Red Carpet Hair Trends!

Red Carpet Hair Trends!

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(audience cheers) I know, it was so much fun ’cause everyone was there. But the hair is everything. Go big or go home. Look, he’s back. Okay, the hottest celebrity hair trends, the red carpet celebrities. This is our friend Chris Appleton. Thanks, guys.
(audience cheers) Welcome back.
Great to be back. Thank you, babe. Chris, okay, what’s the first hair trend ’cause this is beautiful right here.
Come on then, let’s see. Let’s see what’s going on. Yeah, I mean I know you’re a bigger fan of big hair. Big hair is back bigger than ever. So this was Angela Bassett’s, this was the SAG Awards, so big, natural texture’s back. This looks good. This is actually a natural hair, so this is a natural texture. And we added some pieces. So, it’s super easy to do. I think with this look when you enhance it and add some extra pieces–
It looks better. It just looks more dramatic, there’s a bit more going on. Really easy to do. I literally just took some sections– Did you do Angela’s hair here? I didn’t, no, but I love the look. I think the look looks hot.
I do as well. So these clip-in extensions– I don’t love this look on me though. Really?
No, no. You see, I feel like you’d be good with big hair. No, I mean, I like big hair, but just I’ve tried and no. You see how easy it is– But it looks really good. To get that big, natural, sexy hair. It looks really good.
She put this in and she literally, her shoulders went back, she stood a bit taller, she felt good about herself. Is this normally you, Shanese? This is powerful hair. It is, yes. Well, it’s fabulous, girl. (audience cheers)
Can she get these hair pieces? I mean, you could get them in yourself. I do, I think you taught me really well. This look would be super easy to do at home. Shanese, girl. (hums)
Let’s go. All right, I love this look. This is from a Jennifer Lopez look and Chris actually did do her hair at the– I did yeah.
(audience cheers) Golden Globes.
Golden Globes. Everybody hated the dress, we talked about it with the Style Squad, but one thing that I loved, I thought the hair won the whole contest. Yes, some people loved it, some people didn’t. Listen, I say go big or go home. With a dress like that we needed to make the hair a little bigger. Coco, have you ever had your hair done like this? No. You’re gonna love it. I love it.
So far, so good. All right so the base is the bun at the back. Basically, this is like a patty underneath. You guys know those sponge donut things you got? Yeah. All I did was wrap that around, whipped it underneath, and then you got these braids, they’re synthetic, they’re not expensive, like 20 dollars. Yes, yes.
Braid it up. And then all you need to do is wrap it around. Now, it’s actually a super simple style, but it’s just about adding the detail. It really is something special and you know what, synthetic hair is so much lighter than human hair.
So much lighter. So, it’s not like you’re being pulled, it looks heavy, but it’s not. Listen, you know what? That was actually the reason we used synthetic hair. Of course! Because she didn’t want to have her hair to weigh, it’s heavy, it was really heavy. For me, you see, it was almost like a crown. So was her dress. Yeah, the dress was big. Let’s go back to the hair. Let’s keep it to the hair, Wendy. (audience laughs)
Let’s keep it positive. I think that the whole look was, for me, I don’t know, she almost looked like a queen with the hair. I wanted to give her that snatched look. It really is. This is beautiful and her makeup looked great and everything. Yours does too, Coco. Guys, just a tip for synthetic hair. You can’t always get the blend. That one of the things I like using real hair, ’cause you get the color blend. So sometimes I like to use, this is Color Wow, it’s a mineral powder. I just blend it in. You can just darken it down and kind of blend a synthetic blonde in. It’s also good around the hairline just to fill it out. You can use if you have eyeshadow, eyeshadow works the same way. Yeah, it’s good to just sort of like fill it out. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hair. No! You can keep it relatively cheap. But I think it looks pretty dramatic, right? Coco, it’s beautiful. (audience applauds)
Hot. You’d look good with a good updo. I like an updo, but yeah, my edges are challenged. (audience laughs) As most are, as most are. All right, this look, beachy wave is gone. That was so 2018. Kenia, beachy wave is gone. It’s out.
Okay. This was Kim K at the People’s Choice Awards. So, again, I created this as well. (audience applauds) It’s like just an undone natural look. But that looks like a beachy wave. You’re confusing me. Don’t be confused.
Okay. The difference is the beachy wave was around the curling irons, it had that kind of bend in it. You know, it was kind of undone. This is almost like a crimp. So this is what we use to create the look. It’s basically a three-pronged barrel. It looks a bit like a crimper, but you need the big size. Yeah.
Go big or go home. If you go too small, you’re going to get like an 80’s vibe. You know, it’s not really in right now. And it’s as simple as clamping it, like this. Do you do regular people’s hair? Regular people? They’re all regular people to me either way. No, but you know, you’re just celebrities? Yeah, at the minute. Listen, I started doing this when I was nine years old. I did it because I liked to do my mom’s hair. I noticed how good she felt when I did it. I worked in a salon and now I work with celebrities. But honestly, it’s still the same. It’s about making people look and feel good. And I want real people at home to feel the same. So if they can pick up some tips along the way. All these looks are really good. Thank you, Chris, for being here. Thank you for having me back. This is Chris Appleton, everybody. Are you on the ‘Gram or whatever? I’m on the ‘Gram, yeah. @chrisappleton1, yeah, check out the looks. There you go. For more information on these trends, you can go to ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, it, it, it, woo ♪

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  1. NATURAL ''big'' hair is not a TREND. It's called being black. Natural hair texture is not a trend because a white hairstylist thinks it's in right now. smh

    Because you have such a large following of Metro-Sexual Men (GAY), Will you PLEASE do a segment on Male Grooming (face, Fashion, Skin Care) Over the years, I've helped SOOOO MANY Frogs transform into Princes. PLEASE SHOW MEN How to transform on your show. THANK YOU!

  3. I'm just elated that "natural big hair" is getting the attention and props that it deserves. Yes it has always been in style in certain sectors in life and yes it is a trend now, but regardless of what it's called it's still beautiful! This is not something that just pertains to black people I've seen people of all Races who have natural big curly hair and people try to put them down for it so for all Races and for all people who have natural hair and/or big curls, I'm happy that society as a whole is moving forward in recognizing all hairstyles and textures as beautiful.

  4. Wendy 🙄🙄🙄 Typical she dumps on the one natural hair look! I don't think i have ever seen Wendy's natural hair in the 50 years she has been in the Entertainment Industry. Why does Wendy keep denying her roots?!

  5. Is it safe to assume he is gay since only men are commenting on his looks, etc? Gay or not, he's a handsome man, but I don't want to assume he's gay because he does hair and make-up.

  6. You should’ve asked him what’s the tea with Rita Ora… before he was known he worked for her and they now unfollow each other. He should be grateful Rita made him known.

  7. Chris!! Stay and be Wendy's new wigologist/hair stylist! She needs one desperately, a good one anyway bcos the one she has now…no bueno! 👎🏽😕. He's got her looking like a dirty girl with these wigs! Greasy, stringy, dry, tangled, gross messes they've become. What a far cry, and a far fall, from Robyn Michelle or Antwon. One out of every 10 looks are good. The rest…? 🤢🤮 Sorry, not sorry. Nothing personal against Dominic, he's probably a nice guy. I'm only judging his output, not his person.

  8. Omg yes keeping Wendy focused he said let's stick to the hair I love that he just said it every time she has a guest doing ANYTHING like this she always goes off on these tangents while they're trying to do their bit and will even disagree with what they're saying and trash what they're promoting and they all just laugh awkwardly and try to push forward without disagreeing with her or cutting her off and this clearly is what they need to be doing because the other ones never seem to get anywhere haha

  9. wendys hair man, take NOTICE

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