Product Review Claw Scalp Massager

Product Review Claw Scalp Massager

hey guys Trecey here thanks so much for
tuning in and I’m coming to you today with a product review first response
video so let’s go right ahead and get into this product the product that I am
going to be giving a first response and a review on is these! yes y’all I went on
ahead and I got me some these man I have to tell you this you talk about
something that you can be enthused about and glad that you got it
because you could just look at that product and know that that product was
gonna meet your needs okay well this is where I’m at with these man this is
where I’m at with these when I first got these okay no as a matter of fact I’m
gonna say it this way I had purchased oh another one that looked just like this
and I had got it from the Dollar Tree and with that one which is right here
it’s basically looks the same doesn’t it except this one is a little smaller and
this one don’t have the beads but this one do but anyways let’s get back to
this one this one is the one that I had to end up
using like emery board and like file it because it was like plastic when I guess
that came from when this thing was made and it was like sticky plastic that was
sticking out on the stems of these things so I had to go inside of there
with an emery board and you know file away so once I got it to where it wasn’t
you know snagging my hair or anything and then this turns out to be a great
product I really have to say so but yeah I had to do a little doctoring on it
okay so with these right here I don’t I
didn’t have to do the doctoring which is good um the plastic is sturdy as you can see
is nothing really hanging off of it to where you can see that there’s gonna be
a problem with it these little balls right here they really do turn around
they really do move okay and yeah and as you can see it it gives me a big enough
handle where I can really handle this along with this little peak thing right
here on here I have to say guys so it was two that
came together and these are the only colors that they had even on Amazon this
was only two colors so you know if you don’t like these colors then I’m sorry
but these are they put they come with and man I’m telling you I just redid my
hair over interlock’d I just retighten my hair and my so my scalp is like a
little sore so I went inside of there with these things and I’m telling y’all
this stuff feels so freakin good I’m gonna sleep we’ll be sitting here like wake up yeah she knocked out but
this feels good and like it’s funny this kind of funny because like these
little balls is cold so it’s like they like a little on the cold side so just
to press that into my scalp oh my god that just feels so good and so I mean
for the price that these things were they really was worth it and like I said
I wanted to test this out to see if they passed if they were the hype that was
put in on these I mean so many people I did see a lot of good I see some good
reviews and I’ve seen some bad reviews on these but I have to say that these
ones that I got like and it’s just the fact that I know that this was a quality
product man it’s like it’s it does the job so basically you can use one or you
could use them both if you use one that’s just like using this one but I’m
gonna tell you all you know I’m not gonna knock this one just because he
came out to Dollar Tree and I had the doctor on it a little bit because it was
better than nothing okay and if I had a got a chance to get back to the Dollar
Tree to get another one that’s what I was gonna do and what it did the same
thing okay and yeah it would’ve did you know it would have served the purpose
and it still feels good so now I’m getting ready to do the comparison y’all
and I’m gonna see is this one better than this one or was this one better
than this one so we bout to see so imma be over here with this one and I will be
over here with this one we don’t really see okay so let me just my mindset right
now okay I’m about to start to be honest with y’all it’s that you
could tell a difference you can tell a the difference within the feel you could
tell the difference within the field but I’m gonna tell you all this they both
feels good why I guess I’m talking from a sore
scalp so both of it feels good but I can say that this one feels like a little
bit more harder than this one this one feels like it’s just gliding
over the soreness you like a glide over but this one feels like it really is on
it and as you push in like as you do this and go in there you could really
feel like it this one can just about her you got to know how to adjust your hand
as you got it in your head you know what I’m saying where is this one it’s like
it’s just so even if I push down into it I still I feel the coldness of the
little steel balls but it’s still it’s like a smoother feel than this one but
you know what I ain’t like I said I ain’t got nothing bad to say about this
one either because it’s better than nothing and yes this thing worked for me
until I got things ok so and I still will work with this one this one as a
matter of fact I would probably put inside of my purse because that way when
I’m out and if I’m you know somebody getting on my darling nerves you know
how that’d be you know I’m saying so you could be in there and be like oh oh oh
WOOOSAHH making me sick you making me tired you don’t love this
and so it gives you that relief I don’t care it gives you that relief but that’s
the only thing that I can say that’s really the difference between these and
and of course I think the size let me see yeah, of course, this one the green
one is bigger than the black it’s a little tad bit bigger
yeah it’s a tad bit bigger see it’s a tad bit bigger so yeah but if we
go this one I make a good person you know just stick it right in your bag and
go but if you wanna carry these and hey these are make a good one too oh man
oh man this feels so good if I wasn’t if I had somebody here right now to where
they had time to sit and just do this to my head I would be like in heaven cuz
this stuff feels good it really do I would tell anybody you got that sore
scalp especially after you you know you have
sister locks or braid locks or any type of braids or anything where you get your
hair done and it’d be sore and tight man this is the things get you hear me
because they will make your scalp feels so freakin good and like you could take
like some oil you know of your kind whatever favorite oil you’d like and
maybe grease your scalp with it then after you do that you did just take this
and just go in there and just oh my goodness I did that last night man I
should have did the video there but I was just any more – I was just too much
like laying down stretched out like this I did not want to be disturbed you hear
me so yeah I would say this is worth the hype and if you guys choose to purchase
it I’ll leave the link inside of the description bar I do I love these I
really really really love these these will make great gifts for yourself as
well as their favorite Locker I did do a video about different things and gifts
and gadgets that would be great gifts for someone with locks and this was even
though I had this one at the time I did the video but these is the ones that I
should have waited for but it’s okay I am doing the product review right now
so I will leave the link in the description box of where you could
purchase this out on Amazon and y’all I’m telling you this this would make a
great gift for yourself even if you don’t have no locks even though if you
don’t have no braids or nothing like that this is just great to have period
but I’m telling you this is great for your scalp real great okay so that is it
for this video I believe I’ve said everything that
really needs to be said but I’d like to thank you all so very much for watching
and if this video was helpful go ahead thumbs it up I appreciate it and if you
know anyone that can benefit from this go ahead and share this video with them
I’ll give you my permission so if there’s any questions comments post in
the comment section but first check the description box and if your questions is
not there then go ahead and leave it in the in the comment section I’ll get
back to you as soon as I possibly can and if you’d like to keep up with me
follow me here on youtube as well as instagram twitter you know I’m all over
the place check the description box for those links and I hope to see you soon
but until the next guys thanks so much for watching and peace

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