Red Curly Synthetic Wig Review► Its A Wig Yeva TTBURG

Red Curly Synthetic Wig Review► Its A Wig Yeva TTBURG

Hey curlfriends and welcome back. Today’s video is going to be a review on this
“It’s a Wig wig called Yeva. This video is in collaboration with Elevate
Styles. You can find everything affordable, synthetic,
wigs, there are tons and tons of wigs to choose from on the website. I’ll be sure to leave all of the information
in the description box below. Getting into wig, if you guys missed it be
sure to check out my last video which was my styling and try on for Yeva. This hair has been giving me so much life. I love this bright red color. It looks really great especially for this
winter season for that extra pop of color in your wardrobe. Before we get into the specs and the details
on this wig, let’s get into the unboxing. Straight out of the pack, the wig comes in
the standard synthetic bag. When you take it out you’ll find your wig
wrapped up in a nice little net cap to keep it all secured and in place as well as some
foam lining along the hairline or the swiss lace. You’ll also find some stuffing in there just
to keep the shape and the mold of your wig. Let’s get straight into the specs now. This wig is from the brand called It’s a Wig. This is their swiss lace front wig and her
name is Yeva. This wig is another swiss lace wig so it has
some free parting allowance in the front of your head. You pretty much get a 4×4 closure in the front
and you can part it any which way you want to, in the middle, on the side, left or right. You can do anything with that 4×4 crown area. It also has some silk lining at the bottom
of the knots to create that swiss lace, realistic, flesh toned scalp look. According to the package this hair is heat
friendly. I personally suggest never to use any kind
of heat on your synthetic curly or textured wigs. As far as security, this wig comes with 3
combs. You get two in the front and one in the nape
as well as 2 bra straps on either side in the back. This is a synthetic wig and it’s very light
and soft. Although it’s a synthetic wig it has a lot
of body, volume, and life to it. It doesn’t feel rough at all. It feels like natural human hair. Yeva is available in 10 different colors;
4 solids, and 6 special colors. Unlike the other wigs, this wig is not available
in any crazy colors. You can pretty much get some reds, some browns
and your average 1b or 2 color. I personally got mine in TTBURG which is their
burgundy or reddish tint to the wig. All of their colored wigs come wig dark roots
which I love because it gives it a nice, seamless and natural blend. The hair is about shoulder length. It reaches a little bit near my collarbone
depending on how I have it styled. Right now I have it on the right side so it’s
reaching me collar length but it’s pretty much like a shoulder length wig. As far as styling and what I did with this
wig, with these swiss lace wigs, they’re pretty much like a wig in a box. You can literally just take it out and have
your wig done in 2 minutes. You can just cut off that lace and be ready
to go because of that swiss lace. But for me personally, I like to customize
my wigs to my own liking. The first thing I went for was plucking. I wanted to go ahead and pluck that parting
just to get more of a definitive part. Obviously if I were to switch my parting it
won’t be as defined as the one that I tweezed. But I did go ahead and pluck towards my hairline
as well as the back of the parting. The middle of the part was really nice and
wide enough to my liking. I just wanted to make it just a little bit
more wider. I used some concealer as always to blend where
the wig meets my scalp itself so I added a tad bit of concealer for that. Last but not least, this is a curly or wavy
texture so I went ahead and fluffed and lifted the roots. I wanted more volume, more body and life to
the hair. So, I literally just went into the roots and
lifted the hair for more volume. Let’s go ahead and get into my thoughts on
this wig. Let’s get into the cons first because I don’t
really have many cons. My only con for this hair, I loved the dark
roots but I didn’t like how dark it was on me. Maybe it’s just me, I hate jet black hair
on myself. But I did like the fact that it had the dark
roots. It makes it have more of a natural effect
like you’re growing out your color. But at the same rate I hate jet black hair
on myself. Other than that, no shedding, nothing to this
hair. I have absolutely no cons for this hair. As far as my pro’s, I love the fact that the
hair is super bouncy and lightweight. You could never really tell that this is like
a really cheap, synthetic kind of hair. It’s very premium quality in my opinion. It’s very manageable and it’s a decent length
to where it won’t get tangled or matted quickly. I think that’s what makes this wig super manageable
and why it doesn’t shed a lot, because of the fact that it’s at a nice decent length. It’s not too long to cause tangling. Of course I love the swiss lace. It gives it more of a realistic appeal. It’s for the low low! You don’t even have to get a human hair or
virgin hair closure. You can get the same effect with the swiss
lace closures, they are amazing! The curls themselves, I think they did a great
job with the curls. They give me that I want to say bantu knot
like wand type curls. It doesn’t have a super strong ringlet at
the ends. But it does have a nice little curl to it
sort of like a wand curl when you just hold it and you don’t really worry about the ends. It give’s me that vibe. But it’s very nice and realistic. I love how the hair is swelling as the days
go on it looks super realistic. Now that we’ve gotten over that, let’s talk
about the price. I did tell you guys that it was for the low
low so the retail price for this wig is $53.99 but you can get it right now on
for only $37.79. A red curly, nice, manageable wig for less
than $40. I think it’s super affordable. It’s definitely a must have in your winter
wig collection. This is definitely a statement piece. You can definitely turn some heads with this
color. I personally love it. I’ll be wearing it pretty often this winter
especially for some lookbooks I have planned. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what you guys think in the comments
below. Would you try red? Would you wear this wig all? If you would get and wouldn’t get it in red,
what color would you get it in? I’d love to know! I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next video.

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  1. girl you're slayin that wig. great review. may be cheeky to ask as it is a sponsored vid but where can I get it in the UK? elevate's intl shipping's complicated & expensive


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