Permanent Hair Straight At Home in 30 Minute With Straightening Magic Mask | For Frizzy Damaged Hair

Permanent Hair Straight At Home in 30 Minute With Straightening Magic Mask | For Frizzy Damaged Hair

I am Nadia Khan In today’s video we are back to hair!! Right now I don’t have long hair But what I can help you is- in making your hair glossy Check out my video on my channel for Glossy hair But in today’s video I am going to tell you how to straighten your hair Especially in current weather hair are rough and useless If you have fine hair..Keratin treatment will damage your hair At homes.. there are some mask and procedure I am going to tell you about one mask.. which can straighten your hair You do this twice a week why go for expensive keratin treatment with that what is that called? Brazilian blowout or do hair ironing everyday Protect especially young girls hair So be careful I am going to tell you about the recipe plus a procedure First of all- note the ingredients that you will require for the mask Four tablespoon coconut milk two tablespoon rice flour One spoon avocado two small lemon juice or half of one big lemon..take out its juice two tablespoon egg white two tablespoon coconut oil after you blend everything nicely I am going to tell you about the procedure One thing I found which I am going to be using in my video is Streaming hair is always the the tricky part when you put on the shower cup you won’t get proper heat and I told you another method then you wet your towel and put in the microwave for 3-4 mins and when a lot of stream is let out from the towel you wrap it around your head with plastic.. there’s video on that too ..check it out One more thing I found in the market.. and I like the thing I find which can save time.. what’s wrong with that? What is this stuff? I don’t know yet So whatever mask or treatment you apply on your hair and after when you wear this cap because it is very important for a mask to get steam..very important becacuse after that your hair shine and straightening is of next level This is something like that my hair will get beautiful like that the only difference is we are straightening our hair it’s result are like salon treatment I can’t do this myself mask is ready I will apply this cap..then I will wash my hair I have to steam it for 25-30 mins Why procedure is important.. when you apply mask why is that our hair don’t straighten up? as much as today my hair going to straighten up so what’s the difference between your and mine treatments I am going to tell you it is very important.. I am using my ikoo brush Hair won’t break from using this and usually the prescription is that “too many hair will fall of” But you have to use this brush Fine hair can easily be strengthen But curly hair have problem.. getting them straightened is a problem Procedure is very important so what is that I am doing that you guys are not doing and the reason my hair are getting very well straightened up and yours not- is when you are applying mask Like before putting on the mask you have to nicely brush your hair inside and out and we will do brushing once again after applying the mask you have to both apply on the scalp and on your hair With this mask After you apply it you have to lightly you have to brush end of the hair you don’t have to brush harshly otherwise your hair will break we don’t want to break them or you do it with your fingers so that your hair won’t join after that you need to wash your hair and you have to apply another treatment Although it name is Extra cool hot oils are available in a lot of forms whatever forms you have.. you have to apply it in a place of conditioner After applying this- you have to take a steam we are going to wash my hair after 20 mins World most hardest thing is to wash hair with makeup and lashes on my lashes pops out..and I find it too hard to put them on I work so hard today to put on my lashes now they are out I washed my hair the one I am using..this big jar which is cheaply available you can get this available on any shop easily get it from anywhere it weight will cost more than its price I really love the color of this mask so beautiful even though it an hot oil mask but it has cooling effect if you want to straightened your hair make sure the first mask when I apply it is difficult to brush apart from brushing lightly at the ends stay away from rest of the hair when the mask is applied then you can brush after brushing we will use the thermal cap the one I showed you today you can place your order for that we only have original products if you can’t find them anywhere and now we have a new facility of easy paisa you can see it yourself after the procedure a lot if youtubers only telling about the mask on their video and mostly these are those girls.. whose hair are naturally long and shiny and with that hair.. no matter what kind of hair mask they apply their hair are bound to be good this is the brush from ikoo and it doesn’t break the hair so have this de-tangling soft bristle brush so that your hair wont break but if you use steel brush or you started using a comb you will get in trouble if you want to see whether your hair are breaking too much you can use white teeth comb if little hair breakage then it’s fine but if its too much then the brush I will give steam for 15 mins I have nicely applied mask I can feel some gel-type thing inside and it suddenly get heat up all of sudden Now you have to wear it on your hair like this I want to see how it feels like- and I am so scared of electric cap I am never going to buy them because I feel when something is plug into electric socket something might goes off you can electrified because there water.. the mask you are applying is also wet a lot of thing are made in china most of the time you can’t trust them now even phone batteries are exploding what will happen if electric cap blast on head I have heated for 2 mins in microwave and the gel inside is solid hot because of these.. hair are getting the heat which I need.. which hair need.. scalp need after that I will wash my hair.. No need to put conditioner just plain water when I will remove my cap..once again I will brush my hair Click on the bell icon so that you can get notification Whenever Outsytle post a new video I didn’t use any straightening iron I only did a quick blow dry I did the same thing. when I remove gel cap more then 10 mins.. I got headache with it so 10 mins heat was more than enough I was hoping to put it on for 15 mins But not more than 10 mins because I was getting headache after this.. I brush my hair ..clean hair with water after than I again comb my hair by then my hair were so smooth And I brush my hair.. I didn’t feel any knot or breakage because throughout the procedure I was combing my hair it shine is amazing also there isn’t any oiliness after that I apply hot oil mask I would suggest that you must try this mask ask the young girls to please don’t do keratin treatment for hair bounding or brazillion blowout Leave them all.. these are very expensive and ruin the hair so what’s the use?

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100 Replies to “Permanent Hair Straight At Home in 30 Minute With Straightening Magic Mask | For Frizzy Damaged Hair”

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  2. I think hot oil treatment is more than enough..
    You wouldn't feel much difference after following the procedure. It's not a miracle treatment.
    Plus, Never comb/brush ur hair (if you've fine/thin hair) after applying flour mask but must do it after applying hot oil..
    Even if you apply mustsrd/olive/coconut oil, must brush ur hair before washing them off and don't rub shampoo on hair like you're washing clothes; so, be gentle.
    In a nutshell, this treatment would make your hair smooth and silky but I didn't see any effect as the title claims.

  3. mujye bal stright krny hai but hair fal hai apki dosri vedio mei hai stop hair fal but ye 2no kaise manage kro

  4. Rice flour pore ek sal tak na nikly balon se please mam mujhy ase koi cream batain ju ghar p hair straight kare or please tell ju itni expensive na hu ap k ju b products hain online buhat expensive hain hum gareb log kahan se afford kar pain gayy please help us mam

  5. Nadia please make a vedio on hair color. Which dye u use?. When we dye our hair at dome they don't give us best rrsults. Plz must share your hair color. I like your beautiful hair.

  6. Apke hair mn jo colour iska name kiya agr hame ye chaiye to kia bolen ge is colour ko…☺ plz tell me bcz i love it colour ❤

  7. Kia hm mask or cap wala process chor skty hn plz bs phly wala homemade recepi btae wo lga k bs towel grm k bandh lu bs plz reply me hm greeb log hn jwab dy dia kren

  8. Nadia your hair were already straight before treatment. U should give demo on curly and at least frizzy or rough hair.

  9. I wish if I could dislike tht content twice…except lemon nothing is tht easily available here n u r calling it a home remedy

  10. I needed this…thank you so much I love you for this cuz my hair is very frizzy and curly and I really wanted to straighten my hair without any heat or damage. Is there an easier one by the way??

  11. Dear Nadia iam biggest fan of u plzz ap humain reply karna k kia ye eak bar karnecse seedhe hojainge or kia pehly Jo hat lagane se pehly mask lagaya bal shampo se wash k the

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