Pixie haircut 2020 – Short haircut for women

Pixie haircut 2020 – Short haircut for women

So So this is the result of hair of Marlene Yeah, I will show to you and nice and beautiful here We didn’t cut nothing from the crown because it was already short and we left it aside also very long So to get a little bit movement She’s now in Vivyan hair design in Spain. We are doing a little bit different. We tried to make a volume here So it’s very nice and beautiful and we washed her hair with a lovely nice silver shampoo and a nice mask and to get a more shine at Attractive hair color and you can see it is all shiny So this is a Marlene and Marlene. Do you like your hair? Yes. Thank you. Yeah Is it yes, I placed. Ok. Thank you very much for being here in Vivyan Hair Design Yeah So we are here back with Marlene from Irland as you see we just finished her hairstyle? I just did a hair cut and beautiful Nice a blow-dry for her as you see it is beautiful nice and volume en here maximum volume ,,this hair It was here very very short So we left it as long I can we can just little bit layer here down to make her more attractive I really like hairstyle. So Marlene or I’m from Ireland. Yeah, they like your hairstyle. Yes Thank you. I had been in place. Thank you very much for visiting us Marlene from Ireland We are very happy. She is being here in Vivyan hair design in Spain and we wish you liked our video and thank you for watching Bye. Bye. I i love My hair Amal just down it at Vivyan hair design …..byyyyyyyyyyy

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