MY HALF WIG! How to wear it | Emily Norris

MY HALF WIG! How to wear it | Emily Norris

– Hello everyone! So, today I am going to be doing a tutorial about my half wig. (mumbles) I never, ever thought
I would be doing a tutorial about a half wig but before
you judge me, just hear me out. I discovered the half wig
because I had a bit of a bad experience with gluing extensions. I had proper extensions done recently, about three months ago, and they were all glued in under my hair and I absolutely loved them to begin with. The color match was perfect;
it didn’t feel too heavy. I was just really happy
to finally have long, volumous hair because
as you can probably see my hair is fine and thin and it always has been. Even when I was a baby, I didn’t actually grow hair
until I was well over a year. And when it did come in, it
was in like bald patches. I’ve always suffered
with not very much hair; used an array of clipping
extensions, clip in ponytails, donuts to make your hair look bigger and I finally thought, you know what? I’m gonna have extensions
and I had them done and I loved them and then I ruined them. I put through Moroccan
oil through my hair, as I normally do and they said that when I got the
extensions to make sure that I put oil in my
hair, the extension hair, to keep it soft and moisturized. So I just went about my business, putting in my Moroccan oil
and they ended up actually turning the color of my extensions to a bit of an orange-reddy color. When my own hair was absolutely
fine, as it always has been. So it changed the color of my extensions but not my own hair. So then all of the sudden,
it was very obvious that I had extensions done
because this top was blonde and the bottom bit was orange. So it was just an absolute nightmare and then we tried to have them taken out but obviously I didn’t have
them in for very long so they were really difficult to get out. In the end, we did get most of them out but I ended up actually cutting out, which is like the worst thing you can do, don’t ever do that. Actually, cutting out
some of the extensions that were just totally
glued and stuck in there. So now my hair is even more
fine than it ever has been, ’cause I’ve had to cut some
of it right at the root. So anyway, I needed a
solution in the meantime and I love my clipping extensions for nights out so I
have those, that’s fine. But I feel like they are
still a lot of work to style and to have done. And I don’t know about
you, but my hair looks best when it’s had a fresh
blow dry, professionally. Which costs a load of money
and I just can’t really afford it and as a mum, I don’t really have the time to do things like
that, to go for treatments. So, I went to a place called
Suzi’s Wigs in Lakeside and I sort of spoke to
them about my problem and they said, “You
should try the half wig.” So I was like, “Oh, I definitely do not
like the sound of that.” But then they clipped it into my hair and showed me how to
do it and it’s amazing. If you don’t have time to do
your hair for a night out, if you only have 10
minutes to do your hair, you could just clip this in
and go and look like you’ve been in a salon. It’s inexpensive. My half wig, here it is. (♪La La♪) My half wig cost fifty pounds, which is pretty much the
cost of two blow drys so as long as I wear
it out more than twice, I’ll sort of made my money back. And it’s so simple so
I’m going to show you how to do it today. Some of you may have
never heard of a half wig and honestly it came
in every color or size. If you had a bulb, you
could get a bulbed half wig, so it’s all like volumous. Any type of hair kind, like
blonde hair or African hair, they had it all. So I just thought, I know
this is a bit of a random one, but I need to share this with
people who may also benefit from the half wig, even
that’s a bit freaky. But honestly I put it in
when I had a date night with my husband to see what he said and he didn’t even notice! I mean, maybe that’s a man. But he sort of said, oh have you done something
different to your hair? It looks really nice. So anyway, enough talk! I
will show you how to do it. So my hair, it’s the end of
the day, it’s really greasy. It’s really gross and so I don’t need to go out. So all you do is just brush your hair down and obviously, it’s a half wig, so you need to section your
hair off from ear to ear. So you sort of section this bit off. And you want to keep the front bits for the hairdo because
they will be on show. Then you are left with this back bit. The first thing you wanna do, once you’ve separated from ear to ear, is take the hair at the back that the half wig will clip into and
just back comb it, roughly. It’s gonna be under the wig anyways, so it’s really not a huge deal which is why I’m actually using a tangle teaser and not even a proper teasing thing. My hair holds a tease quite well but you can also give it a
little sprits of hairspray for extra hold. Sort of depends how much you want but I’m just gonna do
literally small amount. Probably just put it in one ponytail but I like to do two so it’s all even. So you could just do any
kind of messy little bun or ponytail thing. Then I do it again to the bottom hair. So again I just put it together
and put it in a bit of a… Now you have separated, you’ve teased and you’ve two little buns. And now, you just put the half wig on. Just gonna give it a little bit of a brush with my tangle teaser. Then inside, I hope you can see this, inside there is a comb at the
top and a comb at the bottom. So you put that into your hair. I like to go like this. So clip it into the back combed hair at the top and then bring it down, over the two buns, and it will sort of clip
into your hair at the bottom. (♪Hello♪) And now it’s in. So the only thing left to
do, is to cover this crease. Don’t know if you can see it there. So there are two ways of doing that. You can take a small bit of the hair… So I’m doing this without
mirror just the camera. Hope this is working out for you. Take it like this and
you would tease it again, and then put it over the
crease and smooth it out. You can do that a few times, then sprits it and you’re good to go, on a Saturday night. But what I like to do so
I that feel 100% secure in that it’s not moving and that nobody is gonna see the crease, is I take the whole fringe part of my hair and I kind of do like a quiff. Quick, bouncy, quiffy things. ‘Cause the thing that sort of
suits my face shape anyway. Yeah, and I do a twist and I would then literally clip the quiff into my half wig so that it’s actually clipped
and that is over the crease and nobody’s gonna see it
and it’s staying in place. I would just put that
right into the half wig and then sort of bring the
half wig ’round a little bit. And this is obviously
my own hair, this bit. The color match is really good. And now I have loads of lucsious, long blonde hair. (mumbles) And you feel
so much more glamorous than when your hair is just
normal and it is so quick, you can just go out the door now. And I would probably sprits
sprits and you’re done. I don’t think there is anything
wrong with a bit of fakery, done in a classy way to
compliment your natural beauty. If it makes you look and feel better, why not? So thank you very much and
I will see you all soon. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Bye bye! Actually, with the quiff
it probably does look a little bit Austin Powers like.

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  1. I also have bad experience with extension. It caused me lost half of my hair after I took it off and now I almost bald. 😔
    Wig will help me a lots… sadly… I still fail in putting it onto my head.

  2. Lovely video. Can see you are really happy with your removable locks! And this totally suits you. Def pull the hair back and over from th front as you do suit that style and it does hide the hairline of your piece. Well done! I totally understand the excitement. Easy to put on and take off and looks natural too. If its synthetic and you get tangles, i highly recommend soaking in water and fabric softener. Sounds weird i know, but washing in fabric softener is great for bringing back the softness and detangling. Thanks for this video.

  3. Use what ever type of hair you wish! We have the freedom these days to wear wigs, half wigs, or extensions and they look great!

  4. Emily you made me chuckle all the way through this video. You’re a legend. Thanks for being always to honest and open.

  5. You can also wear a half wig over your entire head if you have enough hair along the hair line if its large enough. Ty for sharing.

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