Photoshop Tutorial : Create an Energy Ball [HQ]

Photoshop Tutorial : Create an Energy Ball [HQ]

Ok,lets start… Open your file that your going to edit… This one will be in the description. Make a new layer and fill it with black. Then go to render>lends flare and copy my settings. Make the layer hard light. Then move your light ball to your designation. Add a layer mask to it. Set your colours to white and black Then go to gradiant map and make sure its radial. Then drag from the middle out. Duplicate the layer. Merge the 2 layers. Then goto image>adjustments>photo filter. Select your colour and play around with the density. Copy your colour code cause you’ll need it after. Make a new layer. Select the brushes [ download in des. ] Paint on your designs to your balls lol. Fancy it up how ever you wish 🙂 Add an outer glow to your brushes folder. Use your colour code copied before. Make a new layer. Grab your pen tool and make a nice curve. Make sure you have a nice soft edged brush around this size. Use your direct selection tool. Select the 2 points. Then right click and select stroke path. Make sure its on brush and simulate brush pressure. Make your new line the same colour code copied. Select this brush and paint along your line. If you make more than 1 layer, merge them together. You an give them a little clean up with the eraser. Add an outer glow. Once again, use your copied colour code. Play around till you get your effect nice. Then save as a jpeg and your good to go=] Thanks for watching and please comment,rate n subscribe. Thanks for watching and please comment,rate n subscribe.

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58 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial : Create an Energy Ball [HQ]”

  1. Wow… Outstanding tutorial. If you guys read anything he posted… he gives you everything you need in the CC. Thanks for the vid 🙂

  2. Yo dude, the best tutorial I've watched.. Thanks man. Is that you who created the original photo which is everywhere??

  3. @PerfectlyUnstable1 Thanks man this is fucking helpful like hell! may i take ur email??? send it via pm to me 🙂

  4. @PerfectlyUnstable1 the gradient part there is always a black part and it isnt like invisible with just the light like the one on here. Does that make sense?

  5. how did you make the brush go along the whole path at 4:30?? please reply because theres a curve there and the brush wont curve

  6. I'm stucked at the part very begging when you put a mask to the lens flare layer.
    Somehow your mask turns black when you used the gradient tool, mine stay white and I can't use the gradient or just continue…. can you help, please ?

  7. you need to sort out how you do your tutorial, keyboard shortcuts and no voice commentary does NOT help :/ thanks for uploading though

  8. This is all cool but is there a way to do the exact same energy ball but make the fingers appear? With fingers appearing it looks cooler is there a way to do that without having to take off the smoke like effect of the energy ball?

  9. Realy great video! I'm using CS5 and it works:) I just have some questions:
    What tool do you use when creating that line between the hans? I dont have a clueO.o
    And, where do you get the Brushes? the link it broken for me,


  10. I can't download the brushes. can you send me a different link to them? 😀 or maybe email them to me? message me and I'll give you my email if you can!

  11. omg where did you get the brush for when you had the 682 sized one? I NEED TO KNOW!!! Y U NO TELL ME??!!!!??

  12. Phenomenal tutorial. I found this online but it was a text only walkthrough and was very confusing. This tutorial clears up so much. Thank you.

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