Rachel’s Radiant Wig Life// Wig Review: Minka by Jon Renau Shaded Praline 12FS8

Rachel’s Radiant Wig Life// Wig Review: Minka by Jon Renau Shaded Praline 12FS8

25 Replies to “Rachel’s Radiant Wig Life// Wig Review: Minka by Jon Renau Shaded Praline 12FS8”

  1. Lol the Wig Man review took me by surprise. Please continue adding him onto yours. 🙂 He actually looks nice with minka on! Lol. Enjoyed your reviews. I just got minka from cysterwigs, too! The bangs seem to fall more naturally with a left part. Im more of a right part gal so i might have to try my hand at steaming the bangs back with a right part. Love the cap fit, too, and style.

  2. Awe so adorable on you..I was blown away with the ear tabs….great review Rachel..the Wigman did a good job too..lol 😉

  3. Congrats on your new gig with Cysterwigs and also congrats on that adorable husband! He's a cutie! 🙂

  4. Looks lovely on you. Btw, Felicity, a wig that was released at the same time as Minka, also has those terrific ear tabs!

  5. ROFLOL, that was positively awesome having your hubby intervene; Great job to both of you and Rachel, you look beautiful in your Minka!!! Those ear tabs are long overdue, so glad to see them being extended longer, great feature. I love your reviews Rachel!!! Have a wonderful weekend. God bless, Susie

  6. I have Zara and since the ear tabs on her are higher than I like, I kinda steered clear of JR. Might have to test Minka out in Shaded Mocha, if it’s an option. Thank you for another awesome review!

  7. Rachel, you and The Wig Man made me smile! Nice review! I liked the points you touched on, especially the color difference. Please keep doing wig reviews for Cysterwigs, and keep The Wig Man involved too. Peace out!

  8. This was absolutely wonderful, Rachel. I have Minka in a different color and I love it too. You are so right about those eartabs and the price! Other comparable wigs are up to $500 for the same features. I don't understand how Renau did it but I have both this and Felicity and think the price and the quality are the best ever. Love the Wig Man, LOL!!!

  9. I love this on you…I wonder if I would love it on me? I am leary of longer styles since I am a "mature" lady. Is this one tighter on you? I noticed a redline on your forehead when you took it off and I see the lace front more when you have her on…it would be a bonus for me because I have a small head 😉 I love your reviews…you are nice and calm.

  10. LOL! Best review ever with the Wig Man! LOVE IT! I'm more interested in Minka now that I've seen your review Rachel. Thank you!

  11. I am new to wigs and have bought several over the past six months from Cysterwigs. I have not tried a long wig yet. I am in a play and have to do an updo. I want to purchase something that I can use for the play and afterwards. I am not skilled at updos. What wig do you suggest that is great and easy for this. I am open to a long and medium length. I was thinking of Bennett because a lot of hair scares me. Like your remarks on Rachael JR. Thanks for your suggestion and of your great wig reviews.

  12. Kirsten is HD thsts why the color is diff wish this one had better colors and not so so Shinney cannot win Jon R and his colors

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