My Wig Collection!

My Wig Collection!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel So today I will be show you guys all of my wigs, but I wanted to start off this video with my natural hair which feels So weird because I usually wear wigs like all the time And if I don’t have wigs I usually have my hair dyed ariel red all throughout what you can see has faded um And then I would add extensions, and then I’ll have like big mermaid hair at the very least But I have so many wigs so let’s get started I’m going to start off by putting on the harlequin wig because this is going to be the star of my next show, my next video, so Yeah, so what you want to do is get a hairnet preferably these I really like the ones that have a hole you put it over your head Put your hair out Then you take one side of the thing like that and you do this Woop umm, and then your take your wig and go from behind Bring it forward line it up in them done Um I have to Style it like Glue it down here Bobby pinIt ear and do all of this maybe refikes the ponytails But yeah, that’s overall how you put on a wig, and you’ll always get like this lace thing here and cut that off But I haven’t done it yet so this is what this wig looks like and just fyi All of my wigs that I will be showing or not all of them but a big portion of them unless I stay otherwise are from Vegas fashion dot com and Also all of my wigs are lace front wigs so if you guys are looking for a wig like mine Whether it’s the same color or style, and you guys want it to look the way It does on me lace front wigs is what I have the difference between lace front in a fashion wig is that the lace from Lace fronts looks way more realistic and the Fashion Wig do not so if you guys are Doing I don’t know example of Khaleesi Cosplay lace Lace is a must because you know she has like that pulled back look and everything and It’s very natural and that’s kind of what lace fronts do for you But if you guys are doing like a [militant] Martinez cosplay for example where you need bangs? You can definitely use a fashion waist because the whole purpose of a lace front is to make your hairline look realistic So if you guys don’t need to show your hairline get a fashion wig if you guys do need to show your hairline like here Get a lace front wig um just keep in mind lace fronts are a little bit more expensive So definitely consider that in your budget, and you know this basically all the information I have for you guys so let’s continue with this collection, so this is my Joker wig um it gets in your face quite a bit But once you’ve got it pinned down and correctly style. It’s really really cute. You guys saw me wear this to the Batman um movie and I’m going to wear those to see the suicide squad movie, but that is what that looks like so this is my tumblr famous wig this is the one that went completely viral all over the internet Um I was actually one of the first people who had this hair color like trend or whatever it is and That’s all thanks to powder-room-d. He’s the one that hopped in the trend and then sent it to me But this used to be like this long And I just cut it up here because I just felt like it looks so much cuter being short When it was long it looked a little witch like and like a little gothic And I didn’t really like the look that I was giving me so I just kind of short now This one is actually one of the very first wigs I gotten I’ve ever gotten but I’ve never worn this wig literally never I think I’ve done it [all] at one photo And then I like I don’t know why I feel like this doesn’t look all too great on me like the mint color But I do like it. I think it’s gorgeous. [it’s] just maybe not for me [okay] [that] looks really weird, okay. I have not styled this yet. Whatsoever. This is like fresh out of the package I have not used it whatsoever. So it looks really funny right [now], but this one’s a new one, and it is a french braid one boom And wig is fashion actually? braids these like pre braids them so you guys can request any braid style when you order a wig and This is what I did for the black one here is another new one that I have not worn yet? As you can see I haven’t cut the lace off at all This is like Brand-new um, but it’s like a fairy type of wig so it looks like that Yeah So I also have this one and this one is very like a lculesy style, and there’s a braid in the back Just the same But yeah super cute so this is my Judy hopps wig and basically I’m wearing this to my judy Cosplay and also my Judy Disney [bound] for my next trip to Disney, so So this is my roxanne wig I’ve worn this on the [box] our vlog, and these disney’s epcot blog and no joke This is my favorite natural hair color On like for me like I honestly would dye my hair this color if it wasn’t so impossible to get um But I guess awake will do I guess really cute though. I love it. So this is my Maddie Dev week um fordable, Irish accent oh my God um Yeah, this is my merida wittig, and I actually got this on aliexpress um Very rare to find such a nice wig on alex yes, but yeah, there’s this one. It’s this long Cute like I said, I love this color, so it makes me super happy whenever I wear it I also have this way to actually from [everyday] wigs and this is what I use relating the trip Or like just a vintage look so yeah so this is my marina the diamond [plate] which I’m going to do a transformation on her very soon because we’ve seen [it] on my Instagram that’s what it looks like oh yeah, there’s this way oh my God okay? [oh] I missed this wig it has been so long since I can put this on This [is] mean should I bring this back. I’ve been thinking lately to bring back the pink because that’s just me But I don’t know because a lot [of] you guys really like the blonde and a blonde I’ve been wearing it simply because it Matches with all of my clothing And I can wear a lot more fashionable things with the blonde one, but the pink one is so cute and it’s like so me but I hate that it doesn’t match with everything that I own so [should] I bring it [back] sometimes should I bring it back all the time and just make it happen like make it work I don’t know comment down below your opinion on this [weight] should I bring it back should I not should it be on a Special occasion type of deal let me know and I’m going to show you guys my next week So I also have this one this one is my rapunzel wig and it is 29 inches long um And it goes down to the back of my ankles this is made out of the yaki synthetic hair not the typical Synthetic hair and whenever just FyI whenever you guys are doing um characters with really thick hair such as rapunzel Get yaki synthetic hair because it looks so much more realistic. There’s no shine whatsoever to it And it’s so much more thicker So I really really really recommend this now you guys not exactly [wear] this wig is from this is my [Tina’s] um Wig that I work for my tutorial I was actually thinking of going to one of her concerts Like to one of our meet and greets dressed asked her to take a photo with her [and] then posting it and then letting you guys decide who’s who so I might actually do that I don’t know this one is from Pattern Room D But that’s what it looks like very cute you guys saw this in my tumblr series So this one is my sunset wig I’ve actually never worn this other than for one photo Which is very weird because it’s actually one of the prettiest ones I own [do] you think I’d wear this the most, but I just like looking at it. Uh but it’s mostly look like a sunset And Powder Room D on Instagram made this he’s really known for doing all of these really cool color and Autumn Rae’s and stuff so so this is my buzzy wig oh This is one that Patrick D made for [Bundys] limited edition Type of look I plan to actually straighten this out and wear this a little bit more [often] But that’s what this looks like and it’s really um really big really cute, so this is Mike relative away, which is [what] I wore for my makeup tutorial on [curl] develop um But it’s a little messy. I’m going to need to brush it out. Maybe maybe even straighten it out It apply look really oh my God. That’s [exactly] what I’m gonna do at the end [of] this video I’m going to straighten this out. See what it looks like because it’s gonna look so awesome And I also have this one which I’ve worn last fall and The very last one in the show is my marilyn was wrong wake this one looks good weird Marylyn makeup, and it needs to be brushed out and styled up doing [this] again um Look at the way this looks right here What is this? Yeah, okay. I need to really fix this before. I oh wow I Can’t make this look good Not for those wondering why do I wear wigs? [I] just like them guys I’m a cosplayer, so it’s part of my costumes And I just enjoy the fact that I can change up my hair color without killing my real hair um and I really got into wigs when I got my miley haircut if you guys remember when I doubled as miley um I didn’t have any hair and I really really loved my long hair, so wigs could you know do that for me whenever I didn’t want to be Miley [I] can put on a wig and Just be me, so that is what got me into [it], [but] I do [wear] I’m still even though I have a full head of hair because I just like them so that is your picture So I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment down below which wig was your favorite which one would you wear? Make sure you like and subscribe so you guys don’t miss my future videos my suicide squad one is next for sure I just made this video because it’s gonna take me two to three weeks to make this or discuss this guy suicide squad 1 So this is kind of just like an in-between show until the real deal happens um But yeah, I’m very excited and I got to go diy some stuff. So I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. The combination of the seventh wig shown and your eye color just makes me think of Ariana Grande's Focus song

  2. You have no idea how much several of these wigs make you resemble Ariana Grande (eye color, eyeliner, and brows)

  3. I want a wig that is like your natural color! So pretty. What company makes the wig at 6:02 (pink shades)?

  4. For me, the best wigs were the Harley Quinn wig, the fairy wig, the Roxanne wig, the Merida wig, the Repunzel wig, the sunset wig, and the Marilyn Monroe wig.

  5. “irish accent”

    a tip for anyone who has trouble distinguishing between the two, the easiest way to tell is that the irish don’t roll their “r”s, but scots do.

  6. anyone know where I can find the lady and the tramp wig? I love it so much, and I know the site, but anyone know the exact link??

  7. I'm late for this BUT! you said the Wig at 3:42 dosen't suit you.. I personally think it looks beautiful on you <3 but you decide for yourself if you like it on you

  8. 6:00 saying God's name in vein is a sin example "oh my god" or "God no" it's not like you'll go to hell strait away but it's one of the ten commandments.

  9. i think you looked absolutely gorgeous in every length, style, and color, but i definitely think your personality shown through in the fashion colored ones opposed to the more natural ones. the pinks and blues fit you as a person so well 💓💗💘💕

  10. These are soo cute!
    Do you(or anyone) by chance know where I could find a wig for big heads? I’ve been trying so hard to find one (and I’ve tried lace front and not) but I can’t get it to cover both side burn areas. ):
    I’d really appreciate the help!! ❤️

  11. It’s actually easier to hold the wig upside down and kinda dive into it, then it lines up better

  12. here's a little secret….if you wear a wig ALL the time, your own hair folicals will get higher in your scalp and eventually you will go bald. i've seen it happen.

  13. Can u give more information about the merida wig? Apart that is from Ally express because there are tons of merida wigs there but can u say wich was specifically

  14. It's crazy cuz I with that exact outfit (natural) hair, length and color, look exactly like a picture of a random girl i made up like two years ago but u looks exactly like the drawing haha that was random, sorry lol bye

  15. I'm actually considering buying several kinds of wigs, mainly because I just want to see what I would look like with different hair colors and styles and I absolutely can't do that because I'm a natural redhead and I would never dye my hair. But I would love to be able to change up my hair without actually having to do a thing, if that makes sense. My hair is about the same color and length like at 5:41, just a little darker and with the natural curls (I get some nice ringlets once in a while tho) Straightening my hair only last for about 30 minutes before it starts going wavy so that would also be a plus for getting some wigs. I have absolutely no idea what I would look like with other colors, I'm so curious and I can't find what other red heads would look like with different hair colors either, I think it's a huge no-no to ever dye our red hair, one because it's super hard to dye, but mainly cuz you honestly can't can the perfect red hair, at least that's what everyone tells me. I've seen some very convincing red hair tho…

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