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100 Replies to “Scary Beach Photos That Can’t Be Explained”

  1. Thanks so much for watching! You're a gem and I appreciate you





  2. I think that was just an Israeli woman wearing swimming flippers. The modern looking young man was simply someone who lived back then, and not a time traveler. Men's swimsuits went down to the knees in those days. And people did have shirts and undershirts like that.

  3. How could a person use a cell phone in the 1940s when satellites and cell towers didn't even exist yet. Really stupid premise.

  4. "Scary Photos That Can't Be Explained". You're joking, right? Boy, you've had some weak videos, but this one takes the cake!

  5. Its all nonsense.
    Misidentification and or fakery.
    Except for that bloated decomposing hot mess on the beach..

    Definitely a TIME TRAVELER !!! 😱 LOL

  6. Def rolling a cigarette.
    Girl in water¿ But whats with the water itself, looks like mid section is flowing different direction to rest…

  7. The “sea snake” is fake. It’s photoshopped. Go to bills channel. He explains how it was faked. Lol. The guy with his arms reaching out actually had a shovel in his hands in the original picture. Not reaching out to a giant snake. Also if I remember correctly you can see the handle of the shovel in one of his hands because it wasn’t removed all the way.😂

  8. Im watching this with the sound off because im in public , however I can imagine what you're saying ," this picture has got the internet community baffled with experts thinking it may be a ghost and some others thinking it's a time traveller , whilst others think it's an Alien who has been left behind "

  9. the first photo get included in these lists so much and it never fails to annoy me. He is in a suit, but the woman behind him and to the right is in a coat! So not THAT out of place. And yeah, he probably rolling a cigarette or looking at something small. That one's just such a stretch

  10. The first one is a guy rolling a smoke. Very popular to roll your own. And great grandfather use to dress the same way. Up until the day he died.

  11. The first photo of the time traveler…nah! I think hes winding his 1940s watch. The bigger question is why hes wearing multiple layers and a wool coat on the beach!

  12. Well in the first one he is dressed in the style of that time…rolling a cigarette. The girl in the water is squinting…maybe the sun was in her eyes.

  13. In the first pic, I know people used to hire the deck chairs years ago and a man would come up to people looking for a fee, he looks like he has a small bag around his neck, he might be looking at a ticket or change, the woman to the right looks like she's probably looking for change to pay him.

  14. Why did people in the 40’s just chill at the beach in full on suits?! Just craaazzyy!! Dude seems to fit in to me. Nothing in his hand even resembles a cell phone! You can’t even see what’s in his hand! Just because he’s looking down don’t mean he’s looking at a phone; it could literally be ANYTHING! Maybe the guy in the last picture is looking at the dude in the shorts cuz he likes the way he looks 😍😍 or maybe he ain’t looking at him at all; just in his direction!

  15. 01:51 i think its a man rolling his booger by the beach. a real son of a beach. henry cavill is the witcher, this one's the beacher.

  16. He looks like he’s fidgeting with something yes but that could literally be anything, cigarette, watch, cleaning his glasses

  17. Down in the lower right of the photo in the 1st video there is another man in a suit sitting down. That guy was rolling a cigarette.

  18. There is so many things that we keep discovering on land. Ergo there is a lot more things hidden in the depths of the oceans.

  19. So if the man dressed in clothes that are out of style, and you think he has a mobile phone, how is it that it would work without the space Satellites in the time that he is standing in. Nothing has been launched into space at the time he is standing there. So the thought that he is using a cell phone is not reasonable.

  20. I have seen the grey man right before a hurricane when I was around 12 years old while walking to the beach from my aunt an uncles house on the island

  21. If I'm not mistaken that mermaid video actually came from a mermaid mockumentary that they had on History Channel which was completely fictional. They made it look like real evidence even though the disclaimer clearly said it was all fiction. I mean that video might not have come from that movie but I just can't shake the feeling that I saw it in that show

  22. How long can you keep doing this? Getting a bit ridiculous. The girl in the pink is clearly squinting and it's pixel distortion or whatever

  23. 4:14 Dude… it's 2020 and you STILL think that is a real mermaid!? It's a video created for Discovery Channel's Mermaid special. IT WAS CREATED FOR THE FILM!! They released a bunch of "found" footage to build up the hype. CUT IT OUT DUDE! EVERYONE IN THE COMMENT SECTION HAS TOLD YOU!!! < caps for visibility > Why in the world would you continue to show case known clips that were 100% created for a TV show. Such as the werewolf image that was directly taken from the Harry Potter movies and claiming it to be both "unexplained" and real. /slaps the Ham. omg. /facepalm

  24. girl in the water in pink is just pulling a face,,,,maybe the waters cold. really some people are dramatic to get internet attention

  25. 1st photo: man is in a suit while at a beach. Time traveller!
    Last photo: man is not in a suit while at a beach. Time traveller!

  26. 1:08 This is typical of people these days, oddly enough, there are actually other things you can do with your hands other than texting, strange I know, it's like before phone were invented people did everything with their feet o.0

  27. Ok…@ 7:02: and you are NOT going to even mention the headless shadow in the photos? EVEN WITH THE ARROWS POINTING AT IT? ALLLRIGHTY THEN! 🤔

  28. Rolling a cigarette don’t forget fashion varied and clothes also were sometime hand made from potato sacks, he could also have been winding his watch up too, from the 🇬🇧

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