Princess Leia Endor Laced Braids | Star Wars Hair Tutorial | 25 Days Till The Last Jedi!

Princess Leia Endor Laced Braids | Star Wars Hair Tutorial | 25 Days Till The Last Jedi!

hey Jill why is your hair all greasy
because there’s quite a lot of coconut oil in it quite a lot
today’s hairstyle is Leia on Endor with the braids lacings and the buns on the
back not to be confused with the one where it doesn’t have lacings and it
has a sort of figure eight burn or the one where she has her hair down for this you
will need some tiny bobbles bobby pins obviously and some kind of thing to
lace in your hair I have these natural leather shoelaces which are 120
centimeters long each apparently but you can use whatever you fancy this style
has four English braids that’s all if you have shorter hair you might want to do
some crown lace braid type things but I’ve always found this a bit confusing
myself so fuor braids of roughly equal size. so
for this last braid someone asked me how long it takes to braid hair and so we’re
gonna do this one in real time so I guess you can just multiply that by four
maybe five for the separating out bits English braids which aren’t actually
English in the same way that French braids aren’t actually French and Dutch braids
aren’t actually Dutch either are the easiest kinds of braids because you just
divide into three strands and then you cross the right one over to the middle
then you cross the left one over to the middle they across the new right hand
one over to the middle left of the middle etc etc with French braid you
also go over hand but you add hair from the sides of your head at each stage
with Dutch braids you add hair from the sides of your head at each stage but you
braid under hand so you take the right hand side and you cross it under to the
middle and then the left hand side and cross it under to the middle instead of
over yeah that’s literally the only difference. that long!
alright so now I we gotta fatten them all up a bit if you have very thick hair you
probably don’t have to and now we do the laces easiest way that I find to do them
is to open the space at the top and pull it through until you’ve got two equal
length pieces and then wrap it around the top to secure it
the tricky part is getting it so that it’s flat so that it doesn’t twist. you
lace over at the top and cross and then you go behind and cross but it’s very
easy to let the braid get twisted inside it so you’ve got to watch for that. I
guess. Should’ve done this a bit tighter I think or more often let’s undo it… and when you get to the end just twist them
around a bit or something and you got to lay the whole thing over the top of your
head. this is the interesting part because you’ve got to try and hide these
ends so you know it’s a lot of bobby pins if you put them in with the
flat side up on the ridge side down they do tend to stay better the nice
thing is that the leather cord seems to make it more sticky and so it stays
attached to your head more easily so once you’ve had a crack at that you
just do the same thing on the other side I’m going to try tying this one with a
hair elastic this style does take a lot of pins if you have smaller bobby pins
as well it’s good to pin the braids together as well as to your head why am
I wearing this hair ball below my wrist so now you’ve got your crown braids
mostly sorted out it’s time to make the buns and the idea is that you use the
buns to cover a multitude of sins or just wear your crown braids start and
finish so take your time with this one and use as many pins and mirrors as you
deem necessary and it may take a few in order to give you something that looks
vaguely and or esque and you know I think that about covers it for this
style so thank you as always for watching thank you for the suggestion I
think it was someone on tumblr thank you to the Internet for providing a shop
which sold on colored leather laces and thank you as always to my patrons for
supporting the show even when I dive off into the arcane waters of hair tutorials
as doing you know maybe your reviews 25
days till the last Jedi still pretty excited and of course if there are
hairstyles that you would like to see there are a couple of free spots left in
my admittedly hypothetical roster so you should let me know

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  1. Yeah, they never really explain the details of her hairstyle! While we're here how do the Ewoks know how to braid hair? Do the Ewoks just practice on each other's fur?

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