Pilar Cyst Removal | Auburn Medical Group

Pilar Cyst Removal | Auburn Medical Group

thanks for joining us this is gail and she comes in with
some kind of a cyst in your scalp it’s either a pilar cyst or an epidermoid cyst
either way we’re gonna get it out of there for you
great thank you has it caused any problems no it’s just been rather annoying pain or drainage no does
yeah just discomfort when the hair lady tries to comb over it what about when I was
trying to comb it earlier you’re not very good at that thanks for saying that on camera sorry well if you wanna cut that that’s fine but we’ll get you situated here we’ll get
you numbed up and prepped so I’ll have you lie on your back with your head at this
end really okay and the reason is so that I can get to the top of your head and there will be bleeding there will be blood yes okay so show me your your cyst actually since
it’s on the somewhat on the left side I’ll have you turn your head to the
right okay and then we’ll work with your hair clip to hold the hair these are
fantastic you might want to consider adding these to your no I’m gonna use
yours so this is where you get a shot I’m sorry probably stings you did really good again well i’m not done yet yeah am i hurting you when I do this no i don’t feel anything okay so lots of
anaesthetic you know if this was steve h’ed wanna watch he’d wanna watch oh yeah why didn’t you bring him he thought about I didn’t even think about it and you probably would have let him watch yeah i’d have him do part of it no he cannot do that right before lunch yeah that’s right I’m gonna put a
drape over you I’m sorry because it will make me a little hot that’s okay but it also
helps for keeping things contained contained so there’s good and bad to anesthetic the
good is the patient doesn’t feel a sharp process I won’t go to more detail because
that would be mean in front of Gail go ahead it’s fine the bad though
is all that wonderful medicine that we put in changes the contour the scalp and
my little pen that I used earlier I can’t see where it was cuz it cleaned
off so I’m just gonna kind of do this a little bit to remind myself of where it
is there we go we’re gonna go from here to here and again we are doing this without
shaving off Gail’s hair at her request to have a shaveless procedure and
there’s more bleeding than people are used to seeing on these videos because of
the shortage of epinephrine lidocaine with epinephrine you’re doing okay Gail I’m fine all
right hey I am too go this direction you
should treat yourself to some kind of a special lunch after this we have a lot of comments about the all
the wiping of the blood and yes that is what happens when you don’t have that
epinephrine and in this type of small procedure we
don’t have an assistant do it some people do we don’t it’s just too
many too many hands in the pot to have an assistant on a small procedure like
this so this is called blunt dissection you go in and then separate still okay Gail I’m doin’ great all right oh it ruptured oh sorry is it stinky not
yet so I was trying so careful can you tell what kind it is no either either
piler or or epidermoid they they behave the same way at this point I think we’ll just go ahead and get it out so
I’m kind of squeezing out the contents some keratinous material
I don’t smell it yet do you smell no starting to feel like a dr. pimple
popper video she puts these on Twitter all the time and I find I can’t can’t
look away once I go down my Twitter feed and if I see one I just watch it it’s the biggest zit it kind of is squeeze that or pop that they call
them popping am I hurting you by pushing so hard on your head no no we’re gonna get
it out of there yeah you gave me a pillow I’m good but oh I thought you were talking about the
cyst oh yeah it’s kind of like a pillow yes you’re taking my pillow out yeah Gail you were just perfect for these
videos can you like grow a bunch of other weird stuff and we’ll yeah thanks i’ll do my best all right let’s get to do we have any
pickups with teeth do those not have teeth no now that would be ideal in this situation as I separate
this from I can go grab some real quick let me see here not just yet if I can hold on to it Gail you probably feel me just pulling
and tugging away on your your cyst just a little bit of sharp here I got
the cyst way from what’s under it hmm I feel wet
okay that’s my fault well l not completely I mean I’m not the reason that there’s
this a lack of supply of the epinephrine look at that there’s do you want to see it gail
yeah you know okay I’m going to show it to you then okay put this hair out of it
oh that’s cool I’m glad you said that yeah it’s kind of cute alright so it
ruptured but you were able to kind of we’d actually like to send that off in a
specimen container all right so now to go in and explore we always whenever we
take something out we we look to see where it came from and actually can I
have some of the you probably have to just set that up for ya the Arm and
Hammer saline spray there you go that’s it ya know i’m really wet beautiful okay time to close so those
who have watched me before I know that I like to do the the just kind of go right in
the middle there between the two sides between the two sides and of course nylon is not ideal when
there’s hair because it’s hard to tell the nylon from hair I gotta kind of leave
that tail long enough that I can grab it and tie without if I get a whole bunch
of hair in it but I accept the challenge Gail glad
you’re up for it it not everybody would I worked a lot in the Emergnecy Department and there was a lot of
shaving that went on there yeah did I just I didn’t I was able to not
supposed to use tenotomy scissors for this but I’m going to people probably
wonder why why why well they’re supposed uses for tissue not for hard stuff like the nylon coming together very nicely by the way and
as far as the bleeding I anticipated it being much worse than it was
oh good now if this was on a different part of the body I’d be using a little
different technique but it’s on the scalp and it’s all covered with hair so
I’m not going to be doing the undermining and the the deeper sutures
and it is pretty small too I am getting a little bit of hair in the
knot very little I’m okay with that I can start to feel it a little bit it’s
not painful probably cuz I’m really pulling is that why with the suture and
so it’s pulling from surrounding areas I’m really pleased with how this is
going though we’re really pleased let’s see if that closes down kinda
looks open well we may be done with that three
stitches yeah awesome how could you tell from over there I can feel the tug is
there a mirror yeah okay there is hair but it is but it is sealed okay
and even with without having that lidocaine with epinephrine okay it’s it’s going
really well we’re gonna throw away the Sharps and then get you up and figure
out a way to clean out your hair before you go huh do you want I don’t get a
shower until tomorrow morning okay but there is a way that we could oh say
put the clip over that so you can’t see where the blood is yeah let me do that
with non bloody gloves or can I just pull my hair back in a pony tail you could do that right now yeah where’s the clip I thought you had it no oh there it is let me take this off I have no idea what I look like or how much blood is in me but I just pull it back is it hidden
actually see what happens oh this is working so the cyst was in this vicinity
it’s now sutured closed there’s no bleeding Gail has been able to make the
ponytail and just cover it up there’s no bleeding because we already got rid of
all the bleeding when we sutured it closed Gail this is awesome this is awesome thank you very much we
don’t cut any of your hair yeah gail It was completely pain-free good thank you so much for letting us share it with all of our people who are watching and we
we do have some people we especially thank like Lindsay Antwine, Booboo Kitty, and Petra Rosenberg Thank you ladies for your support making all these videos possible Gail thank you for what you did to make it possible gail and dr. vaughan myself telling all of you to stay in good health

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54 Replies to “Pilar Cyst Removal | Auburn Medical Group”

  1. Love how careful you are,only criticism is camera I got nausea,but great job as always you are brilliant with all you're patients, xxxx

  2. Love your bedside manner. I guess watching right now was a bad idea. I doing a final paper. 😁 Don't those kind of cyst only stink when infected?

  3. Great video… impressive that you were able to remove it entirely even though it ruptured. Glad she didn't feel any pain, but I'm sure the lack of epi makes you appreciate it more when you have it, huh?

    Gail is hot! =)

  4. ER loves to shave… I actually try not depending on where. Such as the scalp, when it’s women, I totally understand so I do my best to honor their request. However I’m probably the only one!!! Seeing it’s so much easier to shave, cut, remove, and stitch without hair!

    But this was a great job!
    Can’t help that hair is gonna get in those stitches!!! It’s bound to happen in those circumstances

    But I honestly never really thought about the difference in blood, without epi.. and it is a difference.

  5. Hey doc, You can use just two small strips of paper tape to keep her hair separated and out of the way. Just tape it do before you place your sterile drape. The paper medical tape comes away easy even in hair.

  6. Btw, Gail is definitely beauty goals. She has a cyst removal done and throws up her hair over it and looks fantastic. lol That's how you do it!

  7. Beautiful job Dr Vaughan! Very interesting to watch (as usual). Loved the lighthearted banter too. Sending best wishes from Wales 😀

  8. I had one of those a couple of years ago on my forehead . . . at first I thought it was a large pimple

  9. Gail is the kind of patient that makes your whole day worth while! She's so kind, good sense of humor, not frightened, I worked in a Dental Office for years most patients arae VER?Y frighened, they always sent me into the room to chit chat with the frightened patients,, i could usualy have then laughing at least a bit, I also took a "persona touch" class on areas that are reasshrnf 5i a frightened patient,, between arm and elbow, aa light rub, even patting, is soothing even for the frightned patients. Gail is aa fresh face in the middle o a lon day that makes everyone feel better,, Yay for [email protected] (Oh – lol good job Dr. too)!! 🙂

  10. This is not to critize the great work.A real good job!But I think this man shows the first symptoms of parkinson disease,cause his hands are often doing involuntary,illogical movements.If I am mistaken,I beg your pardon.

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