Hello Friends and Patients! Onion Juice for Hair loss treatment? It might sound surprising, but onion juice
is considered a cheap home remedy for hair loss. In todays episode, am gonna reveal you the
real facts on onion juice as a remedy for hairloss. The most important question whether it works
for male pattern baldness, thats androgenetic alopecia which is the most common cause of
baldness and hair loss over 90 percent of the cases. Before we start, please make sure you have
subscribed to our channel with the bell icon clicked. Well, Before I reveal you about the efficacy
of onion juice for baldness and on which type of hair loss it really works and how? Lets quickly learn some different types of
alopecia. Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss. Do not skip this topic, as this is important
to understand the role of onion juice for hair fall treatment. 1.Androgenic Alopecia or hair loss caused
by genetics, or family history. This is the most common type of hair loss
pattern in men and also called male pattern baldness in males and again the most common
cause of hair loss in women and is called female pattern baldness. We will discuss these types and stages of
male pattern baldness in detail in some other episode. 2.Alopecia Areata This is a patchy hair loss
and is an autoimmune disorder which causes the bodys own immune system to attack the
healthy hair follicles. The exact cause of this remains unknown, but
it is thought to be triggered by stress and traumatic events. 3.Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis
are rare types: Totalis means the patchy type of hair loss will make the scalp totally bald. Where as the Universalis means loss of all
hair from the entire body including eyebrows, eyelashes and all body hair. 4.Traction Alopecia: This type of hair loss
occurs due to traction or excessive tension by pulling of the hair like when vigorously
combing hair, applying some hair styling procedures and even tight braiding and tight ponytails. This type of hair loss is usually reversible
when you stop these bad habits that cause hair loss. Please watch my important episode on the 10
common habits that can cause hair loss in men and women from an end screen link after
this video. Well, Now coming straight to the point! Now you know the types of hair loss, we will
now know the real facts and myths on onion juice for baldness treatment. Firstly Some Facts on Onions:
1.Onions and even garlic contain sulfur, which is good for hair because the hair protein
keratin need sulfur for its production. It is also said that the sulfur from onions
may also help promote collagen production. Collagen in turn helps the production of healthy
skin cells and hair growth. Here is the catch! You need dietary sulfur intake which is then
carried through blood circulation into the hair bulb which then helps in promoting hair
growth. So topical application of onion juice has
absolutely no scientific basis. 2.Other theories say that it has anti microbial
and anti oxidant properties that help in hair growth. 3.Some also say it increases blood circulation
and promotes hair growth, but nothing is scientifically proved. 4.And moreover, only one research study was
conducted in 2002 on this onion juice and treatment of alopecia areata, mind you it
was used only for patchy hair loss and not for the commonest androgenetic alopecia. In alopecia areata it was shown to give some
successful results. Although the study said it showed positive
results, it was tested in a small number of only 38 participants. I have linked two research articles on this
topic and both say the exact mechanism of action of onion juice for hair loss treatment
is not known. So that says it all! And No other scientific study has shown the
effectiveness of onion juice for male pattern baldness or hair loss. If you have patchy hair loss or even traction
alopecia, it might work, whether due to a placebo effect or by other means, not sure! Please Click and Watch my important video
on 10 Habits that cause hair loss circled right here. Please Like and Share this video and Comment
below with your feedback. Consider subscribing if you are new to this
channel. Stay Healthy!

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100 Replies to “ONION JUICE FOR HAIR LOSS TREATMENT – Does it really work?”

  1. Please LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT below with your feedback. Also Watch All Useful Hair loss Videos – here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Caol4If4MY&list=PLC385cpNynBIcj0Gkah0xd3u2pdpvCf3f

  2. Kisi ko hair problem h mujhe personal mess kro 100 gureerty hair regrowth hoga khud ka formula h

  3. Plz becarefull dont try we checked .. were 3persons not working dont use dont waste your time 4months i used not work

  4. Plz reply i am having hairloss which is caused from family to family , will this help to grow hair in bald areas

  5. Please everyone don't use this formula it's not good at all you will lose your hair permanently after using this your hair will become thinner after that there will be nothing so please something is better than nothing this is my experience I have tried

  6. Onion juice really stopped my hair from falling out. Since i apply onion juice twice a week i really noticed it. I used to have hands full of hair when i was shampooing in the shower. Now i barely have hair in my hands, maybe 2 or 3… it didnt really grew back my hair yet, but im only doing this for 3 weeks now. Sidenote: i mix the onion juice with peppermint oil, castor oil and pumpkinseet oil

  7. Really sir, you would do well to ditch this "scientific study" business and get back to basics, to your own roots. There exists much more truth there. So,…exactly WHEN do you expect there to be a scientific study on this or any of the subjects that you discuss. You seem to pay total credence to scientific studies, yet regarding every single one of your videos, you always say that there has been no scientific study done, therefore no scientific basis for the remedy mentioned. Hey folks, get yourself a vegetable juicer. Make and drink large quantities of carrot, alfalfa, pepper, and celery juice. Drink to your hearts content. The more, the better. You'll love the process of making it and the taste, so will be assured of doing it all the time. Then, get yourselves an inversion board, like "Teeter Hang Ups" or the like. Hang in inversion several times a day for extended times. This gets the blood to the head and hair and brain. You can watch TV or YT upside down! It's really fun. Do it all the time. These will be your best bets at actually growing hair. No SCIENTIFIC STUDY NEEDED!

  8. Hi sir IF you can reply I would be very happy , I have male pattern baldness my sides are strong but middle is weak , I want to use anti androjen lotion because I am scrared of finansterid side effects , I am thiking to do daine 35 and aldactone on a topical lotion for anti androjen , would you recommended this ? To many postive feedback I saw , but still that can make side effects little . Also I am thiking to use setipirant with it maybe minoxidil too but I am affraid to use even minoxidil because I read propectus on it D: , please help

  9. I think our Indian friend has no proof that it doesn't work. Onion is good great taste in salads and foods also.

  10. If onion juice works for you, why don't you try a product with sulfur? It's less messy than the onion and just as great.Try conscious essence oil on amazon or their website. It's made with sulfur and a bunch of oils good for hair growth.

  11. I can proof that onione water also can cused hair grow on androgenic alopcia .
    When I was 19 , I lost some hair at my middle of my head and front , drs says that you have androgenic you have no way . I try one month every day and after this 3 times in weak , after that I saw that some new small hair grow on my head , after that I leave this , I used just one time on weak and leave that , my hair become weak again I'm 23 all my friend says you have androgenic alopcia . I want start again use this one day after one day for 2 hour . I hope my hair be healthy again and I know that it work . I can proof it with my one month result , this is my Facebook name ,. Sayed Aziz azari Hussain …..
    I can send the picture . Best regards

  12. I heard that onion helped to grow back hair, but when I walked around with an onion tied to my head I was getting weird looks from people, this seems a better idea..

  13. what if you're allergic or intolerant to onion? does it make a difference if its not going through your kidneys and gastrointestinal tract and only being applied topically? I dont wanna get a massive rash on my head and lose even more hair please help

  14. it works.. it doesn't matter if it's by blood. but when you stop practicing your grown hair start to fall again.. it's good to practice it everyday before your comes then you can practice it once a week in your entire life…

  15. if this method was highly effective, I would assume the companies would have considered coming out with hair growth products that have onions in them

  16. I m 17 years old but i am starting lose my hair line can any type of medicine can stop my reducing hair line and can my hairs regrow…?

  17. 3:55. that is a shot of wheat grass, not onion juice. Anyone who has lived in a large California city in the 1990s or 2000s would recognize that.

  18. after ill watch this video i disappointed a little bit because ill still using onion juice for almost 2months with castor oil.
    my question is ,it is work?onion juice to hair growth?

  19. They have done no studies on onion juice because they want to sell you Minoxidil, Finasteride and the other crap they have spent millions to develop, Duhhhh !

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