Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite | Plastic “premium” | Unboxing & Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite | Plastic “premium” | Unboxing & Review

Greetings big holidays I found on our YouTube channel I am very excited because finally it’s time to do Boxing the Galaxy Note 10 Lite Or better said Samsung Dali promises I want Premium experience at a little less money Obvious A little less money from the perspective of the Note 10 price Because this phone is rotating somewhere around the amount of RON 2,800 at the moment Let’s see if Samsung has u and deliver on that promise What I am talking about I can’t wait to show you How this phone behaves and what it knows how to do Forget all Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter Slash Divo Huawei to enter the contest quickly quickly Let’s see what we have in the box the packaging looks exactly like And the other Samsung phones from the last period Let’s put the lid aside ok Here’s the key to Sims A box with Quick Start Guide Original WhatsApp Lock Card That’s how good the phone is Down from the foil because we tested but we will look at it immediately Here we are A piece of cardboard You take this aside Good Superfast And if I am not mistaken it is at 20 and 5W 5 volts 3 amps 9 volts 2.78 We have a charger With USB type c jack Here we have reservations for Pen for pen There would be no big difference between them And the others I’ve seen before At Samsung along With which the tip of the pen is removed And the two backup plans editor Let’s see what we have here In the box The cable data Type CC USB type c USB type What is it? Yes It’s short It barely reaches from the floor to the office And finally we have a pair of headphones at least as much Headphones Of course they are not It’s the akg Obviously I am not The akg ones are the cheap ones from Samsung I am but this time I am black Let’s take a quick look too On the phone Good What comes to your mind the first time you see it I could also tell you Let me give you one Munich Galaxy a71 Or Galaxy a51 because it looks like a lot The design on the right side Volume plus volume minus Power button on the side From the left the drawer Samsung bean Really Let’s look at the back Where Here I was a little disappointed we have plastic No glass The tile from Samsung classic inscriptions and Here a nasty square With three rooms of which Obviously we will talk about something beyond the flash Very simplistic This back I like to die Color at the top we have nothing Apart from a GSM band And the microphone comes with But in winter the phone base surprises who returned Jackson we all have a 3.5 jack Audio jack USB type c for data transfer charging Speaker grid and Dan speaker Because we have no call Stereo sound on this model Hole for the microphone caught And the steps Surprise surprise because Named Light notes we also have this pen Similar functionality Like most models Compe Obviously is a fingerprint magnet The phone looks great One of my point of view, however, for the 2,800 RON Ama Samsung are doing the job. Really I mean Ok I mean you didn’t put on a51 you put on a71 you put on the other models in Profession But at least on those models How he puts you and YouTube A little glass The frame is made of aluminum is cold it feels very good but it is Very slippery If you ask me the design of this phone is a combination of Xiaomi Galaxy Note 8 Because it’s a bit longer What’s this And Galaxy a71 At the drawing on the front We also have a fingerprint sensor Sub screen Which works Good Sometimes directly I sometimes fail but compared to Ultra Sonic Or compared to the most seen so far on the market This is good It would be somewhere in the middle As for speed Which unlocks and recognizes the fingerprint Arguably debatable I’m glad there is and has been And weird There isn’t But I would have preferred the button on the Galaxy S10 From here is the button It’s the fingerprint sensor And the moment when the Fishes lock up when you want to unlock it like a regular phone you put your fingerprint and Obviously unlocked Pan does not work Because I do not have footprint But Cătălin you are demonstrating and Mom looks how fast A classic fingerprint sensor works I will not say No to technological evolution I find this an interesting advance In the idea where you can have me Rear panel drilled And to have a camera that looks Through display and I find it interesting but it does not seem so Sure or as fast I’m looking for a fingerprint sensor Classical Further we go to the screen Where it is quite interesting but it is not as I’m like the one on the Note 9 Note 10 S10 and so on we have a Super AMOLED panel of 6.7 inches diagonally occupies somewhere at 86 comma 6% of the front surface of phone Obviously a 2004 resolution Stitched on 1080 or more precisely full HD plus a look of 20 On 9 And that’s why I said you remember the Galaxy Note 8 because that was a bit narrower and And he felt Something different We have a density of 394 pixels per inch And it’s compatible hdr now let’s show you what I don’t like about this clan If I go here in settings I go to the display Screen Mode I just lived And natural I have no photo and video and no mentality in which I want to I edit a photo or I want to do Something about the video I can not use that profile well not that had an extraordinary accuracy of But specify these skulls for Instagram style Facebook pictures and so on Including something more creative in snapseed Or you want to shoot Wait for something to mount For a Story on Instagram sand slipping I have very, very good then I have to stay to make my settings every time and so on I don’t like this one Club And The fact that it has a rather large size Only 394 pixels per lick You have moments when somewhere in the interface if the application is not developed very well To see the man that is fluffy a fluffy text an icon that is not in its place This is observed very very well In the notes application I have the pen selected And I’ll write Samsung Notes 10 Two points So good The Idea Which is unlike Notes 8 Notes 9 or Notes 10 edge Font drawn or border The shapes and so on seem a little fluffy and this is due The fact that it has a lower density relative to the diagonal compared to other phones well Not that it would be a An annoying thing or a bad thing because I noticed this on many phones From When I wipe 2.0 and Android 10 When he heard Samsung Weigh and update the interface but also Google Said that The navigation model through System must and updated is fine. Look what happened here Down a similar bar With Where from Who with whom This thing And if I do Up and Fine Be careful I appear Recent applications Where can we go? All And of course you can get out of here From the left but also from the right BAC And this complexion It’s good It looks a lot like it With the two found on Notes 9 and Notes 10 And Note 8 Finally It has the same functions as in Note 9 except Those Gestures that I couldn’t activate even though I stayed and searched. I was really curious to see if it works or not It doesn’t work so far Pretty good Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t happen and I try to figure out why this behavior exists I mean I start an application I go home you saw how the animation had a little love Why I have little Good interface because it has a very very processor Good because I was talking about the processor We have so exynos 9 8 One zero On 10 nanometers an Octa Core 4 nucleus 2.7 Four cores at 1.7 Let’s see how the stars perform synthetics 336,000 300 two points For a 2008 phone 100 RON I tell her a very high score Club compared to what we can find on the market Regarding Processing power Let’s see also in geekbench How did it go? 692 points in single Core and 2000 62 points in many And to mention that in this Price segment or better said To this Amount of money You can find Very good alternatives if you are only interested in the performance of a device And I don’t necessarily consider it Interface the experience of using the spin and so on Further we go to cameras first the selfie camera has 32 megapixels f-22 Shoot 2160 on 30 1080p 30 somehow gets a lot of details but at the same time the details do I’m losing you, let’s cut your hair off very well Beard not And somehow they tend to over-expose Certain areas very much As for this effect of boxing on the selfie camera is good Samsung succeeds They do it quite well instead of very thin edges but also elements such as hair Or cables or more I know what else will come up It’s good it will be blurred as you can see The edge is quite fluffy and does not look as good as when you have a real camera lens Next Let’s talk about the rear cameras that are three in number 12 Megapixels F1 Item 7 with optical stabilization 12 megapixels f2.4 2x optical Zoom and optical stabilization And finally we have the third camera of 12 Megapixels f 2.2 What is an Ultra White Lens Let’s talk a little bit about gaming Obviously we have tested bribes and they are fine Very good with all the details given to the maximum instead you have to keep in mind that this phone is not a range So do not play and do not keep it loaded at the same time with all this I appreciate that there is jack jack With you can play while listening to music through headphones we have to test speaker And I need to get on YouTube Without doing any tests Extraordinarily advanced on the audio side and so anyone could say that this phone does not have a quality Audio on speaker Worth a flagship Obviously we have to keep your headphones on because we have them And I proposed that from now on I will test the headphones that come in the package Honestly There are some headphones Why lime They are perfect for calls and use for the handsfree function instead There are no headphones for the audiophile and they are not Headphones for those who They appreciate the music and want something more from a pair of headphones I draw the line and say that Notes 10 Lite is an interesting phone but I don’t necessarily understand the meaning because I wanted to have that bottle on On the back I wish I had A non-hybrid drawer I appreciate the fact that I let my jack plug if this phone It may fall in price Between 2,000 and 2,500 RON It’s good then it seems like a very good offer Very tempting Especially for this penny That I love It’s just that I never had the opportunity to do it I’m buying a Note Whoever knows can do it So much for today until your future Do you know what to do Do not forget to comment on this phone in the comments section below and us See you next time See you next time with Galaxy 10 Lite And next time Let’s show you what What are you meeting Change I met And this laptop will have to be tested girls Because it’s my favorite laptop Olga there It is ASUS Zephyrus

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  1. Nu știu s10e sau note 10 lite. Sunt dispus sa sacrific wireless charging, IP68, dolby atmos și Dynamic AMOLED pentru stylus. Dar nu știu dacă ar trebui să o fac.

  2. 👉 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite este aici:
    ⏩ Recomanda si castiga puncte de reducere:

    🎁 Aboneaza -te si castiga

  3. Este la bani aia s10 clasic siglat pe olx
    nu merita note 10lite 2800 lei doar ca e note 10 lite o copie a renunțat Huawei la telefoane lite si a inceput Samsung sa faca lite-uri penibil

  4. Nu inteleg de ce la noi în România aceste telefoane nu vin cu husa în cutie. Am vazut alte review-uri în străinătate și acele telefoane au husă

  5. review de 14 minute si ai doar cate o poza cu fiecare lentila din spate… iar la selfie filmezi claritatea pozei pe ecranul telefonului?
    mai mult ai stat sa desfaci si sa ne "prezinti" rezervele de la pen :))

  6. Ba eu te respect pe tine căci faci cea mai buna treaba dintre toți parca primul era CINO DUPĂ A FOST fata un rewiew dar tu ai fost cel mai bun

  7. la 2800 de lei primesti…plastic…foarte frumos ce sa mai zic:)… urmatoarea etapa la 2000 de lei vei primi …..carton….

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