People Get Their Ingrown Toenails Removed

People Get Their Ingrown Toenails Removed

(light upbeat music) – I’ve had ingrown toenails
for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember when
I had normal toenails. – It’s recently got pretty bad. I think there’s an infection, I’m not entirely certain. There is blood. – There are certain
shoes that I can’t wear if I’m having a flare-up or a bad day, can’t wear anything
that kind of constricts my toes in any way. Kinda hurts to walk, hurts to put socks on. – I can definitely tell
that it is irritated and swollen. – Hi Emily, I’m Dr. Boykoff. – Nice to meet you, hello.
– Nice to meet you too. So what’d you bring me? – I brought you some toes. – Okay.
– I have some ingrown-ness. – Slowly but surely it’s
growing in size and in pain. – Let’s go ahead and have a look. You can take off both shoes and socks. – [George] Oh, both, okay. – [Boykoff] Absolutely. As long as you brought it with you may as well look at both of ’em. – [George] Ouch. Kind of gets stuck on there. – [Boykoff] Yeah, it’s
a bit inflamed indeed. – [Emily] You can see it’s
kind of inflamed there. We got it in the corner, I did kind of like some self-dissection. – [Boykoff] Basically
from what I’m looking at you’re what we would call a tweener. And that is, I’m not sure we need to do anything really
aggressive with you at all. The nail, at this point, is a splinter. – What? – [Boykoff] What I’m saying is the nail that’s really causing the inflammation and the pain down there is
almost as if you had a splinter. – [George] Okay. – On the side of your toe. First what we’re gonna
do is numb up your toe with a local anesthetic. It basically numbs the entire toe. At that point in time,
you don’t care what we do. (laughing)
– I won’t feel it. – You do care but after that I’ll be able to put a little
tourniquet around your toe so it doesn’t bleed.
– Mm-hm. – And then I’ll go ahead and trim away the ingrowing nail. It won’t be very complicated. What you need to do is take some Neosporin or Polysorin ointment – [Emily] Mm-hm. – Or you could take
anything that’s greasy, massaged into these borders. How do you do it? It’s basically twice a day for 20 seconds. And that’s about all
we’re gonna need to do. – [George] Okay. – [Nurse] A little poke. – So for all of you out
there with bad nails, definitely take care of it before you have to get
stabbed with a needle. – [Boykoff] So now we have the toe numb, what we’re gonna do is put a little tourniquet around the toe. I can get down there with
not even a sharp instrument. Let’s see what you’ve done to yourself down here in the corner. Looks like you have been fiddling at it trying to get it out yourself, yes? – [George] That is correct. – [Boykoff] Uh-huh. So what I’m doing now is removing a small section of the nail and when I lift it away,
we’ll be able to see how much of it was really bothering you along the side of the nail. And there comes the nail, the ingrowing portion. And one portion of it out
here was more of a splinter, that was, again, digging into you as it was trying to grow out. And it causes an inflammation. Basically what we removed
was here all the way back. And the part that was
digging down right into here and trying to push its
way out is now gone. That’s in the tray. If you continued to do
this and leave it alone, eventually the nail
would actually stick out and poke it’s way out through the flesh. The nail plate’s trying to grow out. And instead of growing out
past the end of the flesh, it’s growing down into the flesh. – [Emily] Mm-hm. – [Boykoff] And if you’re able to, let the nail plate grow all the way out on all four sides, which would be a little uncomfortable, at least in the beginning, you’ll have no problems with them. You’ll have ingrown toenails
that will never hurt you. – Oh my God. It’s like a mini piece of bone. – [Boykoff] You gotta use a needle, yeah. Well, like I said, it may
as well be a shard of glass. It’s not gonna melt away. – Oh my God. That thing is sharp. – And that’s it! There’s no business like toe business. – Gettin’ ready for bed, thought, hey, right now
would be a great time for a 20 second Neosporin toenail massage. So far, painless. Just kind of another day in the life. If you have any other toes
that are a little questionable, a little shady, maybe
do it on those toes too. Why not? – My toe is still swollen but I’m definitely looking forward to the next couple of weeks where I can use my toe again, really. But right now, as of this moment, I am a happy, happy toe camper. – I’m noticing a difference in my toes. Hopefully, they can just grow
out and be normal toenails since I thought I was stuck
with perpetually swollen, inflamed, infected looking toes. – It’s been a full week since the surgery. My toe has healed incredibly well. It’s healing up really nicely. I haven’t trimmed the nail yet but everything else about it is great. I no longer get hurt when
I tap it on surfaces, even when I brush up against it, I mean, nothing. It has been an incredible experience. Honestly, I know it sounds strange, but it feels great to walk normally again. (light upbeat music)

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100 Replies to “People Get Their Ingrown Toenails Removed”

  1. How do people let their feet get this nasty. I know you can’t see them in shoes but it makes me wonder how nasty certain other things are that we can’t see 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. I’ve gotten this treatment done multiple times because I have great genetics -_-
    But beside the shot, it doesn’t hurt whatsoever. It’s gross to watch tho esp if you’re squeamish, but I recommend getting it if you need it

  3. The most painful thing is the anaesthetic especially when you don’t have cold spray and it hurt like hell when you get this surgery you want to always bathe it in salt water every day and always when you can keep it elevated so when you go to change the bandage there isn’t tons and tons of blood.

  4. U guys need to do better. The guy more than the girl. Wash… no, SCRUB them feet, cut them toenails and wear CLEAN socks. If it were my office, I would have a foot station on the side for occurrences like this.

  5. I had two ingrown toe nails in the same year and it sucks lol. But the surgery is definitely very helpful and not at all painful

  6. You have to be a psychopath to wear socks and shoes with a toe like that. I had a similar issue and I only fucking wore slides. Masochist

  7. The thing that kills me the most is the anesthesia being injected into the toes. It fucking kills me every time

  8. Of course. I have an ingrown toenail and it's a huge pain now that I'm literally limping, use the nail clipper aaaaaaaaaaaa.

  9. Late comment I know. A few months ago I have the same case as this on my left toe. Sure it was painful when the doctor inject anesthetic but somehow I can still feel it when the doctor test poking to see if its already numb. So he inject me more. I can still feel it fully, the numbing feeling is only a little so yeah.

    The doctor just go straight to it…. one of the most painful thing i felt in my whole life. It's like being skinned alive..instead it's a toenail

  10. I literally don’t ever want to show my feet. I’m a teen female so it’s EVEN WORSE for me to be see with ugly feat. My ingrowns aren’t infected just inflamed and bloody. My feet made me depressed because people will judge me. I asked my mom to take me to the doctor but “she never has time”.If anyone sees my feet Ima kill myself.🤷‍♀️

  11. Well I’ve had worse. I had to have my toe done 3 times bcuz it kept on becoming infected. The needle went right in that little crack between ur nail and skin and that’s where the needle went. It went on the top of my toe and on the bottom of my toe nail. But there they put the needle right in the infected area it fricken kills

  12. I had an ingrown toenail awhile ago and I just left it….. It grew the full way through the left part of my toe and came out of the skin the other side and fixed itself, this was INCREDIBLY painful and if your ingrown toenail is causing you a lot of pain. Go see a doctor

  13. I was extremely scared to have this done but the podiatrist I went to was so sweet and put so much damn novacane in my toe it doubled in size. He waited and waited for my toe to be numb. And cut out my nail. I didn't feel anything and it healed perfectly.

  14. I normally never do well with anesthetics or being under, usually takes more than average dose to work on me because of my fear of pain flushes the chemicals out quickly. It took 5 injections on my to numb my toe for a really bad case of ingrown toenail removal.

  15. Can someone tell me Emily’s social media??? Instagram or whatever???

  16. I have an ingrown toenail that has already been heald from surgery. The only thing that hurts is the injecting of the anesthesia. And when the ssurgery begins, it dosent hurt anymore. It will be painful when the anesthesia dosent work anymore. This happens after 5 hours after surgery or so.

  17. I had my entire nail removed because it was infected and the cold spray really helps the cold spray is your best friend

  18. Do u guys know anything to do in the aftercare of the surgery? I had mine done yesterday and don't know what to do in the aftercare…

  19. honestly got this done where they numb my toe and cut the nail on the side and i still felt it the shape tool but wasnt in pain . i still get ingrow on the big toe and just take them out myself i got the sharp tool they use .

  20. I have ingrown toenails and lemme just say I’m lucky mine aren’t as bad they are like Emily’s, BUT IT STILL HIETS LIKE HELL EVEN IF ITS NOT SEVERE SND PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTANDTAND 😭

  21. This guy was an idiot. He never used phenol, and the girl is now going to have to get them removed later, same with the guy.

  22. Yeah I just used scissors and cut it off than took out the nail part with the scissors maybe I did it right but I’m not too confident, it didn’t even hurt badly, it was infected but hopefully it’s fine😂

  23. I just had this procedure done on me and it was painless but after the numbing medicine wore off I felt like a truck drove over my toe.. and the post surgery after care is easy but isn’t pleasing to the eye to look at. I had ingrowns on both sides of my toe, and seeing two huge gaping holes remaining is disgusting and terrifying!

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