Noomi Rapace and Jimmy Struggle to Keep Serious in Wild Wigs

-Let’s talk about “Jack Ryan.” -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] [ Both laugh ] -You got to be
very serious about it. -[ Clears throat ]
“Jack Ryan.” -Yes, what made you
sign on to do this? -Um…
Oh, my God. I’m sorry.
[ Laughing ] -Is it awful?
Wait, wait. Wait, it’s almost developed.
-[ Laughing ] -It’s not bad, actually.
-Oh, my God. It’s amazing. So, yeah, “Jack Ryan.”
Yeah. So, basically — -Who do you play?
-I play — [ Laughter ] You see how much fun it is?
-I do! Dude, this is great. -I didn’t even say anything,
and he started laughing. -I want to have a wig party.
-This is my trick to be funny. -I like it.
-So, basically, I play — I play this character
called Harry. -Harry?
[ Laughter ] [ Rimshot ] Oh, my God!
[ Laughing ] You play a character
named Harry? Oh, my gosh.
That’s hilarious. All right, sorry.
-It gets so hot. -It is very hot, yeah.
I’m getting a little sweaty. -And I get those
fluffs everywhere. -Feeling the vibe.
-So, basically — -It’s Tom Clancy.
-It’s Tom Clancy. Do you see this?
-Yes, no, it’s there — hold on. [ Light laughter ] -Oh, thank you.
-I did it. Make a wish. -[ Blows ]
[ Laughter ] Yeah, it’s gonna come true. I should’ve stuck my fingers
in your mouth. [ Laughter and applause ] I’m so mad.
Should’ve done that. All right. Next time.
-So, yes. So, John Krasinski
came to London — The first — The first —
[ Laughter ] I’m trying to not look at you,
’cause this is really hard to do this —
[ Laughter ] -John Krasinski came to London
just to ride a pony. -Yeah.
So the first — So they — They were doing —
They were doing press for the first season,
and, um — and they — [ Laughter ] -Tell me more about it. -It’s the best trick
to a good party. Do you see?
Like, I mean, he’s normally pretty boring,
but now with a wig on… [ Laughter, audience “Oohs” ] [ Laughter and applause ] Yeah.
-Uh… I want to show everyone a clip.
Can you set up the clip they’re about to see?
-Okay, let’s see. Let’s watch this clip. -No, that’s not — that’s not
how you set up a clip. Is there something
you have to say about it? -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, okay. -I could say,
“Let’s watch the clip.” -Okay, yeah, so basically —
[ Laughter ] So, my character, she — So it’s the second time
Jack and Harry meet in this harbor in Venezuela. He’s there — [ Laughs ] [ Clears throat ]
I’m just gonna — So, basically…
-[ Snorts ] …he’s kind of trying to —
[ Laughter ] -[ Laughing ] So he sees —
They’re at the harbor. -He’s in trouble.
He basically sneaked into a boat, to a ship
where he’s not — he’s not supposed to be.
-No, no, no. -Not your ship, yeah.
-No, it’s not my ship. But I kind of — I get him out of this
uncomfortable situation. -All right, here we go.
Here’s Noomi Rapace and John Krasinski
in “Jack Ryan.” Take a look at this.
-Yeah, boom. -Oh, Jesus, there you are.
You’re on the wrong boat. I gave you
the container I.S.O., right? -Yeah.
-Yeah, so how hard can it be? Let’s go.
-You’re right. [ Footsteps ] -I’m so sorry. It’s his first week. [ Footsteps ] -I.D. Unh! [ Cheers and applause ] -Nice.
-Yeah. -You ready to see our photos?
-Yeah. -Here’s the first one
right here. [ Laughter and applause ] There you go. Noomi Rapace, everybody!

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