RETIN-A FOR ANTI-AGING| Dr Dray Vlogmas Day 14 🎄

RETIN-A FOR ANTI-AGING| Dr Dray Vlogmas Day 14 🎄


Hey YouTube family! It’s your girl Lia back again with another video and today’s video as you can see fromRead More IN-DEPTH| HOW TO WASH CROCHET BRAIDS & SCALP + POST-WASH MAINTENANCE| LIA LAVON

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oh hey Loves welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a tutorial on this really cuteRead More BRAIDLESS CROCHET BRAIDS – FRONT AFRO PUFF Natural Hairstyle w/ Marley Hair | TUTORIAL

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  1. Hi Doc,
    Im 31 and want to start using this anti aging cream..but ive a question, will our skin get worse if we stop using the cream?

  2. I noticed a difference in my skin literally after ONE use!! I wish I could put it under my eyes 😪 What is the best product to use there?

  3. I remember when I got my first script. I went to Walmart, mistakenly thinking it would be the cheapest there. $170!! Eventually used an online coupon and paid $70 at Walgreens.

    For years I used a product from Alpha Hydrox, I believe it was their 12% salicylic acid lotion. It did work. Not that easy to find in stores now, though. As for the other over the counter, including high end stuff like Fruition, I saw no results. Zero. Just lots of BS from the makers of this stuff.

  4. Dr. Ray, i perspire after i apply the retin-a but no irritation or redness only that i perspire after application. Does this reduce the efficacy of the retin-a? Do i need to re-apply?

  5. I’ve used Retin A 0.05% for 1 year & I see no noticeable improvement to my skin. In fact, I find that my skin is just plain super dry & the fine lines have not decrease one iota. It just looks horrible. I’ve since stopped using it. I started at age 59 & am now 60. Did nothing for me. Did not see any “glow” or improvement to texture of skin. I’m back to using Skinceuticals Vitamin C E & Ferulic acid and am definitely seeing a vast improvement to my skin texture & it has evened out my skin tone too. I am done with tretinoin.

  6. Thankyou so much for this info. I have recently subscribed to your channel and i am hooked!! Can you please let me know which is the best Tretinion cream i can find in Canada region?

  7. I recently went through Curology for a tretinoin cream as our health insurance doesnt cover dermatological care. The concentration prescribed by Curology was for 0.01% tretinoin, which I feel does nothing. What concentration do you typically start patients on?

  8. Hiii, i'm 30 and want to use tretinoin for fine line repair and wrinkle prevention. I deal with acne and have taken isotretinoin orally in the past.
    What type of tretinoin cocnentration would be goood for me? i'm particularly interested in prevention/repair of fine lines around the eyes.
    will 0.5 retin-A be helpful for that, or maybe a 0.1 at least?

  9. Youre right about over the counter products….I've used ROC products for about a year and for me it was over priced and served no purpose + smells awful 🤔😅

  10. Hello can someone please help me out bc I have so many questions with such little hope. So I started using retin-A consistently about 2 months ago. I started in May using it about every other week or so and I started to have an acne flare up so I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed to me Spironolactone (25mg) and told me use my 0.025% retina. Fast forward to July now and I’ve had the most horrific painful acne IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I HAD NEVER HAD CLEAR SKIN FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME BUT I’VE DEF NEVER HAD ACNE THIS BAD. Yes I know retina does that. It pushes up all the pimples to the top, surfacing them but…in June to just recently, I’ve started to use it twice a week…still lowkey purging but now as of this week of July I’ve been trying to move up to 3 times a week. I feel like my acne has purged less than the initial first month or so but I’m still breaking out and my acne is still not under control. Should I still be subtly purging at this three month mark of retina? Could it be because I’ve only been using a product I should be using every day (at this point)-to every other day, twice a week only? i’m hopeless and I can’t leave without make up on or I just won’t leave the house bc it’s so bad. Recently it’s been better but I just need some hope and to be honest I really don’t wanna give up using it bc I went through the pain of having horrific purging, insane acne scarring, and straight up pain for the last two months. So anyone would feel that frustration of “THIS PRODUCT BETTER WORK” cuz I’m going through so much w this product. Only to not get the benefits of it later down the road and have scarring all for nothing? I don’t wanna give it up bc I NEED this product to work it’s damaged my skin too much at this point to not have any benefits. Also I have a face that’s always been more chubbier. It just hold more meat around the cheeks naturally if this is any useful information.

  11. hello dr dray , first of all thank you so much for the generous informations…i've started retine a 7 months ago, i've been on and off, i stoped it for like 2 months and restarted it a month ago , i use 0.025 % , i noticed that the wrinkles under my eyes got MUCH worse and new ones formed and i am pretty much sure am using it the right way…does it get worse befor better or should i stop ! and if i stop will my skin restore and heal, i am freeking out !

  12. I’m using curology currently, I started because I had severe acne. All of the store products did not help me at all and many of the dermatologist I went to only prescribe pills. After a year curology helped me with my acne… now I have scars that are left now and many people have recommend Retin A
    Using spf 50 sunscreen so far so hoping it does well but I don’t want to use it forever. My skin is very sensitive.

  13. I use a compounded formula of trentinoin/niaminicide/lactic acid 0.05/4/1%. I still have some dry skin and peeling. Can I use the Cerave Moisturizing Cream on top of my trentinoin formulation? Which should come first? I have searched on the internet, and found many different answers. Some physicians say that you negate the effects of the trentinoin when you use a moisturizer with it. Thanks in advance for your reply

  14. when the best time to move on from adapalene to retinoic acid or tretinoin? should I move on? all three is easy to get on my country but I bought adapalene to avoid irritation.

  15. Just check out the sunglasses and sun protection gear. Way more then I can afford right now sadly. But will definately be upgrading my sunscreen game! Thank you! Also going to see bout getting a prescription (depending on if I can afford) on this product.

  16. How often do we have to apply Retin-A in order for it to be effective? Does it have to be applied on daily basis or is twice/wk enough?

  17. Been using Retin a since 1985 since it first came out and I have no wrinkles but I still have sagging skin. I’m 67yrs old Dr Dray and believe me I’m not complaining. Thank you and bless you for this informative and in-depth video. Hope Mom is doing well. Have a great 👍 week and I’m gonna “sunscreen and subscribe” til your next much appreciated video.

  18. Anyone in the UK watched this and know we’re sells Retin-A? so far all I can find is retinol which I have only just now been made aware is o my good for acne and not anti aging. I’m trying to avoid the injectables root all my friends have gone down and do things as natural as possible for my skin.

  19. You can obtain Tretinoin in any pharmacy in Mexico and in any grade you choose. It runs from 7$-30$ without a prescription. 😃

  20. Hi Dr .. I need help please I started using retin A mixed with a mequinol cream I'm starting to peel I'm looking to skin lighten my skin I'm Indian… I'm allergic to hydroquinone… so with this mix I'm starting to peel it's been 3 days now using the 00.5% retin A with mequinol

  21. Hi Dr. Dray what percentage of tretinoin do you use? I used retin-a micro pump 0.08 gel and I really don't like it at all, I stopped it because I was afraid of the summer, I live in Miami, Fl. Maybe you can give me some recomendacions. I 'm 37 years old and I have some acne and hyperpigmentation. I use sunscreen every single day, hats, sunglasses, etc.

  22. How the heck do you wear and sunscreen under make up? Proper sunscreen is white and greasy and my makeup won’t stay?😫😫😫

  23. Hi, here in the uk retin A is no longer available is this because of health risks do you think? I read into the severe side effects and read it can cause heart damage and such.. is this something I should be wary about ? I have been given Jansen retin A 0.5 from a friend who got me this from Mexico . I have used retin A gel years ago for acne but just started this one last night .
    Thank you 🙏 love your channel x

  24. I started on MastoorA snail and retin a face cream and use their cucumber and aloe vera cream afterwards. My skin has never looked better

  25. I've been on retin-A for over 1 year. I am 51 years old and have a lot of age spots on my face. Since I've been using retin-A, my skin has never looked so bad. Dry, flaky skin, more fin lines and more wrinkles. I just keep using it, telling myself it will get better but it's getting worst. I also use spf 50 mineral sunscreen. Should I stop using this? Am I the odd case that it's not working? HELP !!!!

  26. Some of the most annoying acne I used to have was on my neck, just my bad luck I guess, they took soooo long to clear and fade, much longer than my face acne

  27. This is not a dig or anything… wanted to know why is your skin so milky and no pigmentation in it? Just curious if it’s the stuff you put on it that causes this?

  28. Most insurance companies won't cover it if your over the age of 26. If your under 26, some insurance companies will cover the cost to help treat acne. Those over the age of 26, your insurance may cover it, only after a pre-authorization is submitted and approved. I am 42, have Health first insurance, and it is fully covered with two refill's!

  29. Retin A .05 percent has worked miracles for me. I am almost where I want to be. I also use benzoyl peroxide soap and salicylic acid wash daily. It has almost totally cleared my skin.

  30. Hello good morning Dr Dray! I just have to listen to a video like this to realize that she is a professional who loves her career and likes to help people by being impartial and always telling the truth. Could you please clarify a question please, did niacinamide serum (insta natural) apply it before or after tretionin so that retinoid efficacy does not stop or is it better to use it in the morning before sunscreen? thank you 🙂

  31. I don’t have wrinkles but I do have some dark circles under my eyes and some sagging. Should I still use tretinoin as prevention of wrinkles, skin cancer, and reversal of sagging? Does it help reduce large pores as well? Is it used as spot treatment or all over the face including under the eyes?

  32. Everytime I start Retin-A treatment, I stop it a week after because of skin irritarion, flaking and reddness, will this subsides if I continue using it ?

  33. I'm curious why the retin-a gel (not micro) comes in 0.025 as strongest formulation but the retin-a cream comes in 0.05 and 0.1.

  34. Just did my first fraxel today and my dermatologist asked whether I wanted to start retin A in my skincare. Do I? You bet! He doesn't know I follow Dr Dray! 😀 Love your channel Doc, much thanks.

  35. Though everyone is saying their skin improved but after using Tretinoin my pore size has enlarged so much . The one which wasn't visible before are now visible and skin has become dull. Did anyone else experience the same?

  36. Hi Dr Dray
    I use salicylic acid facial wash for 6 months and aha Bha toner for 6 months… Can i still use diz wash and toner while usi ng retin a.. …i never try retin a but iwant to try it coz my face look so tired look unhealthy

  37. Hi, Thanks for always being so detailed. you mentioned that retinol is not in an active state and that our skin has to do an extra step in order to get them to perform like a retinoid. Can your elaborate on what this extra step is? You've mentioned it a number of times but never expand on it, I am curious to know the science behind it! Thank you!

  38. Can you do a video on Olay products of the skin? I heard so many good things about Olay and helping to age slower. I have the big bottle with the large pump on the top. It's the body wash… I use it and my skin turns pink and looks like I've been in the sun, but
    looks great the next day. And color is gone. Just want to know if I shouldn't be using them or not.

  39. Any one watch with closed captions? lol… Trentin Owen… I'm like wait what, that's not how you spell that. Haha love your vids Doc!

  40. Who are these people who say "they can't get a prescription for Retin-A"? Why spend the money for all that makeup and those hyped-up serums, instead of going straight for the gold? No doctor is telling you "No, you can't have Retin-A", you just don't want to spend the money on a single doctor visit, and probably only every 12 to 18 months. It's a no – brainer. Other "retinoids" are simply Sucker-Bait, and drain your funds giving you no real results.

  41. Dr. Dray, I've been watching you for a few months, now subscribed. I have one question for Dr Dray and if anyone else can answer it, from what she has recommended, regarding it, I would so appreciate it and here is my question:
    Seems like I heard our Dr Dray say the other day when listening to one of these videos on Retin-A that you can apply your moisturizer BEFORE the Retin-A. Is this true?? I was always told that the Retin-A must be applied first to allow it to go down into one's skin, then wait 15 or 20 minutes until it is absorbed, before putting one's moisturizer on ..(or any other product)
    Which is correct?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH if you can answer, since I'm dizzy from searching and researching the videos to find the one sentence about moisturizer —before or after.
    Thank you to anyone who can tell me what Dr Dray recommends on this 🌅

  42. Dr. Dray,
    I'm a bit confused. I remember you doing a video in Walgreens and you came across the Neutrogena night cream with retinol and you said that this would be one of your better bets if you're going to use it. (And I immediately went out and purchased it by the way)
    However now you're saying that you can't put your confidence in any over-the-counter moisturizer with retinol.
    Can you please explain?

  43. Dr. D r a y what is the best thing that I can put for my fine lines around my eyes what is the best moisturizers that I can get for my face at Walmart I'm 40 years old and I have pretty much been trying just different things what do you recommend I haven't been to the dermatologist in a few years I do know that I used to get differin I used to have acne when I was a lot younger but I no longer have acne anymore but I was told that using differin would still be good for my skin I used to get the prescription for the different but now I'm trying to find something that I can use for around my eyes the skin on my face don't look too bad it's just the fine lines around my eyes please help me again I love watching your shows I really enjoy them I'm trying to learn how to take better care of my skin thank you.

  44. Dr. Dray, what is your opinion about generic tretinoin from India Retino-A? Which is very cheap compared to the US and can be purchased online

  45. Hello + ThankYou for your advice Dr.Dray.
    My question is
    Can I or Should I use Tretinoin after Dermarolling w a .2mm roller??
    If Not, Why??
    Off to buy 50+ UV tomorrow.
    Also, might it be possible to do a video on the application technique of Tretinoin, eg with, without other moisturisers, before, after, toner hydration sprays etc.
    ThankYou again.
    Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

  46. I would love to hear your thoughts on a new product line at Sephora called The Inkey List.
    I have been using their Retinol, collagen booster, Q10 products.

  47. Hi Doc! Can you please do a comparison video for anti-aging, Retin-A Micro vs Renova?

  48. Dr, do you like La Roche Posay cream with Retinol? I am a bit onfused because I thought on buying it but in the ingredients it's written only Retinol and it contains parfume. Does it worth what do you think?

  49. I have large pores and was hoping that Retin A would help. Instead I noticed i developed a texture that made my pores look like lines or scratches. Hard to explain but I was disappointed ☹️

  50. Does using Cerave cream as a buffer and to dilute product cause the trentoin not to work as well? Im trying to prevent peeling and have been working on this for months .

  51. I purchased retin-a gel & cream (generic brand) during spring months, didn't use in the summer due to heat & humidity. I stored tubes in fridge (protect from heat) wrapped in aluminum foil (protect from light) now it's Nonvember would like to resume. Did placeing in fridge cause the retin-a to deteriorate or should I just purchase new tubes.

  52. I was telling my parents about the benefits of Tretinoin as they are now worried about their aging skin and don’t think anything can be done. I can’t wait to show them this and have the real proof explained to them! Thank you so much as always 🙏

  53. I have acne prone, oily skin , I was using anti aging by Oley and my face broke out terribly, I think the 30 plus L’Oréal will do the same to me I have sensitive skin too 😔😒, I’m looking for anti aging for my skin type?? Maybe this will work??

  54. Can a family dr prescribe this or only a dermetologist. I use retinol 0.1 by Skin Medica and would like to try this Retin A.

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