PRP Hair Loss Treatment is Done Monthly, but a PRP Combination Treatment is Only Done Once

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is Done Monthly, but a PRP Combination Treatment is Only Done Once

Thank you for your question.
You’ve submitted a question which is very basic. You’re asking, “Why does PRP have
to be done so frequently?” And it’s certainly a very understandable question. It’s for
the treatment of hair loss. I could certainly assist you with this. I’m
a board certified cosmetic surgeon practicing in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years.
And I’ve been performing hair transplant surgery for that duration. And in addition, I’m also
the founder of TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Center which is based on our system of hair
regeneration that uses PRP as part of the process. And it actually is a non-surgical
solution and alternative to hair transplantation. So I’ve a lot of experience with the use of
platelet-rich plasma not just for hair but also in my practice for skin rejuvenation,
for acne scars, and for other treatments; wrinkles, sun damage, etcetera.
Now my intention is to educate and describe our experience and in no way am I interested
in disparaging any other colleague or physician who is offering PRP as an option for hair
loss. My – from my understanding and from my experience, I think that everyone who is
using it is doing their best to see if they can help their patients stop the progression
of hair loss. That being said, in our practice, we use platelet-rich
plasma but we combine this with something called extracellular matrix. This is a wound
healing material which was originally intended to assist in the healing of the donor area
of a hair transplant as well as to improve the viability and survivability of hair graphs.
Serendipitously, it was noticed that thinning hair became thicker.
So to differentiate what we do with our treatment which we call hair regeneration; which is
a customized combination of platelet-rich plasma with extracellular matrix from platelet-rich
plasma alone, I can give you some basic understanding. In my experience, platelet-rich plasma alone
will stimulate short term hair growth. And that’s the explanation for the frequency.
When people come to a doctor and get PRP injections, they’ll get some short hairs and those hairs
will grow for a short period but left alone, they’ll stop growing. And that’s why a
lot of people come to us who have had PRP done elsewhere will say they had to go every
month. They often did it without any anesthetic which certainly after a couple of sessions
becomes less than fun. But in our practice, when we do what we do
which is hair regeneration treatment, we have patients who with one treatment will actually
grow hair continuously. What will happen is these will stop the progression as well as
reverse and thicken thinning hair. In a way it’s a reactivation of growth cycles that
are actually thickening the hair rather than allowing the genetic progression of hair thinning.
It’s successful for both men and women. Ninety nine plus percent of men and more than
ninety percent of women from our clinical data from hundreds of patients who we treat
from around the world every year, we have seen that the benefit can really be sustainable
without repeat injections. So I think that the answer to the question,
of course, is the – from my experience and from the experience of patients is that PRP
alone cannot sustain hair growth. PRP will certainly be beneficial in many other areas
of the body as I described. But for hair growth, it doesn’t do the job that you want it to
do which is to stop your hair loss progression. In some ways, it’s almost comparable to
the effectiveness of minoxidil. Now that being said, for patients like – people
like yourself who inquire about PRP, we spent a lot of time educating our patients about
the long term benefit and the strategy we employ with hair regeneration. And such to
the point that we have built TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Centers and we’re now trying
to bring this technology out to people who may or may not be able to come to us.
As we said, being in New York City, we see patients who are coming from around the world
who have excellent, sustainable results. And we follow our patients closely and we’re
able to customize treatments. Sometimes it does take more than one treatment but we have
a system in place based on a lot of clinical data to help our patients get the maximum
result. And along that point, I would also suggest
that you consider doing something earlier rather than later. The more hair somebody
has, even if it’s very thin, the better it is because the volume and density can really
have an impact on coverage the sooner somebody comes. We’re treating people both men and
women as early as in their 20s and 30s. But even men and women we’ve treated in the
70s have also done very well with hair regeneration. So this is a remarkable treatment that bridges
some very important gap between medications such as minoxidil and finasteride; and surgery
which has the limitations of the number of graphs and the amount of coverage before you
run out of donor area. With that being said, learn more about this
other procedure which is – involves PRP but not PRP alone. And I think you’ll find
that there is an option other than doing PRP injections every few months.
So I hope that was helpful. I wish you the best of luck. And thank you for your question.

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76 Replies to “PRP Hair Loss Treatment is Done Monthly, but a PRP Combination Treatment is Only Done Once”

  1. Hi… After a heart attack at age 42 i noticed my hair begin to thin. Researching the matter it seems this is common since all the medications to control ideal heart function, work on blood thinning, clotting etc and this has an adverse effect in hair growth (I am sure you understand this better than I do)
    I have been using a line of products that contains Plant Stem Cells that has been amazingly successful not only regrowing hair lost after the heart attack but springing brand new youthfull thick dark hair on my front hairline (even on eyebrows and side hairline) My question: Is your product based on Plant Stem Cell ? At this point I am SURE this method works but I have two problems with the products I use
    1) It is VERY expensive ($400+ a month)
    2) The company has run into financial problems due to poor marketing, distribution and financial investments.
    My research has shown that the Japanese company Shaseido is at the brink of having a "miracle" product (also based on Plant Stem Cells ) released in the USA, but no price has been disclosed. I am in Queens NYC so depending on your answer a trip for a consultation should be no problem.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi I just had prp done i have the 2nd round in August . The dr put me on laser lights, a shampoo and cond and viviscal. I am hoping this works, but if not is your process guaranteed ?

  3. How's this technique compare to method of trama induced by the roller pin method. Is this a cruder varient that stimulates repair and growth and can it be used in conjunction? I've seen clinics us prp and rolling together. Cheers.

  4. Hi. .. I had my 1st prp session nd dr. said the 2nd session is done after 6 weeks of the 1st session nd then 3rd will b done after 6 mnths nd then 4th after a year nd then yearly … Am i going right?

  5. Hey Dr. Prasad,

    I just turned 22 recently, I am Caucasian with straight hair and a widows peak. Unfortunately for me I have noticed my V shaped widows peak deepen and the hairs have become thin and are shortening, in other words I think my hair line is receding.. I am in Chicago and really considering your hair regeneration treatment. If you are to see my hair at first glance you can not tell but when you look at it closely you can see what I am talking about. Do you recommend me doing any hair treatment at your clinic in New York?

    Thank you!

  6. Sir what is fees of this treatment and it can cause any dicease to scalp skin ???? Please tell me sir and I want to regain my hair I am 24 and I will be 25 in 1 June please tell me

  7. Hello, Doctor Prasad,
    I am planning to have hair regeneration done at your clinic, possibly during the summer sometime. As I fly in from Europe, is it possible to have the consultation and the actual treatment on the same day? Also, my hair is thinning, but its not as bad yet, do you think it would be a good idea the use standalone PRP , just to ensure that my present hair situation will be maintained until we meet? Also, I have seen that you have two clinics in New York and I was wondering in which facilitiy are you based? Thank You

  8. I might have to go to New York then. I live in California, I'm a college student, 20 years old, African-American and I noticed my hair line is receding and I lost some hair in the back of my head. I want to save my hair.

  9. hello sir. I'm 29 year old lady. my hair is very thin. but 7 years ago I had thick hair. I wanted to do PRP in my country. I live in Bangladesh. would you please tell me do I have to take this PRP every month?? can I take this treatment for like time?? if i take this treatment for life time any side effects??

  10. I am getting closer and closer to my funding requirements to soon facilitate this amazing treatment. I am looking forward to it and meanwhile i stay focused on getting this procedure done as soon as possible.

  11. I hardly see comments from patients stating that they did not see improvement with your Hair regeneration. Also, there are other cosmetic surgeons who offer PRP + Acell and giving it every 4-6 weeks as opposed to once for 15 months. Please explain as they had differing opinions. does your hair rejuvenation react in every patient and do you give booster earlier if needed? Thanks

  12. Do I need to have a hair transplant before I do this? And if I'm just starting to lose hair, and I get this, it should last around 3-5 years before I get another one?

  13. Good Day Dr. Prasad. Thanks for your video.
    Do we only need to do this once in our life? wonder if it is or will soon be available in the Middle East.

  14. Hello,

    Is there a similar treatment like this in the Chicago area? What is a typical price range to have this done?

  15. do you train medical providers? I am joining a practice here in Alaska and would love to learn more about your combination therapy.

  16. i went through fue hair transplant in oct 2015..i did not get the good result…i am 26 now and i started lossing my hairs when i was 18 year old…is this treatment good for me……

  17. Hey Doc…, I had a hair transplant in 2012 and after one year it was looking pretty good. I was very pleased. But then my hair started thinning again and now after 5 years it doesn't look so good. Do you think your procedure would help me? Thanks!

  18. Hi Dr Prasad,

    I am 27 yrs old and i am suffering from hair thining problem,my hair was never very thick but since teenage my hair has gradually become very thin.each hair strands are very far away from each other.Scalp is clearly visible very wide when i make a hair partition.I had recently seen a doctor in India and she suggested me to go for 3 sittings of dermarollers followed by 4-5 sittings of PRP but i am very skeptical about this procedures.
    What would you suggest?should i go for it?


  19. Hi doctor. Extracellular matrix Acell is it stem cells treatment cause I'm supposed to have it done next week. I had minoxidil treatment done with steam cap for 25 minutes, followed by a LED light to stop the hair fall and that's 6 treatments and only one PRP with stem cells treatment doctor said my hair will start to grow.

  20. dr dont you think this finding of urs shud be shared for everyone . overyone of us cant travel to usa for this treatment pls share ur invention or atleast open ur sevices in other countries

  21. As ur information hair regeneration treatment effect wiil last for 5 years. Can I get the treatment again for maintaining my hair?? & will it be effective then?? I will wait for ur proper answer.. thank u sir…

  22. Hi, I'm experiencing hair loss from all parts of body, such as head, eyebrow, beard and hand. What is the cause of my hair loss? Of course I'm worried about my head. I'm 28 and i'm having hair loss for 8 years now. It started small and it's much worse now. What is the right treatment for me ?

  23. Dr. Prasad, are you affiliated with any clinics in San Francisco Bay Area? Or would you refer me to any clinics here in SF bay area which do PRP + ACell?

  24. My Dr said monthly once 1 injection for overall 8 month you take prp your hair will growth 8 months is over you take yearly once in prp it's correct or wrong

  25. Hello Sir. I am from Karnataka, India. Age 44 years. I had hair loss in my sides and miniature hair, which is known as thinning of hair and little bit of baldness in the middle of the head. This started nearly 8 years ago. have undergone Hair Transplantation FUE Method on 29-DEC-2017. Before that I was taking Pre Treatment for Hair Transplantation FUE Method. Every month I used to go 3 times for Pre Treatment. In Pre Treatment they used to do High Frequency Treatment for hair, Protein Oil Massage for hair, Protein Pack Treatment for hair and once in a month they used to give me PRP Injection for hair regrowth. They said Pre Treatment for 3 Months and gave for 13 Months. After Hair Transplantation FUE Method on 29-DEC-2017, I am taking PRP Injection every month. They said they will see the results till 6 Months and then they will do the Second Session of Hair Transplantation FUE Method if needed. After Hair Transplantation they have prescribed Vitamin B7 Tablets which is Biotin Tablet to be taken after meals in the afternoon. I am taking AMWAY NUTRILITE BIOTIN CHERRY PLUS and FINASTERIDE FINAX 1MG Tablets to be taken after dinner in the Night for 6 months and TUGAIN 10% MINOXIDIL SOLUTION FROM CIPLA to be applied on the head 1ML in the Morning and 1ML in the Night for 8 Months. Will FINASTERIDE FINAX 1MG Tablets affect me in any way. Is there any other alternative to FINASTERIDE FINAX 1MG Tablets which is much more effective for reducing Alpha 5 Reductase, an enzyme responsible for degenerating and converting Testosterone Hormones into Di Hydro Testosterone or DHT Hormones. Regarding BIOTIN Tablets is there any other biotin tablet which is better than AMWAY NUTRILITE BIOTIN CHERRY PLUS. Should Biotin Tablets and Finasteride Tablets be taken for life long to maintain the hair growth OR are there any other alternative. Please reply as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

  26. Dr. Steve Weiner says that prp + acell only last about 12 months. Then you need again the same injection etc. Can you confirm this

  27. Dr, Prasad, to be clear, this procedure is surgical, correct? You are talking about a typical hair transplant surgery using hair from the back of the head, correct? Then you add PRP to that procedure? Please clarify that for me.

  28. Sir I had fue 4500 grf since 6 months before so how long I should took prp injection I had yesterday after six months of my surgery should I keep continue or often I done it will be ok

  29. My hair receeding from past 1 month only now my hair density is thinner than previous month I see some gaps when I put oil I think it is very early age So I decided to use vCard premium hair tonik(hair growth stimulator) shall I use finastride ???? Is it help to recover my hairs densityy

  30. Dr does PRP really thickens hair or is it just a bait or myth because the doctor I visited told me that it doesn't thickens the hair just helps it grow healthy.So what's your take on it.Even on ACM PRP does it really thickens hair??

  31. Hello dr do prp for hair works?? If having alcohol habits… I drink once a week which is like heavy drinking..i had done hair transplant 6 months ago… Planning to go for prp for good density and hair survival for 3 months… Currently on finasteride,minoxidil and bio mineral… My actual question was would prp work if I drink once a week??

  32. Doctor,I am 20 years old.I am having severe hairfall.I am becoming bald.At the bottom of each hair there is a white coloured ball.Is that the follicle? Will my hair regrow?

  33. I am interested about ECM. But I am from Bangladesh. Some doctor provide PRP along with LLT and micro needling.Is this combination good? I mean is there same effect as your combination? They still have no ECM therapy that's why they prefer it. So what's your suggestion about that? how do I get ECM + PRP treatment without come to your place?

  34. Hello doctor. This is Vicky from India. I had been taking a treatment for one year where I had been using tricosilk f5% and few other vitamins tablets suggested by doctor. Had good results but again lost lot of hairs. Really very disappointed by I don't know what to do? I even can't afford the treatment and all away come to New York City. Any best option tat you can create for indians in India, would be a game changer for all the people who are looking out for a solution. Please doctor, if your treatment as tat miracle it should even be able to reach all the people in the world. It's not my suggestion but a request. Thank you doctor

  35. Hello Dr
    I had Fue hair transplant + PRP 25 days ago. How often should i do PRP? Should that be done every 3 months ? How many pRP sessions has to be done?
    Iam not using minoxidil as iam afraid if discontinue in between it will negatively effect?
    Hope to get your valuable advise

  36. Hi i Dr i am dead I desperately need to know do u treat ppl with CCCA alopecia. What is the best option treatment?? ECM and prp? Or ? Pls respond ThanksI

  37. Doctor, you said that you are trying to bring your technology out to people who may not be able to come to you. What is the time frame in which you are planning to do so and where are you intending to share your technology? The uk? Canada? Or just in the US. Please reply. Many thanks

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