Put Wet Wipes in the Washer, See What Happens Next

Put Wet Wipes in the Washer, See What Happens Next

It may seem like today, nothing’s easier
than doing the laundry: you just toss your well-worn clothing into a washing machine,
and in no time, it comes out clean, right? Well, while I can’t argue with this approach,
there are several tips that can make your laundry day much more fun! For example, I always put wet wipes into the
washing machine before stuffing my clothes inside. And I do it for a reason. If you have a pet or love dark clothing, you’re
definitely familiar with this irritating problem. You pull your squeaky clean clothes out of
the washing machine, and what do you see? Right, they’re covered in fluff and animal
hair all over! Aargh! And that’s exactly why I wash my stuff together
with wet wipes! You don’t need to comb the town in search
of some particular wet wipes – the ordinary kind sold at any supermarket will do! Take several wipes, put them in the washing
machine, and load your laundry. During the process, the wipes will be moving
around the washing machine’s drum and collect fluff and hairs. But despite the simplicity of this method,
pay attention to these crucial points: – never use the same wipes twice;
– don’t choose scented wet wipes; otherwise, your clothes can absorb the smell;
– wet wipes should be dense enough to not tear inside the machine;
– the best idea is to use antibacterial wet wipes;
– if you haven’t found scentless wet wipes, add some fabric softener – it’ll neutralize
the smell; – use no more than 3 wet wipes at a time. It’s a pretty cool trick that can make your
laundry results much more satisfying. But that’s not the only tip I have for you
today! – Put two dishwasher tablets into the drum
of your washing machine and run a hot cycle with the machine empty. This way, you’ll get rid of microbes, dirt,
and even limescale! – Coca-Cola can help you to get rid of blood
stains. You can soak the soiled piece of clothing
in the soda overnight for the best result. However, it might not be the best idea to
use this method for white clothes. – Put a couple of tennis balls into the washing
machine whenever you wash your down jackets. The balls will keep the down fluffed up, and
they’ll also remove all the foam. – Besides, you can add two or three tennis
balls into the dryer together with pillows, comforters, and whatnot. They’ll help your linen dry faster and remain
fluffy and nice. Remember to make sure to use CLEAN tennis
balls! Also, you can wrap them in old socks so that
the green fluffiness doesn’t stick to your clothes. – Add two cups of strong coffee or tea when
you wash black clothes. These drinks act as a natural dye that will
revive and strengthen the items’ original color. – Throw some ice cubes into the dryer, and
you’ll get rid of wrinkles on your clothes. At the same time, don’t use too many ice cubes,
and don’t fill your dryer to the brim with too many pieces of clothing. – Use balls made of aluminum foil to fight
static buildup in the dryer. One aluminum ball can serve you for about
half a year before you have to switch to a new one. – Your bed linen and clothes will be a lot
softer if you put several neutral-colored balls of wool into the dryer. – Even if you’ve accidentally washed your
load of whites with a bright red sock (and let’s admit, these things happen even to the
best of us), you still have a chance to save your clothes. Mix a solution of warm water and baking soda
with half a cup of detergent and half a cup of salt, and soak your ruined clothes in this
solution before putting them in the dryer. If everything goes well, you’ll get your stuff
back as snow-white as before. – Corn starch comes in handy when you need
to deal with grease stains. Apply it directly on the dirty spot, and leave
it there for a couple of minutes. After that, put a clean, thin cloth on the
grease stain and iron with high heat. All the oil will get absorbed by the corn
starch. – You can use chalk to remove grease stains
as well. Rub a bit of chalk into the dirty spot and
wash the item as usual. – Also, to make grease stains disappear, you
can use dish detergent. Apply it on the dirty spot and rub until it
gets all bubbly. After that, throw the item into the washing
machine. – And yet another way to get rid of grease
stains is artificial sweetener (didn’t expect that, did ya?). Just sprinkle it on a fresh grease spot and
then blot until all the evidence of your pizza dinner is gone! Wait a minute! Pizza? and you didn’t invite me? – Ever wondered where all those lost socks
went? I don’t know either… But I know a great way to prevent them from
disappearing! Put the socks of each family member in their
own lingerie bag. These bags will later go through the washing
machine and the dryer without a single sock getting lost! – Shirts tend to collect all your body oil
on their collars. But this isn’t a problem as long as you
remember that shampoo is just the thing to get rid of rings around the collar. – To prevent the colors of your new clothes
from fading, add half a cup of salt before washing them. – While washing your towels, pour some vinegar
in the fabric softener cup. It’ll effectively replace dryer sheets. – A handful of Aspirin, thrown in with a load
of whites, will brighten the clothing and remove yellow stains, and that headache it
gave you. – Half a cup of white vinegar will save dark
denim from fading. – To prevent mold and mildew from growing
inside your washing machine, put half a cup of borax, which is a natural alkaline mineral
salt, together with your laundry load. Borax is also effective when you need to get
rid of tough stains left by grass, coffee, and markers. Put a stained piece of clothing in a solution
made of one cup of warm water and half a cup of borax. Let it soak for an hour, and then wash. Wanna know the best thing about this method? It’s safe, even for the most delicate fabrics! – To get rid of pet smells on your clothing,
mix a cup of laundry detergent with half a cup of vinegar and wash as you always do. – When your jeans rub against other clothes
in the washing machine, they gradually lose their color. To minimize this unwanted effect, turn your
jeans inside out before putting them in the washer. – If a piece of clothing comes out of the
washing machine with a stain still on it, don’t put it in the dryer. Otherwise, the heat will set the stain, and
it’ll be way harder to get rid of it. – Both hand sanitizer and hairspray are powerful
solvents that can help you to remove ink stains from your clothes! Saturate the stain with one of these products,
leave it this way for about 10 minutes, and then wash as usual. – Slice a lemon or two and toss the pieces
into a pot of water. Boil the water, turn off the heat, and put
your white clothing that’s become dull into the pot. Leave it to soak for an hour, then wash as
usual. However, you should make sure that the particular
fabric can withstand the heat. – If your jeans have grass stains on them,
mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Apply this mixture on the grass stains, let
it sit, then wash your jeans as usual. – To get rid of annoyingly yellow armpit stains
on your clothing, sponge the affected area with a solution made of table salt and hot
water, then wash as you always do. – Also, you can pour a solution of equal parts
water and hydrogen peroxide on the sweat stains and leave it for half an hour before washing. But do NOT use this method on colored clothes! – Rubbing some white vinegar directly into
the armpit stains before washing is another effective way to make your clothing spotless
again. And that closes this segment on clothes… So how about you? Do you know any other laundry tips you can
share? Then let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
this video a like and share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t go kicking those stains
in the butt just yet! We have over 2,000 cool videos for you to
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video, click on it, and enjoy! Stay on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. To remove blood, wet soiled area of clothing and sprinkle a good layer of meat tenderizer over the stain, then rub. When the stain is gone, rinse with cold water and then wash as usual.

  2. English: BRIGHT SIDE
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  5. If you think of using the dissolvable wipes don't. I paid a plumber to clean my drains. My mom used the dissolvable wipes. They stuck wrapped inside the drain. I bought them so I know they were the "dissolve" kind.

  6. bro do you know if anyone imitates this channel from indonesia the name of the chane is sisi terng (im sorry icant speek ingris)

  7. I use 20 Mule Team Borax in All my loads. Whites are whiter, colors are brighter, plus I work in a restaurant and it gets the grease smell out. plus, the washer is always clean. It's also great for other household cleaning.😍🤗😚❤

  8. My daughter acquired sauce stais at school. Once she came home I put aldi's tandil laundry detergent on the two areas. Rubbed and then washed and dried. While folding her shirt I noticed 2 more areas she didn't know she got. Did the process again. All stains came out. I was surprised since I had dried the shirt and figured it was there forever. It may have been luck.

  9. if you have grease stain, don’t touch it, put talc or corn starch on there then wash with some dish liquid on the stain and everything is cool. 😁🤗

  10. Dear Bright Side,
    Please make videos about women in the STEM fields, both past and present, including but not limited to Rachel Carson, Elizabeth Blackwell, Clara Barton, and Rosalind Franklin. Please, and thank you.
    Sincerely, Marina Soto

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  12. Wow one of the few YouTube videos that the first tip is the tip that clicked the video for. I'm liking this video just because of that

  13. Coca cola helps get rid of blood stains? Well thanks! Hiding the evidence has never been so easy! It's also good to finally be able to keep my pets hair off of my clothes. Werewolves really do get in the way of your ventilation system at your house with all of that fur.

  14. And doing some of these tips ( Oh I forgot we're using the term hacks these days) may just ruin your washing machine and drier………. ☮️⚛️

  15. I used an ink eraser once to get ink out off my jeans it worked good but took along time..all these tips are worth trying thank you for sharing them

  16. Don't use wet wipes in the wash. They will get caught in the drain tube and cause a flood on the laundry room floor. Using wool dryer balls is safer and cheaper than tennis balls. Plus they are made for the dryer. Just use stuff made for washing and drying machines in the laundry isle at the store before you have to pay for new ones.

  17. 😂 Will there be space for the dirty clothes? Total items to have in the washer as follows :
    3 Wet wipes
    Couple of Tennis balls
    Aluminium Foil ball
    Couple of Woollen balls
    Couple of ice cubes
    Lingerie bags for each pair of socks
    lemon water mixture
    Strong tea or coffee
    Baking soda mix
    baking powder
    Corn Starch
    Artificial Sweetener
    Dish liquid Soap
    Regular Vinegar
    White Vinegar
    Hand Sanitizer
    Hair spray
    Water:HydrogenPeroxide mix

    Laundry Detergent
    Fabric Conditioner

    Did I miss any? 🤣🤣

  18. Do it with your hand cause washing machine makes my clothes old from first wash it makes them look grey and loose their color

  19. Hey BRIGHT SIDE….PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION PLEASE PLEASE…..I have a baby pink shirt and there are chocolate ice cream stains on it since November 2019…..how do I remove it? Please tell ….if any one of you guys one then you guys can also answer….but bright side ….please answer me….I love that shirt I just wore it one time on my birthday and the next time I wore it… Chocolate ice cream fell on it ☹️ please tell me what to do

  20. Why is Bright Side giving me advice on how to get blood stains out of my clothes feel disturbing and somehow fitting at the same time?

  21. Really don’t put wet wipes into your washer without first putting them in a zipped net laundry bag, otherwise they will get under the rubber seal and clog up your washer. 🤦‍♀️

  22. Try hydrogen peroxide to remove blood from clothing. As an RN my scrubs were often covered in blood spots! Pouring hydrogen peroxide on the white or colored fabric directly onto the clothes and pesto magico watch the blood dissolve. Pretreat after you use hydrogen peroxide as usual and it’s gone! Be careful using dish soap or other soap in your washer or you might have a suds explosion.

  23. I'm not sure if it's a coincident or not, but I was thinking to find a way on how to get rid of my cats fur on my clothes when washing & I haven't even googling it yet. Seems like the internet can now read minds!

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