Remove dandruff naturally using lemon juice | Haircare

Remove dandruff naturally using lemon juice | Haircare

HOW TO: get rid of dandruff fast with lemon juice| HairCare Hola guys! Today I’m going to show you how to get rid of dandruff really fast and very simple. I’ve being using lemon juice in my hair as a dandruff treatment for the past months and I can tell you from the first application how amazing this natural dandruff remedy work on my hair and how I felt instantly relief from this problem. For this natural treatment: you only need to have one or two fresh lemons cut it in half. First wet your hair with some water and when you’re done squeeze the lemon juice right on your scalp: like this. Now massage your scalp with the tip of your fingers for five minutes. Lemon’s acidity helps you to fight and prevent dandruff and bacteria, as a result you will be able to grow healthy hair, prevent hair loss and keep your scalp very clean. Wait another five minutes before washing your hair. By now, it will be ready to be rinse. Wash your hair as normal and at the end use cold water to seal those pores. Trying to use this simple homemade treatment once a week until you see improvement. Wash your hair at least three times per week to keep your scalp clean from oils. If you have oily hair avoid conditioner and hot air direct on your scalp brush your hair daily to promote more circulation. This is very important guys! Don’t use lemon juice if your hair is dyed because it’ll definitely wear the color off. Guys thank you so much for watching! If you like more videos like this Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more Natural Beauty videos and please leave me a comment about natural treatments to fight dandruff. Pura Vida! 😘🇨🇷

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100 Replies to “Remove dandruff naturally using lemon juice | Haircare”

  1. I did it last night and today my hair is super shiny. I fell as sleep and forgot to wash it off. Looks good though


  3. Questions –
    Can I use lemons?
    What works better, lemons or limes?
    Do I need to dry my hair afterwards?
    Do I need shampoo every time I use the limes?
    So I can use lemon juice like the ones in the bottle?
    You said use the lime once a week, so not every day?
    Is it better to shampoo before or after using the lime?

  4. About to try it . I'll Update this after im all done 🤗 hope ot works! Update : it worked . Thank you !

  5. I used lemon juice in my hair and I can see that no dandruff in my hair I have one doubt that is lemon juice cause white hair? Please reply

  6. Man I hate dandruff. And Im too busy to wash my hair every day!! Also, do I use shampoo and then lemon or just lemon?

  7. Hey….
    1 you have written in some answers wash ur hair with shampoo before ND in some replies after as well, Should I wash before and after.
    2 can I leave it for longer time on my scalp to get the better results.
    3 I have oily scalp and very bad dandruff which sheds like snow flakes if I brush my hair, 3 times a week will be to much or not.
    4 Does too much of lemon makes ur hair white, read somewhere a while ago.

  8. So wash hair with cold water, than apply the lime juice onto your scalp, massage your scalp for 5min, than wait another 5min with our touching it. Than wash your hair with shampoo no conditioner right?

  9. If your getting pimples on your scalp and you do this the lemon juice will sting a little, you won’t die and do anything it will just sting for a little

  10. I tried it and it work. Took a bottle of concentrated lemon from my abuelas house, reduce it with some water, then spray it on the scalp and don't forget to cover your eyes…. Lesson learned

  11. Sorry for the late comment, so first you wash hair with cold water,then squeeze the lemon on your hair and massage for 5 min, let sit for another 5 minutes and then wash out with shampoo…. can I return to regular shampoo and conditioner the following day??

  12. Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)
    Hola seeing you for the first time
    I'm from South East Asia
    Looks like our genetics are quite same
    Our hair is Almost the Same
    My skin shade is a little lighter than urs

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