Nina Klein Berlin | Styling & Hair Make Up Artist Agency from Germany

Nina Klein Berlin | Styling & Hair Make Up Artist Agency from Germany

My name is Nina Klein I’m a agent for make up artists and stylists here in Berlin and refer artists to clients especially in the photo production sector but also for advertising and fashion. During my mid-20s I was the managing director of an academy for make-up artists in Cologne and after quitting my job a lot of my students asked me to work as their agent and this is how my career started. In very different ways….I use platforms like Production Paradise but also other online portals… ….as well as magazines…. and some clients find us! As an agent I enjoy most to be responsible of supporting the artists on their way to success. That really inspires me again and again. It is really important to check the work of other artists especially in early stages. Also to develop your own visions. So this is one of my main inspirations. Whereas… in the last years, I think, especially in the photo production and creativity fields, Germany has moved forward. So there is a huge difference compared to the early days. My former partner in Amsterdam… …with whom I established the office 7 years ago… …she introduced me to Production Paradise. Regarding her background… She was coming from the fashion industry and used Production Paradise very often. So I got the first contact in Amsterdam right at the beginning. Production Paradise is very useful for our work… …because research is a main part of our day-to-day business. Especially when we work in a new city or abroad… …Production Paradise has been very valuable to us. Recently I’ve started developing a new editorial project focusing on single person or a special topic in our branch and this is really inspiring right from the concept development to the implementation and from the team composition to the cooperation with the art director… The challenging part of my work is to stay on the ball to think of new ideas and to make progress for yourself. Another big challenge is to find new talents, and to make a name for themselves and to grow together with them, until they’ve reached their own road to success. So you should never give up! This is the most important thing. My name is Nina Klein and I am agent for make-up artists….. (laughing – OUTTAKES) (laugh)I cannot do this any more —yes….yes…

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