to my mother.
– Be quiet. I want to go to my mother.
– Otherwise, I’ll slap you. I want to go to my mother.
– Be quiet. Take him away. I want to go to my mother.
– How are you, Sister? We’ll have to go, son.
– I don’t want to go, leave me. The manor is so lonely without you.
– I don’t want to go, leave me. Take him away.
– Come on, son. Take him away.
– Come on. – I donít want to go. I want to go to my mother.
– See you, Sister. Why are you doing this?
– I want to go to my mother. We were so worried?
– We searched all over for you. Look I brought chocolates for you.
– I want to go to my mother. Here are the chocolates. Eat it. Don’t throw it, Ganu. Ganu. Ganu. Ganya, don’t do that. Ganya, I’m giving you the chocolate
for eating. – Leave him. He wonít understand
sweet talks. Stand up. Firstly we got tired
looking for you. And now youíre throwing tantrums. You’re showing attitude. Mother is very nice. I want to go to my mother.
You both are very bad. Bad.
– Weíre bad. Weíre bad. Look at that.
– Ganya… Look at his attitude.
Sister, be quiet. Quiet.
– He’s just a child. Ganya, where were you? We searched all over for you. Where were you?
– I want to go to my mother. You want to go see your mother. Where do you want to go, son? I don’t want to stay here. Why not?
– Mother is very nice. She’ll bring Lord Ganesha home. And Mother will also
celebrate my birthday. We’re going to bring
Lord Ganesha as well. Bala.
– Sister. Weíre going to decorate the manor. We’ll celebrate your
birthday with great pomp. Bala. – Brother-in-law,
calm down. – Calm… We’ll call your mother here too. Do you have a father?
– Yes. We’ll call your father as well,
okay. Promise? – Promise. – We’ll
call them down from heaven. Sister. Eat something, Gangu. Samsher, you don’t know.
When you werenít here… …Ganesh told me
about his aunt and uncle. They torment him. Just think if theyíve taken him
back what will they do with him? Gangu, have you gone crazy? You shouldnít be crying like this. You’re a courageous Maratha. Think about that innocent child. You loved him a lot, didn’t you? What condition he might be in. Samsher, I donít want
anything else. Just bring back my Ganesha. You believe in God, don’t you?
– Yes, I do. You said that he’s God’s boon. If God wills you’ll
certainly find your Ganesha. Who is it?
– Bala. Hello.
– Who are you? I’m Bala, Nageshwar’s
brother-in-law. This is sister
Gangu’s house, isnít it? I donít see sister Gangu anywhere. Sister Gangu.
– Gangu. Sister Gangu. Hello, Sister Gangu.
– Hello. Who are you?
– Ganesha. Ganesha’s uncle, Nageshwar. Nageshwar’s wife, Chandramukhi. Chandramukhi’s one
and only brother, Bala. Butwhat are you doing here? I came hereto invite you. Weíre celebrating
Ganesha festival in the manor. You both have been invited.
Please come. Ganesha will feel
really nice if you come. But where is Ganesha? – Back in the
manor where he came from. He’s very happy. He was missing you. You’ve really changed him
in ten days. Absolutely… Why are you standing outside? Come in.
– No, I’m leaving. Goodbye.
– Okay. See you. See, Gangu, didn’t I tell you? God has heeded to our prayers. We’ll surely go to the manor.
– Yes. We’ll surely go to the manor.
– Yes we will. “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha is a superstar.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha is a superstar.” “Oh, mischievous Lord Ganesha.” “Oh, mischievous Lord Ganesha.” “He’s always cheerful and radiant.” “You’re almighty.” “You bless everyone with abundance.” “You’re almighty.” “You bless everyone with abundance.” “Always bless me with your grace.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “Let’s move your body.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha is a superstar.” “You’re Lord Shiva’s favourite
and dear to Mother Gauri.” “You’ve come hereto
bless us with good fortune.” “You’re Lord Shiva’s favourite
and dear to Mother Gauri.” “You’ve come hereto
bless us with good fortune.” “What else can I say to You?” “You dwell in my heart.” “Always bless me with your grace.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha is a superstar.” “Every good deed begins
with taking your name.” “Whether good or bad, you always
fulfil everyone’s wishes.” “Every good deed
begins with your name.” “Whether good or bad, you always
fulfil everyone’s wishes.” “You’re all around me.” “You’re my life.” “Always bless me with your grace.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “Oh, mischievous Lord Ganesha.” “He’s always cheerful and radiant.” “You’re almighty.” “You bless everyone with abundance.” “You’re almighty.” “You bless everyone with abundance.” “Always bless me with your grace.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha is a superstar.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” “My Lord Ganesha superstar.” Boss, what are you thinking? Fate is so strange. Ganesh turned out to
be exactly opposite… …of what I was thinking about him. The owner of such a big manor. That’s why I always say
change your frame of mind. Be quiet.
– But you never change. And keep asking questions. Boss, the world is very strange. And I…
– You’re simply amazing. Amazing. Come, take a seat.
– Yes. What’s so amazing about him?
– Be quiet. Hello.
– Hello, Brother. Brother, you’re a truck driver but
you dance just like Khan. – Khan? Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan,
they takeoff their shirts and… Aamir Khan. And you sing just like Mann.
– Mann? Guru Mann. – It’s not
Guru Mann, its Gurdas Mann. Yes, yes. And Hari Bhajan.
– It’s not Hari Bhajan… …it’s Harbhajan.
– Yes, that. Take my advice, you
have that talent as well. Affix Mann after your name as well. And then watch the fun. Shamsher Mann. Youíre wrong again. It’s not Shamsher,
its Shamsheer Mann. Shamsheer Mann.
– Oh, Iíve already affixed Mann. Donít laugh, massage
the bossís feet. Shamsheer Mann. See, that’s called
respecting an artist. Massage it. He doesn’t like
sycophants but likes sycophancy. Catch me, Mother, catch me. Mother. Nagu. I feel there’s something wrong
about Gangu and his husband. What do you mean?
– What else? The birthday is over.
– Everyone has gone back home. But they’re still here, why?
– You’re right. You’re absolutely right for
the first time in your life. What are you two whispering? Bala, get that Gangu out of here.
When will the leave? Whereto?
– To their house, where else? Let them stay here for few days. Ganya loves both of them. And they’re out guests,
how can we throw them out? You fool. Hey, Chandramukhi,
what is your name? – Sister… …he took your name. Chandramukhi.
– You remember my name. – Stupid. Your stupid brother, explain him. I’ll throw them out
of here, let’s go. Take Ganya inside,
I’ll deal with him. Come on. Just say as I tell you. Okay. Hey you, get up. Hello, hello. Say it.
– What shall I say? I’m telling you, say it. Why don’t you say it? What’s wrong? I mean do
you want to say something? Don’t you understand
what we want to say? But what’s wrong? Let’s go, Ganya. The birthday is over,
go back to your home. – Mother. Where are you
taking him? He’s my son. Son? Ganesha’s birthday is over. So what are you doing here? We’ll leave, we’ll leave.
Get out of here. We came here because you invited… We invited you because
Ganya was being stubborn… …otherwise why would we call you? People like you don’t have the
stature to set foot in this manor. I’ve heard enough, that’s enough. That means you’re insulting
us after inviting us here. Who do you think you are? Just because youíve big
manor doesn’t make you a rich. Be quiet. Get lost from here and
take your… Who is he? He’s the boss.
– Who cares? Get lost. That’s enough, we’ve
heard enough from you. Who do you think you are?
– Leave me. You might be the owner of a
manor but you donít know Gangu yet. Leave him and go inside. If I get infuriated, I’ll…
– You’ll what? Chandramukhi, they
won’t leave like that. I’ll… I’ll call the police. Go ahead call the police.
I’m not scared of the police. Gangu, be quiet. You don’t have to call
the police, we’ll leave. Let’s go, Ganya.
– I want to stay with my mother. Forget him, Gangu, forget him. How can I forget him?
I will take him along. We canít take him along. Do you want them to torment this
innocent child because of you? Go, son.
– I want to be with you. I can’t take you along. Let’s go.
– Listen to me. I donít want to hear anything else. You want them to slander us anymore. They stay in the manor but
theyíre animals and not humans. They invite us and call us
uninvited guests. Come on. No, I won’t go. I
will take him along. Mother.
– Come on. Listen to me, how can I leave him? I can’t watch you
being slandered anymore. Listen to me…
– I said, come on. – He’s my son. Listen to me.
– I want go to my mother. Brother-in-law, you stung them. You really are poisonous. Now, I’ll see how Ganya runs away. ‘Ganesh becomes friends
with whoever brings Him home.’ ‘We’ll bring Ganesha home as well.’ ‘We’ll celebrate
your birthday as well.’ ‘Whoever calls Ganesha,
He surely helps him.’ ‘He will help you as well.’ Ganesha, where are you? Please help me. Look they’ve locked me
up in the room again. Sister-in-law will beat me again. Uncle will make me
massage his feet. I don’t want to stay here. I want to go see mother. She’s very nice. She’s your ardent devotee. Mother says you’ll become my friend. Please, Ganesha,
will you be my friend? Please, Ganesha, be my friend? Please come, Ganesha,
I want to make you my friend. Please come, Ganesha,
I want to make you my friend. Ganesha. Ganesha. Ganesha, Youíre here.
– Yes, you called me, didn’t you? Yes.
– So, why did you call me? Ganesha, will you be my friend?
– Yes. Mother says you’re very powerful. Youíre as well.
– Me, I’m not. But your name is Ganesha as well. Yes, but youíre God. If human forsake their evil
ways he can become God as well. And what if he doesn’t? Then he remains a
devil like your uncle. Who is he? Him? He’s Mushak Raj. Mushak Raj?
– Yes, he was a demon as well. I defeated him and now he’s
with me to atone for my sins. Yes, I was blessed
to get Lord’s refuge. Ganesha, help me as well. I want to go see my mother.
– Then go. But how? Uncle and aunt have
locked the room from outside. I’ll open it.
– But how? Like this. Such a big lock. There you go, it’s open.
– Wow, Ganesha. Okay, now, you go.
– I can go? Yes, go. But, Ganesha, if uncle and
aunt find out about it… …then theyíll put
mother behind bars. They won’t do anything like that. You go, I’m there. Promise, Ganesha.
– Promise. Thank you, Ganesha. Lord, what are you going to do now? Wow, Lord. You’re divine play is simply unique. “My friend Ganesha.” Now, uncle and aunt are in trouble. “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” Gangu. Gangu, how long will
you keep crying? Get up. Freshen up and eat something. You know you haven’t eaten
anything since last night. Get up. I want Ganesha, Shamsheer. What are you saying, Gangu? He’s their child, how
can I bring him for you? I don’t know that. I can’t live without him. Gangu, I don’t know any
other way to explain you. You’ll have to
forget him, that’s all. He wasn’t your son
and he can never be. Remember that. Forget him. I can’t forget him.
I can’t forget him. I would rather… kill myself. I will kill myself.
– Gangu. Listen to me, Gangu. Where are you going? Sister-in-law. We’ve found Ganya. You’ve found Ganya? Where is he?
– Look. Ganya. Ganya Mother.
– My child, where were you? Where were you? My child. Praise almighty.
– Where were you? Lord. “Everyone got up and
the sun is rising.” “Keep the pots under the
tap the water is coming.” Sister has opened the lock. Seems like sister has reformed. Good morning, Sister. Good afternoon, Sister.
– You fool. Bala, why did you open the lock? I didn’t open the lock.
I don’t have the key. I have the key. You didn’t open it,
I didn’t open it then who did? I think he must have
opened the door. He doesn’t have the
courage to open the lock. But where is Ganya, Sister? Sister, Ganya. So, Aunt.
– Idiot, how did you come out? Sister, take a look at his clothes…
He’s dressed like a king. I think he’ll rule this manor. Curse you. He wonít rule, that wretch
must have given it to him. Ganya, I’ll teach you. Wait. Wait, Ganya. Good night, Sister.
– Running from me. I won’t spare, Ganya. Sister and brother-in-law’s
bad phase has begun. Now, I will rule this manor. I’ll at least be
appointed as the manager… Lord, what are you going
to do now? Just watch, Mushak. Wait, you idiot. Wait. Come on, Aunt.
– Where are you going? I’m going to give you a
sound thrashing, wait. Run, run. Come on, Aunt. Teasing me. You’ve grown so audacious
after staying out of home. Wait, I’ll clip your wings. Catch me, Aunt. Come here, come here. Catch me if you can, Aunt.
Come on, Aunt. I see. You’re flying in air, aren’t you? Come on, Aunt.
– Is that so? Are you coming or
shall I come there? I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Sister.
– Bala. What are you doing here?
– Bala. You were punished for hitting me. Bala.
– Give me your hand. Carefully, Sister. Uncle Bala.
– You’ve put on so much weight. Save me.
– Carefully, carefully. Save me, save me. So, are you enjoying?
– Save me. I can’t swim.
– Uncle Bala, are you enjoying? It was fun. Ganesh, are you happy with mother?
– Yes, Ganesha. I’m very happy with mother. Ganesha, tell me something. Do uncle and aunt trouble you? Uncle and aunt? Lord has made uncle and
aunt’s plight pitiful. What did you do,
please tell me, Ganesha. Tell me what you did. Oh, yes, Lord threw
them in the water today. What happened then?
– Then what. Aunt and Bala were drowning. And Bala was screaming “I’m
drowning. Save me, save me”. Ganesha, I want to say something. Be careful of uncle. He’s very dangerous.
– Uncle. Just watch, I’ll teach
him a lesson as well. Please, Ganesha, tell me
what youíre going to do. Please tell me, Ganesha. Please,
please. Please. Just watch. Now, it’s uncle’s turn. What will you do with him, Lord? He made Ganesh massage his feet. I’ll teach him a lesson as well. Nagu, don’t just sit
here and wade your feet. That idiot has made my
Life since he came here. Do something, Nagu, do something. Otherwise, I’ll consume
poison and give up my life. You don’t have to consume poison. Just watch what I do. Idiot, fool. Lord, it seems he’s coming here. Okay, you leave now. I’ll deal with him.
– Okay. Is this your chair?
– Is it yours? Back answering me.
Back answering me. Come here, massage my feet. Massage your feet?
– Yes. Okay, Uncle.
– Okay. Ganya, I asked you to
massage my feet and not break it. Ganya, my feet… I’ll die. Save me. Ganya. Ganya. Ganya. Uncle, are you enjoying? Do you want me to massage
your feet? Swirl him around. Swirl him around. Save me, save me. Do you want me to massage
your feet, Uncle? – No, no. That was amazing, Lord. “Sometimes it’s
sour sometimes sweet.” “Sometimes it’s
sour sometimes sweet.” “My friend, such is our friendship.” “We’ll never stay apart.” “Let’s promise each other that.” “You’re the king of kings.” “One, two, three, four.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” “Lord Ganesha is here.”
– “My friend.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” Hello, Kanchan.
– Hello, hello. Come, take a seat.
– Thank you. Hello, Nag.
– Nag? Nageshwar. Mynameis Nageshwar. Youíre useless. That fool is tormenting us. We didnít have children
for the sake of that Ganya. He has made our life hell. Hell. He has ruined our life. That’s why we’re come to you. I get it. You don’t want to stay with Ganesh.
– Yes, yes. No, no, no. Fine, I’ll make an application
in the court on your behalf. Then you two can leave the manor. And then the court will
decide who will look after Ganesh. What are you saying, Sister?
– Kanchan. Myname is Kanchan. Even if your name is
Kanchan what are you saying. We had so many dreams. But I don’t think our
dreams will be fulfilled. They can be fulfilled. If you… want. There’s a huge difference
between dreams and reality. There’s no difference. But you two want to be
the sole owners. – Yes. No, no… Kanchan, we’ve a habit
of sharing everything. Fine, I’ll take care
of the legal procedures. But… we’ll have to get that…
child out of the way… Leave that to me… I
will take care of him… I will. Nagu. Shall we leave, Kanchan? You can leave now, Sister. I wonít say it.
– Nagu. Sister. Sister. Okay. Come on. Sister, mark my words. This cobra will be
deadlier than brother-in-law. Bala, be quiet. Why do
you always keep blabbering? Stop blabbering. Hello, Brother-in-law.
– Bala. Let him in, let him in. See, sister! This snake definitely
will bite the kid… …like how brother-in-law bit you
before your marriage. “Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail Lord Ganesha.” Chandramukhi. Chandramukhi. Chandramukhi. Bala! Bala! Bala! Sister, why are you
chanting my name in the morning? Bala! Bala! Bala!
Nag, Nag, Nag (cobra). You’re calling
brother-in-law by his name. You fool, look there. Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law. Bala. Bala. Sister, don’t be scared. He knows brother-in-law,
his name is Nageshwar. Just watch the game
will be over in a minute. Sister, the cobra’s
sitting on top of Nag. We shouldnít disturb them. Let’s go, let’s go. Bala.
– Sister, let’s go. Bala, no.
– What happened, mother? ‘How did he survive? ‘ What happened, Bala Uncle? Son, there’s cobra
sitting on top of Nag. “Hail Lord Ganesha.” You’re scared of him.
– So, who should we be scared of? You’re scared of him. You’re scared of him. “Make as many friends as you can.” “Soar in the sky like birds.” “I’ll run around with you.” “Jump and hop around with you.” “We’ll never stay apart.” “Let’s promise each other that.” “You’re the king of kings.” “One, two, three, four.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” “Lord Ganesha is here.”
– “My friend.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” “Lord Ganesha is here.” He’s become so audacious. Idiot. He’s trying
to act smart with me. He’s become so courageous. Earlier he couldn’t
step out of the threshold. But these days… Wait. Where had you gone? Yes? Where have you come from? Oh! New clothes? You had gone to meet
that witch, right? You are not uttering a word. Wretched boy, you
threw a snake at me? Yes? What if I’d died? Idiot, why don’t you speak up? So, you won’t speak? I
know how to make you talk. What happened? Hey? Where has it gone? There is it. Hey? Here. Here. Here. No. No. Stop. Where are you going? Stop! Hey, wait! I’ll catch
you just now. Stop! Stop! Where are you going? Stop! I’ll catch you just now.
I’ll catch you right now. Where has it gone?
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Please stop! Wait a minute. I’m exhausted. I won’t spare this wretched stick. Wow! I’ve caught it! Aunt, will you hit me? Where are you taking me up?
Is anyone here? Help! Bala. Bala.
– Huh? Bala, bring me down. Come here. Sister, why are you hanging there… Bala, bring me down. Come here. Yes, I’m coming. Bala, help. Help! Sister has hanged herself. Oh, God!
Who’ll give me money now? Sister, why did you do this?
Get down. Comedown. Sister, get down. Get down. Sister,
get down. – Leave me. Why have my hands got stuck?
– Idiot, leave me. Someone free my hands.
– Leave my legs. Help! Help! Free me. Uncle Bala, are you enjoying it?
– Help! ñ Get me released. Bala! Bala! Bala!
– Help! Help! Oh! Uncle has arrived too. Wait and watch, Mushak.
I’ll hang him too. – Really? Help!
– Get me released. Help! Chandramukhi, you are
looking like a Chandramukhi… …but why does he want to
become a Spiderman? – Leave me! Release me. Get me down.
Get me down. – Come down. Comedown. Comedown. Leave me.
– Get medown. Come down!
– Help! Chandramukhi!
Chandramukhi! You mad, leave her. Leave me. Pull me down.
– Get me released. You and your brother
are mad. I’ll die. Uncle, you too? Shall I lift you higher? Let me come down. I’ll
teach a lesson to both of you. Help! Help! Sister-in-law, aren’t you in real trouble?
Will you hit me now? Help! Help! Oh! I’m done for! Yes. Chandramukhi!
Chandramukhi! Idiot, leave her. “You are the best
magician of the world.” “Friend, I seethe
world through your eyes.” “I might go anywhere in this world.” “I can’t find a best
friend like you in millions.” “We’ll never
separate even for a moment.” “Let make a promise
by shaking hands.” “You are the king of kings.” “One, two, three, four.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “My friend.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” Ganesha, you hanged the
three of them? – Yes, Ganesha. Ganesha, what’s wrong with Mushak? What’s wrong, Mushak?
What has happened to you? Lord, you both are
laughing and I’m worried. But why? I know everything, Mushak. What happened, Ganesha? Your uncle and aunt are going
to take Ganesh to the tantrik. Me? ñ The other Ganesha
who stays at the mansion. Ganesha, what is Mushak saying? I don’t understand anything. All right, I’ll explain you. You wanted to go to
your mother, right? – Yes. So Iíve sent you there. Your uncle and aunt
would have taken you back… …so I made another Ganesh. Wow! Really?
Ganesha, you are wonderful. That’s why your uncle and
Aunt are not searching you. Ganesha, I want to meet him.
Where is the other Ganya? You want to meet him? I’ll
let you meet him right now. Why are you gaping at me? You look exactly…
– Like you. Right? I look like you but I’m not. You are scared of uncle and aunt,
but I scare them a lot. I make them dance to my tunes. You don’t…
– Feel afraid of them. Right? You know, uncle and aunt are…
Going to take me to the tantrik. You know everything. Let them take me. Then
I’ll deal with them. Please, Ganya, tell
me what will you do? Please, Ganya, tell
me what will you do? He’ll come. He’ll come.
Where will he escape from me? He’ll come. He’ll come.
Where will he escape from me? Take it.
– I don’t drink, sir. Give it to him.
– Yes, brother-in-law drinks. It’s an empty bottle. What
will I drink? What are you saying? Do as you are said.
– Hey, you! Sister!
– Nagu, shut up! Take it.
– No. Not me. Not me. The lid.
– I’m the lid of his house. Shutup! Give it to him.
– Here. What should I do with it? I’ll imprison that
demon in this bottle. When?
– Right now. Yes, go ahead. Shutup! Like I’ve imprisoned this king,
queen and slave on my head… …I’ll make that demon sit here. Listen to what he says.
– Nagu! Close your eyes. Close your eyes. You close yours.
– Whose? Close your respective eyes. He will come. He will come.
He will definitely come. He will definitely come. Come on! Come! Come on! Come on! He will come. He will come.
How will he escape from me? He will come. He will come.
How will he escape from me? He will come. He will come.
How will he escape from me? He will come. He will come.
How will he escape from me? So, it’s you! You are the
demon who is harassing them. Mouse, you don’t know who I am. I’m Tash Baba! Tash Baba! I’ll make you a
slave and stick you here. Really?
– Don’t laugh, Mouse. Shut up, fraud. What? You called me a fraud? Yes, you area fraud.
You area fraud. You area fraud! So, you won’t give
up easily. Now, watch. Oh, no! Did you enjoy it, fraud tantrik?
Have fun. That’s it! So you won’t give up. Yama! Yama! Yama!
– Command me, Tash Baba. Command me, master!
Command me, Baba! Destroy him! I see. Take this. And this. That’s it. You are fraud.
– You area cheat. Fraud Baba.
– You area fraud. Fraud Baba!
– You area fraud. Tash Baba. Fraud Baba.
– Tash Baba. Fraud Baba. Tash Baba. Fraud Baba.
– Tash Baba. Fraud Baba. No! No! No!
– Tash Baba. Fraud Baba. No! No!
– Tash Baba. Fraud Baba. Tash Baba. Fraud Baba.
– Oh! Where am I? How did I reach up?
– Tash Baba. Fraud Baba. So be it. Hey? Where is Baba?
– Where has Baba gone? Baba has vanished. Where is he gone?
– Baba has vanished. Shutup!
– Baba? Where has Baba gone?
– Baba has vanished. So? Didn’t you enjoy it?
– You have done all this, right? Yes.
– I won’t spare you now. Yama! Yama, where are you? Here I come. Tell me,
Tash Baba, what do you want? Tell me. Tell me. Kill him! So you come too, demon?
– I’ll kill you. I’ll teach you a lesson just now. I think you won’t give up.
Take this. That’s it. Did you enjoy it? Forgive me. Please forgive me. Fraud, you scare the people
with bones, watermelon and lemons? No! No! No! The one whose friend is Lord Ganesha,
no one can do any harm to him. Yes. Of course. You wanted to imprison
Ganesh in the bottle, right? No! No! No! Now you will go inside. Here.
– No! No! Oh, no. He is a fraud Baba. I am not wrong. He is a fraud.
He is fraud Baba. This Baba has gone
inside the bottle. Where have I come?
This is a bottle. Joker, you are inside the bottle. Bring me out. Brother-in-law, the lid.
– I’ll hit you with the lid. Please release me.
Please release me. Brother-in-law, the lid.
– The lid? Fix the lid.
– Should I fix it on it? Fix the lid.
– Shut it. Yes, I’ve fixed it.
– Oh, no. Don’t close it, I’ll die. How will I breathe?
Please release me. Release me. What should I do about him now?
– Don’t laugh. Baba is done for.
We’ll go peacefully. Bring me out. Bring me out of this
bottle. ñ The mansion is Ramsay. Let’s go, Brother-in-law.
– Yes, let’s go. Let’s go from here. Come on, let’s go.
– Release me from this bottle. “Sometimes your friendship is sour,
sometimes sweet, oh, my friend.” “We’ll never
separate even for a moment.” “Let make a promise
by shaking hands.” “You are the king of kings.” “One, two, three, four.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “My friend.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” “Lord Ganesha has arrived.” Ms. Tension, isn’t
there any other way? They are unable to do it. So, I think you can do it. Me? No. Never. Explain him. I’ll punch him.
– Bala… – No. No. Bala.
– No. No. – Bala! Bala.
– Yes? Can’t you do it for me too?
– I’ll try. That’s like a good boy. I think… where is your ear? I think she and Bala
Have some setting. Quiet, Nagu. Uncle Bala, tell me,
Where are we going? Uncle Bala, please tell me.
Where are we going? Sir, I think this is
the best place for him. Quiet.
– No. He is the owner of this mansion,
Mr. Nageshwar. – Hello. My husband.
– He is marvellous. Pardon? – I mean this
mansion is marvellous. I see.
– It is beautiful. – Yes. But why do you want to sell it? I’ll tell you.
– Yes, tell him. This mansion…
– Yes? It belonged to his sister
and brother-in-law. – I see. They are no more now.
– Okay. He really loved his
sister and brother-in-law. Now whenever he sees this mansion… …he misses his sister and
brother-in-law so much… So, we decided to sell their memory. I mean the mansion. ñ He means
we decided to sell the mansion. We’ll give the money in
charity in their name. We’ll give the money in charity. I can understand your pain. But if I could see
the documents once… …that on whose name
is this mansion? Actually the matter was…
– Yes. They didn’t have any
heir so they signed… …the entire property on his name.
– Yes. That is fine. Show me the
documents and take the advance. Sure. The documents are ready,
I’ll bring them right now. First give me the documents, madam,
then take the money. Yes, go and bring them quickly. Yes, everything is ready.
I’ll bring them right now. Bring them. ‘Advocate, so, you
have bad intentions too? ‘ ‘I’ll show you right now.’ ‘Pull. Pull harder.’ Madam has not returned yet.
– She’ll come. The advocates nowadays are too much.
I’ll go and see to it. Yes, go.
– Please go, Brother. I wonder why they call
themselves as advocates. What are you doing? You took
so long to remove the documents? ‘I see. Uncle Daksh has come too.’ It is like you too. Open it. You don’t open it like this.
Open it from here. It is not opened from
down but from here. Here. Yes, I’ll open it. Use your brains.
It needs brains. – Open it. ‘Use your brains, Uncle Daksh.
Use your brains.’ ‘I’ll see how much
brains you have. Use it.’ ‘I find something is wrong.’ I’ll go and check.
– Please go. Open up! What are you doing?
You took so long. ‘I see. So, now, this fat lady has
come too. It will be great fun.’ I can’t open it.
– It can’t be opened. Get aside. I’ll open it. Get aside. You are taking so long to open it. So she will open it now? No one
has brains in her family. ‘Pull harder, witch. Pull harder.’ It’s her cupboard. Let her open it. She must know how to open it.
– Let me open it. Then open it.
– Yes. Yes. I find something fishy, Radheshyam. Get out of here, Sitaram. Or you’ll be in a loss
while buying this mansion. Yes. Open it. Open it. Open it. ‘So, you wanted to
seize Ganesha’s mansion? ‘ ‘Take this. And this.’ ‘One more. And more.’ Two. Three. Four. Five. Hey?
– Six. Seven. Eight. Oh, God!
– Uncle Bala! Mother! Mother! Mother!
– Stop! Ganya, stop! Mother!
– Stop, Ganya! Stop! Mother! Mother!
– So, you have come again? Ganya, you had drowned.
How did you return from the water? What? You had drowned my son?
My son? Not me, sister Gangu. My sister and
brother-in-law want to kill him. What happened, Sister-in-law? Wretched man. Catch him.
Just catch him. – Yes. Catch him. Catch him.
– No. Listen to me, sister Gangu. Listen to me, sister Gangu. Stop your drama. Stand straight. Sister Gangu, listen to me. My brother-in-law
Nageshwar and my sister… …want to kill him
and seize the mansion. To hell with you, your
sister and brother-in-law! Sister Gangu, I swear by my mother,
I don’t want to go to hell. You’ll go to hell. Send both of them. Don’t send me. Listen. Listen to me. If you’ll
touch Ganya, I’ll slit you. No, don’t slit me. You won’t agree like this.
– Yes. I’ll have to settle
your score there. Come on, let’s go. Take him along.
Come on. – Come on, let’s go. Boss, come on. Come on. All right. Wait. Come on.
Or you’ll be gone. Chandramukhi, you area bad omen. What? You called me a bad omen? I mean this mansion is a bad omen. Such a good buyer
had come after long. But we couldnít find the documents. The cupboard is not
ready to open. I’m fed up. All right. Drive the
scooter carefully. I’m fed up.
– Stop! Stop! Nagu… What’s wrong?
– Look, there is Ganya. Ganya? Hey, Ganya!
– Stop it. Ganya, what are you doing here? Who has left you here? Uncle Bala has left me here. I’ll cut Bala to pieces.
What has he done? Don’t argue. Call him here.
– Shall I call him? Come here. Come here. Come on, sit here.
– Sit. I’ll slap you.
You return every time. – Come on. Come in quickly.
Where is Nageshwar? where is your Nageshwar who hisses? He must be hiding in the hole
somewhere here. I’ll find him. Where is brother-in-law?
– Hey! Brother-in-law! Sister! Brother-in-law! Shankar, seethe condition
they have made of this temple. They have not lighted the
incense stick or the lamp. Come on, Son. Come on. Nageshwar! Lord looks so enchanting, right?
– Yes, Mother. Wait. Wait a moment. We should light the lamp. Now join your hands, okay? Come on, join your hands. Brother-in-law! Sister! Brother-in-law! Sister! Brother-in-law! Sister! Brother-in-law! Hey!
– Yes? Where is that cobra? Has he
hidden somewhere or ran away? Remember. Shamsher
has become a lion. I’ve heard a poem. I’m so fortunate.
I was released on bail yesterday… …I’m again in jail today. Shut up! You colourful poet! Go and find him.
– No, no. I’ve searched high and low but
I couldn’t find him anywhere. I think he has arrived.
– Where is he? You sit and have
refreshments comfortably. I’ll catch him and bring him here.
Or he’ll run away again. Yes, you’ll go to jail too.
Remember it. – Me? Me? So, he calls himself a cobra! Sister! Brother-in-law! Let’s sit
comfortably for awhile. Okay? Will you have something?
Are you hungry? We’ll never break this friendship.
– Shut up. But we’ll leave your
company right now. – Nagu! ‘L don’t believe my eyes.’ Look your brother has
run away upon seeing me. I wonít spare him now. Oh, my God! Will you drink water?
– No. If Ganya is here then who is there? Sister! Brother-in-law! Mother, shall I go for a minute? Where will you go?
– Shall I go for a minute please? All right, you may go.
But return soon. – Yes. Be careful, okay? Why? Why did you run
away at my sight? Yes? Bala, what’s wrong?
Why are you doing this? There are two Ganyas. Firstly, you didn’t
kill even one Ganya. On the top of it you are
telling me there are two Ganyas. Where are two Ganyas?
– Thereare two Ganyas. You are really mad.
Ganya is with us. Look here. Yes, look here. – No, one Ganesha
is with me inside. What?
– I swear, Brother-in-law. You have gone crazy.
Come on, show me. No, he is really there…
– Show us. Come quickly. Yes, come in. Come in.
– Let’s go and check. Come on. Where is he? He was here just now.
– Where is he? Cool down, Nagu. – I’ve watched
The film, ‘Karma’ too. Shut up!
– Bala! What are you both doing here? Why have you come here?
– Why have you come here? We have come to let
Ganya get his rights. Right? Which right? You come to know it now. Whose mansion is this?
Ganya’s right? Then who is its owner? Ganya. Then what are you all doing here? It is too much.
You are scolding us instead? Now, I’ve understood. You don’t love
Ganya but this mansion. Listen to her…
– What are you telling him? They won’t agree so easily. Nagu, call up the police.
– Yes. Why will you call
up the police today? In fact, we’ll call
The police today. We’ll get you
thrashed up black and blue. Only two teeth will
remain from 32. We have come to know the
truth after all. – The truth? I didn’t tell them anything,
Brother-in-law. I… I’ll deal with you later.
First I’ll call up the police. Call the police. Now, what will happen, Ganesha? Ganesha, don’t feel scared.
Just wait and watch. Don’t worry. I’m here. Hello, Shivdhar.
Shivdhar, a bald lady… …and a man are harassing us here. The lady is not bald,
the man is bald. They both trouble us a lot.
Come quickly. Yes. Now, watch what a heavy
price you’ll pay for it. We’ll put you in trouble today. Now, watch how we put
you in real trouble. – Yes. Come on.
– Yes, go. Let’s watch who’ll put
whom in trouble now. Stop! Brother-in-law,
Mobilakhada has come. Hello, Brother Nag.
– Hello. Tell me what’s your problem? Brother-in-law!
– Don’t shake. Don’t shake. Don’t shake. – I’m not shaking,
this tractor has shaken me. I’ve come riding it
from my house till here. I’ll take sometime
to become normal. Switch it off.
Switch it off. Off. Off. Yes. Now tell me, why
have you called me here? Now go in and shake him. Go! Who is inside? That bald man has shaved his
hair and stuck them on his beard… …and he has wrecked our lives. Sister-in-law, don’t worry.
I’ll get him just now. Hey! Whom are you shaking? I
told you to go and shake him. Is he inside?
– Yes, he is inside. Hey! Come out! Who is inside? Come out. Come out! Hey! – How will we go out?
Whose mansion is this? It belongs to Ganya, right? What is she saying? It’s me. I’m the owner. I’m the owner after
sister and brother-in-law. Who are you? Who am I? I’m Gangubai,
alias Ganya’s mother. Why have you come to this mansion? Don’t act over-smart.
Come on, get out quickly… Don’t act over-smart.
Come on, get out quickly… …otherwise my
henchmen will kick you out. Listen to him. – Shut up!
You are talking non-stop. There is something
called justice too. Justice? I’ll settle
your score. Get out. Don’t try to scare my husband.
You don’t know him. He is Shamsher. He is a Jat. Really? We have sticks too. If he’ll get angry,
he’ll kill everyone. Really? If we’ll get angry,
we’ll shake you. Shamsher. Shamsher, go now. What are you doing?
– Hero of ‘Gadar’, go now. Okay, hold it.
– Give this to me. What should I do with it?
– Break it. Break it. Break it.
– Break it. Okay. Here.
– Not on me. There. There. Break it.
– Shall I break it? – Break it. Brother-in-law, now uproot it.
– Shall I break it? Yes, break it.
– All right. – Now, uproot it. Come on, let’s go.
– Gangu, watch. Oh, God! It is useless to do this. What are you doing here? Go there… I’ll go. I’ll go. Why do I feel a
vibration from the pillar? It’s it not the pillar
but the sound of myneck. Your neck? Why
didn’t you tell me before? Come on, uproot it. What do you think of yourself? You’ve brought
goons hereto scare us? I’m a Marathi girl. I’m a Marathi man too. My name is Shivdhar
Pandurang Kamble Guruji. Shivdhar Pandurang Kamble…
– Guruji. Guruji?
– Yes. You apply the vermillion
mark on your forehead… …and stick Lord Hanuman’s
photo on your tractor. – Yes. And you are a hooligan? Wretched man, I’ll teach
you a lesson. Come here. Hey!
– Hey! Hey!
– Hey! Hey!
– Hey! How many times will you scream?
Go ahead and fight. Sir, if the other party
get scared by screaming… …what’s the use of having a fight? Hey!
– You yelled before Guruji! Hey! – You’re doomed!
You’ve not done a good thing… …by raising your hand on Gangu. Gangu, now watch how
I’ll thrash him. Guruji!
– Goondeji (goon). Guruji!
– Goondeji. Guruji…
– Shut up! Guruji… If you want your Guru
to win, hit the stick. Idiot, why did you hit me? Hit him. Wretched man, take this. Who is it? I’m in trouble, Lord. Let me run. Sister. Sister,
let’s get out of here. A big trouble is going to
strike here. – Keep quiet. Come on! Come on! Very good! Sister, I’ll go to visit the loo.
– Go. Go. Ganesha, look,
uncle Bala is fleeing. I’ll handle him. I’m saved. Don’t get
involved in their matter. Bala has fallen down. Oh, God!
– What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to go there? Go! My husband! Shamsher, don’t spare him.
Hit him. Hit him. Here. Here. Nagu. Nagu. Go to hell. I see. So she is running away?
I’ll show her right now. ‘Gangubai.’ Stop! Where are you going? Do you want to become the queen? You have harassed my Ganya a lot. What do you think of yourself? Did you forget who
am I? I’m Gangubai. To hell with you, Gangubai.
– I won’t spare you. Who is it? Who is it?
– What is this? Stand up. Shall I stand up?
– Stand up. Why are you fighting here
having such a splendid body? I’ll show you something better.
– Tell me. Kathakali (dance form).
– Kathakali? Yes. Raise your leg like this.
– Like this? Yes.
– I’ve raised my leg. Keep you hand like this.
– Like this? Move your eyes up
and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.
Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.
Down and up. Down and up. What should I do now? Wherehas hegone? Madrasi, stop! Bala? Where is uncle running away? Uncle, didn’t you enjoy it? I won’t spare you. All this
has happened because of you. I’ll show you… Uncle, didn’t you enjoy it? Uncle, didn’t you enjoy it? “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” Stop! Where are you going? Just wait. Stop! You dare to fight with Gangu?
I’ll show you. No! No! No! Oh, God, forgive me. I don’t want anything.
I don’t want money. I don’t want the mansion.
Forgive me. “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” No! No! I don’t want anything. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! I won’t do anything.
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Please forgive me. Forgive me. “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” Guruji!
– Oh, God! Idiot, you scared me by
hiding behind the tree. Come on. Go in front. Come on, go.
– Shall I go? I’ll come too. You go. Go now. You have come again? I see. So you are
making faces? Take this. Take this. And this. Just wait. I don’t want the mansion. I don’t want money too. I don’t want anything. I will not harass Ganya.
I won’t harass Ganya. I won’t kill anyone. I’ll die. I’ll die twice but don’t hit me. “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” Now, you’ll go in the truck. So, tell me. Do you
Want to kill Ganesh? No, Lord Mushak, not me. My sister and
brother-in-law are fools. I’m a good person. You want money, don’t you? No. I don’t want money. Tell me more. Do you
want to own the mansion too? No, I’ll live as a servant,
Lord Mushak. Are you telling the truth?
– Yes. – Come on, rub your nose. More roughly. That’s it. Will you ever harass Ganesh?
– No. Go, Bala, I forgive you. “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” Now, tell me. Do you want to rule?
Want to become a queen? No. No. Leave me. Let me go.
– Yes? Yes? I don’t want to rule.
– Tell me. Let me go.
– You wanted the mansion, right? I don’t want the mansion.
You keep it. You keep it. You don’t want the mansion too? You adorn flowers in
your tresses, right? You want this flower? Keep it.
Gangubai, let me go. If you want to offer the flower,
then offer it to God. If you want to apologise
then apologise to God. You are harassing such a
little child? – No. No. His name is Ganesh. Be ashamed.
– Oh, God, forgive me. Very good. Now I think madam
has come to her senses. Wow! Stop! How much will you hit me? I’ll die. I’ll die. I’ll die. “My friend Ganesha.” Uncle, did you enjoy it? I don’t want anything. I don’t want money too. I don’t want anything.
I want nothing. Nothing. Nothing. “My friend Ganesha.” Where are you running,
idiot? I’ll show you just now. Take this. And this. Who is this? Who is this? Leave me.
– Take this. I don’t want anything.
– And this. Please forgive me. Forgive me.
– Take this. Please forgive me… Lord Ganesha, don’t hit me. Let me go. Please
forgive me. Please forgive me. Did you enjoy it? “My friend Ganesha.” If anyone is left
out then please come. No, Brother. No! Forgive me. Shamsher, no one is left out. Gangu, your Shamsher
has knocked out everyone. Now, no one can touch your Ganya. Shamsher, do you know…
– Yes? All this is Lord
Ganesha’s blessing. Yes. Lord Ganesha…
– Livelong! Live long! “Ganesha!” “Ganesha!” “G-a-n-e-s-h-a!
Ganesha on the way.” “Don’t worry,
he is always with you.” “You’ll always be successful then.” “He always thrashes a little.” “He is always visible above
and below wherever you go.” “He can perform raga
and disco on one leg.” “The competition is tuff,
get lost.” “He is a magician,
he can make anyone bald.” “He can eat anything.
Dosa or a dhokla(snacks).” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend, Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “One, two, three, four.
The children areon the floor.” “He is the man who’s
going to give you more.” “Run! Run! Run! He’ll
do some mischief too.” “Awaken. Awaken. He’ll
wrestle a little too.” “He will tickle and tease you.” “He will mingle with you
if you play with him.” “He will mingle with you.
He’ll mingle with you.” “Mr. Bunty.
Bunty, stop doing Yo-Yo.” “Do it in a place in
Japan called Moyo.” “Mr. Bunty.
Bunty, stop doing Yo-Yo.” “Do it in a place in
Japan called Moyo.” “Dimple-dimple. There
are dimples in his cheeks.” “Simple-simple.
Ganesha is very simple.” “Do a little swing
and alittle salsa.” “Ganesha gives you life.
Throw a party.” “Everyone will get happiness.” “Join your hands and
welcome him, Mushak is ahead.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “My friend Ganesha.” “Ganesha.”

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