Real Techniques PowderBleu Brushes B04 Shadow, B03 Complexion & B02 Finishing Brush Demo + Review

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to do a little mini review
get ready with me demo with the new Real Techniques PowderBleu brushes. These are the ones that are the faux blue
squirrel hair. If you don’t know, blue squirrel hair is
supposed to be like the softest, most luxurious material you can use to make brushes out of. Since these are faux, that means that they
are vegan, cruelty free and obviously using actual blue squirrel hair is not cruelty free,
not vegan. So the Real Techniques PowderBleu brushes
have a combination of long soft bristles in like a unique wavy pattern. It’s supposed to basically help with applying
powders and blending them out. It’s not supposed to disturb the makeup
you already have on. So I put on Too Faced Shadow Insurance which
is pretty much the primer that I always put on. I’m going to set my primer with a translucent
setting powder. This is the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Setting
Powder. I’m doing this in lieu of using a base shade
today just because I don’t want to use anything that has any color to it. Now for the super simple look that I’m going
to do, I’m going to use the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette. I’m going to take the shade Magnet which
is this gray shade right here. I want to apply and blend it out with a Real
Techniques PowderBleu B04 brush. The name for this brush is the soft shadow
brush. So I just tapped my brush twice onto the eyeshadow
and I’m going to start building it up on my lid. Today is my anniversary so I’m going to
be going out later with my husband. So I decided that I should just stick to kind
of a simple and elegant gray look. I feel like gray eyeshadow really helps my
eye color to stand out. Now what I really want to convey to you by
doing this is just how soft these brushes are. There’s no scratching or anything to my
eye area. It’s like silky soft. It has enough … I don’t even know what
it is. It’s not too flexible. So when I touch it it’s not too flexible
but it flexes just enough that it makes it easy to apply the color and blend it out. I am not a professional makeup artist so I
need my tools to help me do a lot of the work. I need them to basically be good at blending
color out so I don’t have harsh lines. I feel like this brush does an amazing job
at blending things out. It reminds me of like … so the way it works
for me is like the MAC 217 or the MAC 224 or the Goss 6 brush or Sigma E25 or the Urban
Decay Iconic except it’s softer and it’s easier to use to blend than any of those brushes
in my experience. So I hope you can see. I just built the color out and just blended
it out all with the one brush. It’s a little bit too big for my eye shape
to get right into the corner the way I want it so I’m going to have to go back with
a smaller brush in a minute. I just feel like that just blends it out perfectly. Now that I have both of the lids matching,
I’m going to go back with another brush and just do my lower lash line. This is Wunderbrow in jet black. What I have been doing lately is painting
it on and then I go back with a brush to neaten it up. I like to brush it through with a spoolie
like this. A little really goes a long way but then I
need to go back and shape it with like a little brush. So I have my brows on, I’m going to move
on to my face to show you how to use the other two brushes. First, I’m going to put on some primer. This is a new to me primer. This is my first time trying it. It’s the Hello FAB First Aid Beauty Coconut
Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. Safe for sensitive skin since that is my skin
we’re going to see how this works. So this is what it looks like. I didn’t actually know this was tinted. Smells good though. It definitely feels very moisturizing on my
skin. I’m going to put on the Idun Minerals Jorunn
Foundation. So I put like a little bit less than a pump. I’m going to press it on to the center of
my face and then take a damp beauty blender and just blend it out. For those of you who don’t know I have rosacea
so what I’m looking for in a foundation is primarily one that’s going to hide my
facial redness because my face appears darker than my neck and chest because of my rosacea. So my goal is always to make my neck, chest
and my face match. I’m going to set my face today with the
Silk Naturals Close Up Illuminating setting powder. To set under the eyes because I don’t want
to risk getting caking this, I’m dipping my beauty blender in and I’m going to carefully
pat under the eyes. So now I’m going to take the BO2. This is a soft finishing brush so you can
use this brush to use with the finishing powder or setting powder. The way I’m going to use it is to lightly
counter … kind of like a contouring blush thing. They also recommend this for highlighter. I’m going to take the Anastasia Beverly
Hills color right here which is blank. Just kind of work this in at the bottom of
my … Next I’m going to apply a little bit of
Rapture and I’m going to use this brush. This is the BO3 brush that you can use as
a powder foundation or like powder brush or pretty much any other powder product that
you want on the face. I’m kind of just going to swirl it right
here and go back. Next thing I’m going to do is take my beauty
blender and just hit the edges because I always feel like it makes it look more natural. I cleaned the B2 brush off in between and
I’m going to go ahead and use this to apply my highlighter. As you know I love Makeup Geek Celestial. This is my highlighter. I’m going to put this on. Yeah I’m not a fan of using this to highlight
but it’s okay for today. I do absolutely feel like the PowderBleu brushes
live up to the claims the company makes. It does blend out your powder products without
a problem, without disturbing the makeup that’s beneath it. I’m going to highlight under the brow also
with Makeup Geek Celestial. I’m going to line my upper lash line really
fast. This is NYX epic ink liner and it is a good
drugstore dupe for the Kat Von D liner that I love. Last thing I need to do is put on some lip
color and I am going to put on a bright pink because I can. This is Frenemy lip pencil. This is Frenemy lipstick. I’m just going to put this on top. I’m going to set everything in place with
Milani’s Make It Dewy setting spray. I guess I can zoom in so you can see how the
eye turned out. Here’s the finished look. I personally am impressed with this. I love this PowderBleu brush so much. I think I’m going to buy at least one or
two more whenever I can find it at Ulta. I think they’re currently only for sale
right now at the Real Techniques website. This is supposed to give you a naturally diffused
look of powder and I feel like it makes it so much easier for me to blend. So yeah I love it and I need it. I do really like the B02. This is great for contouring or blush especially
if you want to use a small blush head to do it. I don’t really like it for applying highlighter. I think it’s okay at doing setting powder
around your face, but I actually as you saw prefer a larger brush for doing that. While I do think that this is an excellent
brush for applying blush, I also like it for blending out the edges of other products on
your face and it does work well to apply a powder foundation if you want to do that too. So I love the design of these brushes. My biggest complaint with most of my Real
Techniques brushes is how bulky the brush handle is and how much room it takes up in
my brush stand. So I love that this has a nice sleek design
and it’s got like this really cool dark to light blue ombre. I think it looks very, very pretty especially
when I put it next to other brushes of mine like my Kat Von D or my Urban Decay. It just looks like a much nicer brush than
the original Real Techniques brushes. I feel like the prices are really reasonable
too. The eye brush is only $13. The Too Faced brushes are $21. So I feel like they’re very reasonably priced
especially for how soft this is. I will say that in my opinion this is the
softest synthetic hair that I have ever felt. I have a lot of synthetic brushes. I feel like these are the softest that I’ve
ever touched so I’m very impressed by that. I love their design. I love the color. I think they look really nice. They look elegant and they don’t take up
a lot of room because of the sleek handles. The other thing that I’ve noticed is that
when I clean them, they don’t shed or at least mine haven’t shed. I’ve had them since August 5th so it’s
been a couple of weeks, no shedding yet. I really appreciate that as well because I
hate it when I have to pick off like a hair off of my face from brushes that shed on me. Just ugh so gross. So anyway, I’m really impressed with the
new Real Techniques PowderBleu soft brushes. I love the faux blue squirrel hair. I think it’s awesome. I love the color. I love the design of their brushes. I think that they look great. I will definitely purchase some of these because
I want them in my collection. So anyway, what do you think of these guys? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
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