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– What’s like, a stereotype of a boy? – Hey dude. Man what’s up, it’s nice to meet ya! Oww! Damn. I cool. (happy music) – Up. – What? I don’t know what that, that’s too hard. – Riley, do you know what gender is? – Something you identify with. That people call you. – You’re in the ball park. – I like to think I
understand a little bit of it. – You don’t. – Do you know what makes a boy, a boy and what makes a girl, a girl? – I don’t know. – What are boy things? – Strong, fearless! – Ohh. Boom! So clearly that doesn’t work. – What does it mean to be a boy? – You act annoying and rude. – Dance like a boy. (beatboxing) – Oh my god! – They used to think that
the only favorite colors girls could have, was pink and purple. But I’ve never had pink
as my favorite color. – Right. – On your body, what do
you have that I don’t have? (boys ohing together) – Ohhh. – What is that? – I can’t say it! – You’re junk. – Wiener. – So if a person with a weiner, says, “Hey, I’m a girl.” What is that person? – A girl. – A boy. – A female. – Behold, gender identity. – When did you find out
if I was a boy or a girl? – Maybe 15 minutes after you were born. But, as I’m learning, that was
just the sex you were born. That doesn’t mean that’s the
gender you’re going to be. – I am not a boy. – How do you know? And this isn’t a trick question. – I just know. – You just know. – You shouldn’t have to
think about it twice. – No, but what if like society
is telling you, you can’t. If I was always just, ” You can’t be a girl,
you can’t be a girl,” your whole life. You think you would be like
“Oh, maybe I’m not a girl?” – I would say, “Mommy, I’m
gonna stay at your house.” – So I think that there’s
people that feel like society is telling them they can’t be what they feel they are, so
they do second guess. – When I was little people
used to call me tom-boy. And that didn’t really
fit because it wasn’t something that I called myself. Look, I felt like a little
boy when I was little. And then when I was 12
and I found out that I was supposed to be a
girl and that girl meant certain things, it was
kind of scary to me. Because it was a box that I
wasn’t ready to be put into. – I can imagine that. – What if you forgot if
you were a boy or a girl? – There are people who
don’t really identify as a boy or a girl. There in that middle-space. So you could be superwoman,
like really girly. Or super manly. And then, there’s probably
a lot of us that are just kind of floating
somewhere in the middle. Cause, am I super girly? – Yeah. – Sorta – I kinda get things are that. – When you went to kindergarten,
you went by she/her. – Yeah. And you wore dresses. And some people said. – They wanted me to be a different gender. – They didn’t want you to be a girl? – No, Mom. People were being mean, now I’m they/them. – Now you’re they/them. – People should call
you your actual gender. They/them, she/her, he/him or none. – Would you make fun of Oscar
if he turned into a girl? – Oh I would. – Ohhhh! – I don’t feel like we’re getting the heartfelt conversation
that I was going for. (laughing and crosstalk) – Myself, I identify as Trans Non-binary. So the surgery that I’m going to have, all of this is going to be gone. How do you feel about that? – I still have mixed feelings about that. – Still mixed feelings. A little bit scary? – A lot scary. – Yeah. What’s scary about it? – That you’re gonna look different. – Yeah. But I’ll still be the same
person that you know, yeah? – Mhmm. – I just won’t have these bad boys. – Did you ever want me to be Non-binary? – When you were little,
I just wanted you to be who you were without having to choose. Because when I grew up
there was just boy and girl. – How many genders are there? – Infinity? – What? – Is this confusing? – Mhmm. – Yes. – Very. – I feel like there’s like a, that middle part just
expanded of the grey area. – Yes. – Yeah, I know. (orchestral music)

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