Rogaine Review – Does rogaine work ? Hair Loss

Rogaine Review – Does rogaine work ?  Hair Loss

hello youtube i just thought i’d do a video on my experience with rogaine as many youtube people have pointed out male pattern baldness – thanks for that ! I’ve recently found this rogaine extra strength prior to this i have used minoxidil and i’ve also used propecia, which is the anti cancer medication, and helps with hair
loss also This rogaine extra strength has actually worked for me You can see that i have a bald spot there and a bald spot over here this side is not growing as fast for some
reason but on this side it is growing quite well i have actually got little black hairs growing
here that were not there before There is also lots of small blonde hairs appearing
also which are also starting to turn brown if i run my hand across my head like that
on the bald area i can feel there is quite a lot of hair growing
there it worked really fast in the first couple
of weeks and then it seemed to slow down im fairly confident that within approximately 6 months i’ll have hair right across this area what i do is when i get up in the morning i put a small dot of it on either side and i also do the top of my head rub the rogaine in and leave it in once morning and night before bed i’ve used other products before and did not
see results it said it would work in about a month but
i actually found regrowth of my hair in 2 weeks im very happy with the rogaine product i actually shaved my head yesterday because i want to get as much rogaine onto
my scalp as possible im going to try to keep my hair really short
until i get some decent regrowth of my hair i paid sixty dollars australian on ebay for
the extra strength rogaine there was 3 bottles in the package which is supposed to last 3 months it was delivered from a local pharmacy on
the gold coast where i live I just thought i would give my review of rogaine
extra strength You can see through it at the moment, because i did cut my hair quite short yesterday It seems to be working, and working quite
well I would suggest if you do have balding like
i do to give it a try If you arent too bald, it may work for you. You have to keep using it though, if you stop using it, your hair will go back to how it
was before. Thanks for watching, please subscribe to my
channel I will be transcribing all my videos for the
deaf, and people with foreign languages.

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100 Replies to “Rogaine Review – Does rogaine work ? Hair Loss”

  1. you said minoxidil didnt work for you, but the rogaine website says their products main ingredient is minoxidil?

  2. i think its the way its applied, the minoxidil i had had a dropper thing and it was a clear liquid, this is like moose that you rub in to your hair.

  3. well it doesnt seem to have any side effects yet, and i've been using it for some time now.

    Shampoo is something i dont use very often i have pretty short hair and i rinse it every day, conditioner i would hardly ever use. Rogaine is the only product i use for hair loss. Thanks for watching 🙂

  4. Its funny you mention that, I've been using it just over a week and can see very, very tiny blonde hairs starting on the temple. Not sure if this is due to ds spectral minox that i'm using.

  5. Hey Wes, thanks for the review, it has been 6 months since this video. Have you gotten the results that you wanted and expected after 6 months of use?

  6. I actually had 2 months off, and it receeded back pretty quickly so i just started again about a month ago. So im waiting a bit before i do a new video, was going really well until i stopped ! Didnt do much the first month, but next month it thinned out real quick. So you have to keep using it. The rest of my head has thickened up really good, its just the two bald spots that take a while, particularly my left hand side one, the right hand side one fills in fairly quickly.

  7. thanks for sharing, if you don't mind me suggesting, FUE transplant would be a great option for you. You still have great hair coverage at the back, you just need approximately 1500 implants for the front. I went to India Dr Bhatti's clinic about 8 weeks ago for my FUE, I had 1500 on my crown was bald and 1500 on my front line (similar to yours), I flew from Melbourne all the cost was $5000, including accom, flights, visa and 3000 graphs,

  8. thanks for the tip buddy i have thought about it. You should do a video for me now !!! Do you have to keep going back to maintain it or is it good for life after that? I have seen some guys with hairplugs and it looked dreadful so im assuming they can make it just like your normal hair now. My brother in law actually has his own medical tourism business, based in thailand however so he has told me also it would be relatively cheap.

  9. i pay about $80 for a 4 month supply (4 cans) off ebay here in australia. It says a can lasts a month but more realistically a can lasts 3 weeks.

  10. I've spent the last 4 years in Bangkok (will be returning in November) and I did my research, FUE 3000graphs were going to cost 100baht ($3) p/graph or $10,000 AUD but in India it costs $1.30 ($3900). I have a link to my progress on another site, PM and i can give you my details. As far as hairplugs go strip scars, those are all a thing of the past, FUE has no scarring and the recovering period is quick and painless.

  11. Before the hair started growing back, did you lose hair for a while in those places? I haven't tried any of this yet. Probably won't until I have a better job.

  12. i didnt really notice much shedding myself, but another guy that commented noticed a heap of shedding, and from memory i think thats normal and probably good. But read the direction, i think its normal. You get the newer stronger hair after this i think.

  13. if you read alot of the online reviews on forums etc. alot of people switched to alternative brands, and were dissapointed and ended up switching back. I think there is some difference between the two products.

  14. Yeah I researched it heavily many months ago. My hair is still really thick but I've noticed a little thinning up top and would like to get it back. 😛 I just have a mohawk, and if I start shedding I have a feeling I'll have to go back to shaving my whole head for a while.

  15. thanks for the comment, could you tell me have you reduced your usage of it? or are you not using it at all any more. I found that when i stopped using it receeded back again very quickly, tell us more of your story mate 🙂

  16. Thanks for that. I will probably give it a try next month. Whilst I don't have noticeable baldness there has been a bit of thinning at the crown and left side of my hair. My hair is not as thick as it was in my 20s. I am 44 so some thinning of the hair is expected for most men. The sides and the back of the hair is very thick just the crown and the left side particularly the front part where thinning has occurred.

  17. How's your hair now? Is there a new video? This video was posted in March 2013 so, there must have been a noticeable progress if this really worked for you.

  18. minoxidil 2%

    dont waste your time… its crap!

    To see Minoxidil really working it has to be at least 5% otherwise it would be a waste of time!

    I started using it with 5% and now I am using 12,5%
    It´s been already proved: If you apply Minoxidil after taking a shower with your scalp still kind wet the result is extremelly improved, at least the double of it when it is applied with your scalp dry.
    Only do that once you are 100% sure you have no problem with your heart nor with your blood pressure otherwise you can have a serious problem with your health.
    I´ve been doing this since last August and the results have been absolutely fantastic. I can see new hair all over my scalp.
    BTW I used to apply Minoxidil 5%, then I switched it from this to 10%. Some dumbs say it is not more effective… kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Jesus Christ! 
    Yeah it works thousands of times better, its extremelly more effective!
    I use 20 drops in the morning (5%) and (10 or 12,5% – depending on my mood) in the evening, both with my hair swet. Amazing results…
    No need to take Finasteride nor any other crap to fuck up with your sexual life at all…
    Amazing results… My heart races as if it were a horse´s heart but I dont give a dumb to it!
    Amazing results!
    NOPE: I dont use ROGAINE at all because it is way too expensive and here in Brazil I go to a special drugstore and order it for about $ 11…
    YEAH for $ 11 you´ll have supply of Minoxidil for a month!
    dont take finasteride unless you are a transgender and have no plans on using your penis anymore because it will be gone after start taking it!
    no exception! 

  19. Propecia causes IRREVERSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS in most men !   Avoid that fucking drug AT ALL COSTS !!!  If you have hairloss, just shave your head !

    ALSO: beware of video-testimonials about Propecia on youtube. Many of them are FAKE and have been planted by Merck vendors !!

  20. Hey Wes I'm 19 and would like to know if this will work an how long my hair is thinning slightly on the back an mostly the front it's in the middle the sides are good still

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    jhad le lage, mene ec foam ko laga nese 35% bal jhad gaya.
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  23. Try warm goat sperm on your hair mixed with salt and pepper. Leave it on for approximately 4 hours then gently rinse out. New hair growth should be evident within a week.  Now, read carefully, when the new hair is showing, please make sure you do not stop the treatment with the warm goat sperm on your head because it will never work again.  Thank you guys for reading this, and good luck my friends.  Soon you will have the confidence you have always searched for when you started losing your hair. 

  24. The Rogaine manufacturers wouldn't let me comment on their youtube video so I decided to post the truth here. I used Rogaine during different periods1987-1993 and will tell you that this crap doesn't work. I would rather buy sake oil from a street vendor at a flea market than purchase this garbage. It is greasy, overpriced and ineffective. You get the idea it is working for about a week and then you're done. In a better society the people selling this shit, including the FDA would be subject to a long jail sentence and asset forfeiture. I am sure that there are more effective hair treatments available.  Don't underestimate the value of good diet, exercise and relaxation techniques. Those will go a much longer way to preserving hair follicles than this petroleum based snake oil.

  25. you are just doing advertising for the company, prove me wrong, it's been a year since you show us that video… show us the current results

  26. in Canada its 150.00 dollars for a three month supply. Canadians are gullible and will do what they are told.

  27. This shit is a gigantic waste of money! It does work, but barely! Just enough so desperate dip shits around the world could swear and justify their empty wallets on it! It really isn't worth it all! You have to apply it twice a day every day to see any sort of results! And nobody (including the license holders…especially them) knows why it works! It's just a bad product when you get down to it.
    If hair loss bothers you that much then just shave you hair off and go zero…WAY CHEAPER! And If you're extra enthusiastic, put a silly wig on there for good measure.

  28. i got a 1 month supply of the stuff like 1 month ago. im only 22 but i noticed my hairline had gone back. at first, i freaked out because i lost about a half inch. then i realized, i had been way to generous with the stuff and not precise. my hair is already back and its now growing in the spots where i didnt mean to put it. advice:be fucking careful. you do not want hair in the middle of your forhead like me. i could care less though. my hairline will look like it was when i was 18 soon. i might have to shave a little extra but fuck it! this shits amazing. 

  29. Dude….save your money-youre only wanting to believe youre seeing a change lol.ive tried it for thinning and trust me-the shit doesnt work.its life.

  30. propecia could make you impotent,,,,but you could use these instead: Rogaine 5%, Nizoral shampoo 2%, Biotin capsules 5k mcg or 10k mcg, and Vitamin E 600mcg…there you go, im sure after a year of consistent use, you'll be like chewbacca 

  31. Your heart rate at night when you are sleeping after application will be hard to sleep, its sticky, flaky, makes your heart beat fast and other bs….

  32. I have experience that sulfate tend to be harsh on the scalp and cause hair loss. So that means using an organic shampoo will help hair loss. My favorite one Argan life Anti Hair Loss shampoo " it is sulphate and alcohol free. I also use argan life argan oil my shedding has completely stopped.

  33. dumbazz.  read the label.  it says in plain english it does not work on the front of your bald head.  only the spot in the back.

  34. Rogaine says plainly and clearly on the bottle that it doesn't work on the front of the head.  It only works when you have a small bald spot on the vertex on the back of the head.

  35. Minoxidil really works for me.  I use the generic Kirkland brand that's relatively cheap on Amazon.  I started using it a few years ago and then fell out of the routine and started noticing notable hair loss again.  I started the daily routine this past October and the results are very noticeable.  I traveled home to see my parents last month who I hadn't seen in over a year.  One of the first things my mother said is how she couldn't believe how much my hair had grown back in.  What's interesting is that it states that it mostly grows hair on the top of your head and not so much above your temples.  I've had about equal effect in both areas.  If you're on the fence I'd definitely pick up a 6 month supply and give it a try.  I say 6 month because 1 month won't yield any results, 3 month maybe, not even sure why they sell it actually.  

  36. I have never used anything for hair loss because I thought nothing would work. I am excited to see the results of Super Hair Food Shampoo ( search on google ) down the line I love the smell and my hair feels really clean after washing it.Will definitely order another

  37. As expert, I do believe Xohairbon Secrets is actually great way to cure your hair loss and regrow it safely. Why don't you give it a shot? maybe it'll work for you too.

  38. My hair was really falling out especially when I washed it! I'm so glad using argan life products. I bought 3 bottle of argan life hair care products 2 months ago and I decided to buy three more again I can really tell the difference!

  39. Try vitamin D, at least stop from coming off. I take a high strength Vitamin D tablet everyday and a multi vitamin a day, it seems my hair is stop falling out, I have taken the Vitamin D for near 6 months now.. I try everything , it is just a waste of money. All these products are milking insecure people, let's put this way, no one give a shit what your hairs are like, only you feel that way. Don't waste anymore money on these bullshit. Fuck, I wasted so much time and moneys on all these so called rogaine shit, No one has come along show us that it actually work… no result at all. what the fuck… are we paying all these money out for. remember lossing here is not the end of the world, you girl will be still loved you and your family and friends. please stop buy all these scam.. think about of the problem as the past not your future…peace

  40. There is nothing with being bald but most women prefer men with hair i haven't lost any hair so far but i do have some grey hairs on the side i am thinking about dying my hair again soon.

  41. only certain people look good bald (in my opinion) I'm experiencing hair loss right now on the top of my head and my hairline . I may end up trying rogaine, if that doesn't work I'm going bald anyways. I'm not going to be one of those men with a big bald spot and look silly. So I hope rogaine works. You can get rogaine from Target for only $40.

  42. Bald is sexy. I shaved my hair over the weekend. I started balding in the back of my scalp. So I shaved my whole head.

  43. So far i am loving argan life hair regrowth shampoo. I have used it for 4 weeks, every other day. I have noticed not as much hair loss. You don’t need to use conditioner though. Is not oily nor filled with heavy perfumes. I do leave it on a full 2 minutes before rinsing and applying conditioner.

  44. Why did you wait til you have some major baldness going on already ? why didn't you start using it as soon as you saw little bit of hair line receeding or small baldspot appearing ?

  45. after using this for two weeks, I wouldn't recommend it but I am not stopping you from trying it. My side effects in just 2 weeks were: dry, puffy eyes, reddish face, flushing cheeks and general face puffiness.

  46. If your hair loss isn't genetic which you wouldn't know, then try taking 3 capsules per day of organic raw freeze-dried nettles. I'm not recommending any particular brand so nobody says I'm advertising for someone. Just make sure it's organic freeze-dried nettles and thank ma later.

  47. It's practically useless without Finasteride or Dutasteride. If you think you're gonna grow your hair back applying Rogaine and popping saw palmetto the jokes on you.

  48. Good to know it is working. i plan on using it too. i don't have any big balding spots but i am noticing thinning hair on top and top front. Should i start using it now and not wait til i actually have balding spot ?

  49. I have been using Thickening-B-Complex-Biotin-Shampoo for my hair. Actually I was living hair loss it was terrible. Now it is getting better with Biotin shampoo. I am happy and share my experience with everyone who has the same problem I got before. Just use this link to get Bioten B Complex shampoo. Use this link:

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